Question: I don’t want moderators to expire in my Chaturbate room

Answer: It is an option in your room settings

When you find a viewer who you get along with and who you want to help look after your chat room on Chaturbate you can make them a moderator.

That grants them the right to look after your chatroom, to bump out people who are being rude or disruptive, and generally keep order.

All you have to do is right-click on their name in the chat or Users and select “Promote to Moderator”.

Right away you’ll see the message in chat like this:

ctmhhac has granted moderator privileges to johnyfye.

Moderators can silence people for six hours, to stop them being disruptive.

All good so far, but the moderator privilege goes away automatically after 1 day.

If you have a regular viewer who you want to be a moderator all the time, then you need to make an adjustment in the settings of your chatroom before you promote them.

In your chat room go to the “gear/cog/wheel” icon next to chat/pm/users and scroll down until you see this option.

See where it says “Moderators Expire After” ? The default is 1 day, but you can choose a longer period up to 6 months.

Select a longer period to avoid having to keep prompting your regular.

Don’t worry about choosing a longer period, this isn’t a contract and you can change your mind at any time.

If a moderator isn’t working out, and there are plenty of viewers who think they are going to be great moderators, or promise to be, who turn out just to be “shield collectors” as they say at Stripchat, and don’t do anything except boast about being a moderator!

Those ones are not of any use to you and once you realize your mistake you can always find them in the chat or userlist, right-click them, and demote them back to a regular viewer. This will immediately revoke their moderator privileges and restore order in your chatroom. Remember, it’s important to choose moderators who are reliable and genuinely interested in helping manage the chat.

Want another site where you can have moderators in your room? Stripchat is your next best choice.