Czy możesz mówić po polsku?” If your answer is “Tak!” then you are in for a treat at ShowUP TV which is a leading “sex kamerki” or Adult Cam site in Poland. If you understand the question, which is “Do you speak Polish?” and you answer “Yes” then you will be right at home when you visit ShowUp.TV.

Non-Polish-speaking fans of genuine Eastern European girls may struggle a bit but if you persevere then this is a site that is perfect for you as well. While you can find a few Polish cam girls in other websites, if you want an entirely Polish experience then it is hard to beat Showup.TV. Many of the models speak or type perfect English, and so you just need to navigate the menus in Polish.

The first thing you will notice here, apart from the fact that ShowUp TV is from Poland, is the prominence of the button for broadcasting yourself. Showup.TV are taking a leaf out of the playbook of Chaturbate in that on this site everybody is a potential broadcaster.

When you create your account here it works just as well to broadcast your webcam as it does to view other peoples cams.

This idea has its downsides, and a prevalence of cock-cams is an obvious and immediately visible result at Showup TV. A quick flick of the viewing options to “Female” instead of “All” fixes that, or should depending on if people have categorized themselves correctly.

While sites that permit anybody and everybody to broadcast their webcam video run the danger of becoming another free random cam site, an Omegel or Stickam, you can see that at CB it has worked out well in the end. Lowering the barrier for broadcasting as a webcam model encourages people to try it out, and a certain percentage of those who try it find that it is for them, so that’s good.

Showup TV is therefore probably growing the total population of Polish people who know about broadcasting on live cam, and may choose to do so either here or ultimately somewhere else if they want a bigger audience.

Because Showup is not a big site, that is true, and doesn’t make any pretense to be larger than it is. Setting the filter to Female gets a listing of 75 women, and 4000 viewers at one time, and at another time just 25 Polish ladies broadcasting to 2000 viewers.

It is quite a good ratio of you are a broadcaster at Showup TV and that is reflected in a few hundred viewers in the top busiest rooms.

Show UP TV for non-Poles

Use the button in the toolbar of Google Chrome to select translation

If you can’t read Polish, as I can’t, then you are going to have to rely on something like Google Chrome automatic translation to get around. That is what I have done, and while it takes a bit of getting used to at first, after a while it becomes obvious.

Most of the controls have obvious icons or simple buttons with words that translate and so Startup TV is quite usable if you are motivated. The rest of this review presumes that you are using a translator to turn the Polish words into English.

The first menu you really need to control is the gender option that gets rid of, or if you really want to see them, selects for the cock-cams.

Choose Women or Men from drop down menu in Polish on ShowUp TV.

The option in the right of the screen allows you to choose Women (‘kobiety’) or Men (‘mężczyźni’, and if you choose men then you are going to see mostly dick-cams. While there are a few nice looking cocks here ShowUp TV is not really the site for gay webcams or for looking at guys if you want to do that. Probably better to stick with Kobiety/Women for the best experience.

Once your screen is showing the gender of your preference, click any of the thumbnails to go straight into free chat. Though some of the most popular models may be in private and you get told to wait.

Olisz is a popular new model and her room guests were all over her with tips and suggestions!

Her tip goal is clearly shown, together with prices for various flashes. There is also a list of “private broadcasts” choices. This is a menu of sorts, where you can select a set period show for a set price.

The fact that these shows are of set duration explain how the waiting message can say how long she will be in a her private transmission.

Each of these descriptions are of course in Polish, and it is only via using a translator that the screens above can show what it means in English. The translations are good and I presume it means Google knows a lot about the terms used in adult camming in Polish as well as English!

Sex Kamerki = Adult Webcam

A more literal translation might be “sex camera”, try saying the Polish word phonetically. But if a sex kamerki is what you see at ShowupTV then it is what in English I would call an Adult Webcam, or perhaps live porn cams is another way of putting it.

Free video at ShowUpTV

The video chat rooms provide a good clear video and simple text chat interface that looks a bit like Rampant.TV with big blocks for each text message rather than the more listing-style of places like Chaturbate.

In this view you can see the video of the girl, listen to the sound, move the image around and resize it, watch a graph of her tip-powered sex toy intensity, and do pretty much everything except actually chat.

You can even control the sounds the site makes, which is good as it defaults to being fully on which sounds great, but you have to be careful who might overhear your computer making some very NSFW sounds!

That lasts for 5 minutes before your free time runs out as an unregistered guest.

You can always just refresh the screen or go to another room and that seems to work fine to continue watching. What you can’t do without an account is to chat, unlike a few sites where guests may talk as “greys” here at ShowupTV it just doesn’t appear as an option.

Login or Create Account

When you click on the chat window it asks you to login or create an account.

Even without creating the account you can use a wide range of video controls to get a better experience. Full screen and pop-out video work with resizable video chat windows.

In fullscreen mode the text window remains visible and is easily resized and moved about using clear and obvious controls. There is no language barrier here, and the prompts are all translated into English by Chrome tranlate, as long as you turn it on before you start the full screen.

Floating fullscreen text chat in Polish
Floating fullscreen text chat translated into English by Chrome

You could spend hours, at five minutes at a time, just perving and voyeuring on the range of girls available. That would be like watching Camarads, Voyeur House or RealLifeCams, but at least with the option to interact if you choose to. There are plenty of at-home, not studio, girls and some of them are young and model-like while others are more natural shaped either girl-next-door-or MILF styling.

Given how often you see Eastern European cam models working in perfect Ikea bedroom sets in studios on other websites I was quite suprised by the lack of that sort of obvious-studio set in this Polish cam site. On the whole the cams all had an at-home feeling with living rooms, bedrooms, and the odd patio serving as backdrop for girls who therefore seem a lot more at-home.

Eastern European doesn’t all mean Eastern European

Probably I’m exposing my ignorance about the difference between different parts of Eastern Europe. Romania, Bulgaria and Poland might be near each other on the globe but that doesn’t mean they have the same type of economy or working environment.

As someone who is of Asian ancestry, but is not in any way like the tyupical “subserviant Asian” or “japanese porn star” I should not be surpised! Perhaps the fact that I have never travelled to that part of Europe might explain my confusion. But once that is settled I’m going to understand more about Poland as I expore Showuptv some more.

Are there any models here at all who are not Polish? I did see a Thai MILF model named MuayThaiMilf who had descriptions of herself all in English, but clearly intending to attract the “Polish boys” customers as she herself said in her description.

English Speaking Camgirls

Another model on ShowUpTV that speaks English is Marina_Love who mentions in her room descripton that she is English speaking. Poland is actually very close to UK geographically and socially.

Before Brexit the UK was a popular place for Polish people to move to in order to start a business, the “Polish corner shop” is now a thing in Britain, as is Polish works on English farms. While many remain there a lot also earn their nest egg then return home to their native Poland.

With it being true that there are many Polish people who have UK connections it isn’t surprising that some, maybe many, of the models here would at least have some English. Will Brexit mean even more Polish people decide to return to their home, and if some families have been there 20+ years there will be grown-up daughters who probably speak English as good as any native.

Talking to any of these camgirls at Showup.TV, whether in Polish or in English, means creating an account by registering. The registration screen is quite simple, though not very “woke” with only “Woman” or “Man” as genders. Looks like Trans members or models need not apply here.

This needs a real email address because you will be clicking a verification email before you can log in. Unlike a few sites where you get logged in right away, at ShowUP TV you do have to prove your email is real and accessible before you can log in.

A privacy single-use email will work at Showup, but make sure you can access it immediately as you will want to receive this registration email.

Registration email from ShowUP

From: [email protected]

Subject: Rejestracja w serwisie

The big orange button is the one to click and it takes you right back to the welcome page where you have to again click to accept the terms and conditions, and then you can log in with the name and email address you used earlier.

Now you can return to those chatrooms and talk to the hosts, but as a free member with no tokens, not all rooms allow you to text chat. You can’t tell in advance and just should try to do so. Either it works and your message appears right away in chat, or you get a warning: “Aby pisać podaruj transmitującemu żetony” or “To write, give the transmitting chips” which seems to mean you need to tip before you can talk.

Lots of rooms on Chaturbate, including mine sometimes, do not allow non-tippers to talk so that’s not unusual. The most popular models at the top of the page are the ones most likely to not allow free guests to talk. I tried the top 10 and none of them let me talk for free.

But a bit lower down the page 90% of the rooms were open to anybody to chat. That doesn’t mean that an English “Hi” is going to get an answer though. Unfortunately “Hi” doesn’t get a response in many rooms, but it does in a few such as this room with _Lolita_.

It is probably time to get some tokens if you want to be able to free to chat with all the Polish camgirls who are broadcasting here.

Tokens, Tips and Discounts

Tips and payments are in Showup.TV Tokens which have to be purchased in złoty, the currency of Poland. A basic purchase is 88 złoty for 500 tokens. As it is 4 złoty t the dollar, or to put it another way each złoty is worth one quarter American, that means it costs $22 to buy these 500 tokens.

TokensPolish złotyUS$US$ per tokenDiscount

Payments can be charged to a credit card, done by bank wire transfer, or by two payment methods that seem unique to this camsite.

  • Dotpay.PL – This allows transfers from a range of bank accounts and other payment systems, but again ones in Poland
  • YetiPay.PL – Also Polish and apparently only supporting Polish customers

They are both .PL services so that means they are specific to Poland. There is no obvious way to use them if you are outside that country.

At the moment I can’t work out how to pay using credit card or bitcoins, even though these are advertised as ways to pay, therefore watching with a free account will have to be good enough but that is fine given how much there is to see for free here.

Dice and spin the wheel

While I’ve seen dice and spin the wheel games in other sites there did seem to be more on show here, with both physical dice and wheels and also virtual ones on the model’s phone.

Here SeksiGlamour is playing dice and spin the wheel games, if you tip you get to play and see what you can win. As we all know in a casino the house always wins, but if the house is a nude sexy camgirl with plenty of toys then everybody is a winner whatever happens.

Being a model at ShowUP TV

Want to appeal to a Polish audience? If you want to be a model at ShowUp.TV all you have to do is sign up, being a model is an automatic part of being a member.

Sign up using the same instructions above as for being a viewer, then once you are logged in you can use the “Start transmission” link to go to your own broadcast page.

Turn on the goals, private and groups and then you are ready to work as a model here. There are templates and tips to guide you through the setup process.

Actually starting the cam transmitting software, which is built into the web page and is not Flash and is not OBS, may take several attempts. Remember the server is in Poland and if you are not then it will take a while for all the transmission software to load.

If it doesn’t work try refreshing several times, waiting patiently between each one. Then use the settings wheel to switch to the “HD” stream and turn the quality option off and on until you are prompted for permission to use the camera.

Once you have earnt tokens you can withdraw them on the same menu as the Buy tokens, but You must have a minimum of 10,000 coins to request a withdrawal!

Showup.TV in the Forum

There is a lot I don’t fully understand about Showup so if you have any additional information to share please post a comment below or write something in the forum about ShowUP TV to let everybody understand more.