FuturCams.com offers a selection of Spanish-speaking cam girls, with quite a variety of different looks on offer. The site has been around for some years but still has only a small selection of models online, less then 20 when I looked. Admittedly I was too early in the day for Spanish girls to be awake, and probably a bit late for Latin Americans so this might be have been a bad sample, but still, this isn’t a large site.

Some people prefer small sites though and if you find the right model for you then any site is the right site. The layout and look of the site is kind of typical with free chat video available, even for guests, and plenty of models ranging from hot to tired.

Free chat, whether logged in or as a guest, doesn’t get any nudity with all the models wearing something or other and with the tipping menu turned off for most models I tried this isn’t a freebei site. That means private chats are the way to go at this Spanish site, and you get a choice between “VIP Chat”, “Group Chat” and “Phone Access”.

The latter is the interesting option where you get given a number to call, an 803 phone number that will charge you by the minute. Checkout out Merydabrave’s room I saw the charges are listed as:

Price of the call VAT included: € 1.21 / min. from landline and € 1.57 / min. from mobile. Maximum duration 30 min. This service, reserved for people over 18 years of age, is provided by Desarrollo Técnicas de Información y Comunicación, S.L., PO box 002, 08293 Barcelona.

It doesn’t matter where you are calling from, you still get charged in Euros (€) but that is about the same as a $ so you can consider it equivalent. And less than $2 a minute is a good price.

If you would rather not use your phone to pay, then regular credits also work. You can purchase credits directly on the site using a variety of payment methods such as credit cards. Once you have credits, you can use them to enter private chats, tip models, or access other premium features.

I was gifted 50 tokens when I signed up and verified a credit card (there was a symbolic 1 euro cent charge) so that was enough for me to go into a group chat, though those free credits last just a minute or so.

The group chat experience was fairly engaging, with the model interacting with multiple users simultaneously. It gave a sense of community, although it wasn’t as intimate as a private chat. The quality of the video stream was decent, with minimal lag and clear audio. However, for a more personalized and exclusive experience, investing in a private chat would be necessary.

Want to buy some more credits? One hundred credits will cost you €9.99, and there is a slight discount for bulk with 2000 credits costing €189.99.

Overall, FuturCams.com provides a unique platform for those interested in Spanish-speaking cam girls. While the selection of models may be limited, there is enough if you are interested mainly in Spanish-speaking girls.

The site’s interface is simple, making it easy to navigate between different sections and find the models that suit your preferences. Unusually they don’t seem to care much about the profiles of models, most of them seem incomplete and they do not give any clue as to where the girls are.

And while I’m all for privacy and safety for cam girls, when you are running a site specifically about Spanish speakers, it is reasonable that I might be interested in whether the models are Spain Spanish or American Latinas, but I can’t tell.

Amusingly the website business is registered in Cork, Ireland, a common place to register a company I think but ethnically about as different as you can get from Spanish!

The site works fine in English, if you bother to scroll to the bottom to find the “Language” section which also gives you the choice of French and German, but that is only about the extent of the site’s multilingual capabilities. The primary focus remains on Spanish, the platform is designed with Spanish speakers in mind, making it ideal for those fluent in the language or looking to practice their Spanish skills in a more casual setting.

When I went into rooms I would get a “Hola”, not a “hi”.

Looking to sign up as a model here? There is a form to fill in but it gives no details at all about what the deal is. As I am clearly not the right sort of girl for this site I don’t think I’d try to sign up anyway, but if you speak Spanish then you could at least ask to see what the payout is.

As a viewer is FuturCams.com worth a visit? Yes, I would say so given that you don’t even have to sign up in order to give chatting with the girls a try. And a simple free (well, 1 cent) verification gets you a minute to try out the group chat interface, it seems a good choice.

I’ll be looking into it in more detail soon, but meanwhile if you know something you can share about it as a viewer, a model, or a studio do let me know in the comments!