I’m often telling people that they should not expect cam girl sites to provide them with real-life girlfriends. Online is a fiction, cam girls are (semi-)professional entertainers.

So why this “guide”? Well “dating” can mean more than one thing and when it comes to cam girls we are not talking romantic-dinners-leading-to-marriage, this isn’t the 19th century and “courting”. And cam girl sites, and random cam sites, are not variations on Tinder.

SecretFriends (SF) does however have a feature called “Dates”, which is a way of scheduling a private session with the model you have chosen.

This is a preplanned private show at SF, where you have made a request, and she has agreed, and at the agreed time you meet up, but online, to do what you want. That is a SecretFriends Date. This is how it goes according to the official site:

A date is a pre-paid VIP session with a model. Just choose the girl you would like to invite and click on “Plan a date” on her profile page. When a date is requested, the credits are reserved on your account. When the model confirms, at the time of the date be present in her room. The model then initiates the session. If the model does not accept the date or fails to respond to the date request, the credits are refunded automatically once the date-time has expired. The price for date VIP may differ from the model’s standard VIP price. After clicking the “Plan a date” button on the model’s profile page, the date VIP price will be displayed.

Secretfriends official “Date” description

If you want to “date” a SecretFriends model, and they are particularly well know for having plenty of “hot girl next door” models, at least if you are used to Russians, Romanians and other Eastern European girls living next door to you, then this is what you do.

First, you need to find just the right girl. You can browse the site as a guest, but creating a free account gives you access to additional features and lets you save your favorite models. Once you’ve identified a model you’re interested in, take the time to visit her profile and watch her public shows. This will give you a sense of her personality, style, and what you can expect during a private session. Remember, communication is key, so don’t hesitate to engage in polite conversation to build a rapport before planning a date.

Just like in the real world dates At SecretFriends cost money, so be prepared by having enough credits in your account to cover the date VIP price. Additionally, it’s wise to check the model’s schedule and availability to ensure that your requested date time aligns with her online hours. This will increase the chance of a successful date and avoid any potential disappointment.

When the date time arrives, make sure to be punctual. Enter the model’s room a few minutes early to show that you are serious and respectful of her time. During the private date, be courteous and considerate. Remember that the model is a professional and deserves to be treated with kindness and respect. Engage in meaningful conversation, show genuine interest, and enjoy the experience. If the date goes well, you can always plan another one in the future.

Here is an example of planning a date with a SecretFriends model

Why would you do this? Well, the main reason is to be able to plan in advance and be able to get what you want, regardless of whether your favorite girl is available right at that moment. Because you have committed your tokens in advance the SecretFriend girl knows that you are serious, but at the same time if she fails to turn up then you do get refunded so there is no risk.

It helps to make sure you are not spending more than you intend to as well, budgeting is important when camming because as fun as it is there is always the danger of spending a lot more than you really intended.

A little advance planning goes a long way.

Try a date at SecretFriends and let me know how it goes!

Are there other sites that allow this kind of scheduled “dating” with models? Actually it isn’t common. The closest you can get on most sites is the ability to message a model who is offline to make some sort of booking with her. At LIvejasmin, Bongacams, Flirt4free, Chaturbate and Stripchat to mention a few there is a way to message a model who is offline, and then of course you can make arrangements.

That isn’t really the same thing though and the way SecretFriends handles it is superior.

Lastly, those sites that are all about pre-booked sessions, the various “Skype Camgirl” sites, even if they don’t actually literally use Skype, all are open to some sort of pre-planned dates because you need to discuss, typically over Skype, what and when you are going to have a date. The face-to-face video call feeling of Skype is more like a date as well.

Finally, if you really do want to have an actual date with a camgirl and again I don’t really recommend it, then going to CamContacts is probably your best bet given that they have an actual “Long term / Marriage” section where you can find girls who are open to the idea of taking it beyond online and into the real world.