If you have a dragon fetish then Cherry.TV wants to know about it with their new “Season 1” for 2024 that has a dragon theme, with a bit of St Patrick’s Day thrown in for March.

Not being a dragon woman myself, despite some Asian ancestry, I’m not sure I entirely follow how this works, I think I’m a bit too old (after all I’m a MILF camgirl, not a teen one) but it goes something like this:

During this promotion “Dragon Season’s Cypress Dragon’s Serenade,” viewers get to earn Dragon Crests by sending tokens to girlsor claiming Daily Login Rewards. For the latter you just have to login once a day.

Then all these points let you go up a leaderboard, and as you move up higher you get access to avatar decorations, Aurum Dragon Chalices, and Cypress Dragons. The deal is one Dragon Crest per token sent or 5 per day logged in, with rankings determined by Dragon Crests. At the end of each part of the promotion there will be rewards issued for the people at the top.

The mythology here is all about “dragons”, a bit like those in fantasy books. It is like that book Eragon with its dragon Saphira, only with sex cams.

In books Dragons are known to represent various elements, such as water, earth, fire, and air. At Cherry they are starting with Cypress Dragons which are guardians of nature, embodying the spirit of growth and renewal.

It is a good attempt to create some fun gamification, and the whole look of the site now seems a bit fantasy-book-ish.

The prizes you can win are special avatar decorations, and then some “chalice gift” and “dragon gift” which are worth 500 and 1000 tokens respectively. You don’t get the tokens yourself but you can gift them to a girl to impress her!

What happened to the old gifts like rings and teddybears and cars? Those have been replaced, at least for now. The initial announcement said this was for January, but it is March now and the promo is ongoing so perhaps they have decided to stick with it.

Ok so all your horny dragon fans, check out Cherry.TV now!