It is fine according to many of the girls who live in the Voyeur House.TV houses.

At least that is what I’ve learned from reading through the very very long forum thread of snaps and video clips of the house residents pissing. Though there are a few seated on the toilet views the great majority are girls getting into the bath, having a pee straight into the tub, before showing themselves.

This practice has sparked quite a debate among viewers, with some arguing that it’s unsanitary while others claim it’s harmless and even environmentally friendly. The idea is that if you were going to shower anyway, then the water to wash the piss down the drain is less than you would get from flushing.

I don’t think those people have one of the modern toilet cisterns that let you do big or small flushes. But regardless the main point here is that people like to watch girls piss, and the women who live in the Voyeur House TV rooms obviously know that.

Unless it is just a normal thing in Europe, because the great majority of not all of the Voyeur House TV houses are in Eastern Europe, and so they are perhaps just doing what comes naturally.

So if you want to be a pseudo-voyeur, because of course these girls and couples know perfectly well that you, or someone, is watching, then head on over to Voyeur House and see what you can see.

Remember that free membership only gets you access to a few cameras, and that doesn’t include the bathrooms, but like I said you can find clips in their forum.

If that isn’t good enough, and you want to see the golden tinkle in real time, then your options are a) subscribing to VHTV, which is an ok deal at $29, or going to a cam girl site that allows peeing online.

You could also check out the “voyeur” rooms Camsoda, though officially at least Camsoda doesn’t allow piss so it would at best be “accidental” views of using the toilet. At least you will see some bathroom action like showering if you pick the right time of day.

Do you piss in the shower? Let me know in the comments!