A large and well-organized German site now has English and Spanish versions. You’ll see this as livestrip.comlive-strip.comcam-content.com and probably many other names as they provide a good way to put their cams on any website so should be popular with European webmasters for whitelabels.

With many up-to-date features like 3D and remote control sex toys it is a state-of-the-art cam site, with a small but quality group of chathosts online most of the time.

There doesn’t seem to be any free chat as such, but each host has one or more short videos (1:30) on their bio page that lets you get a good look at them in motion.  Not videos of shows, just videos of sitting in bra-and-panties etc, the things that other sites would have in teaser chat.  That’s a bit of a compromise, it means the hosts don’t have to wait around for business, but the customers do get a bit better idea of what they are like than simply profile pictures.

A free trial signup is needed to get anywhere with livestrip.com, and it will give you a few benefits including 5 minutes free live cams, access to all the preview vids, and a “Free erotic wake-up from a girl of your choice!” which is, of course, a pre-recorded message.

When you sign up there is an option to apply vouchers, more about those later, but meanwhile, even though the free a/c asks for email it doesn’t matter as your account is created immediately anyway.

What you don’t get though is the promised free minutes until you have given a mobile phone number.  This only works in a limited number of countries, basically Europe and USA plus a few outliers.  The full list is: Austria , Belgium , Croatia , Czech Republic , Denmark , Finland , France , Germany , Greece , India , Italy , Netherlands , Norway , Poland , Saudi-Arabia , Serbia , Slovakia , Spain , Sweden , Switzerland , Turkey , United Kingdom and USA.  I’m surprised to see India in there as I thought that was a high fraud risk country, and Saudi is odd too – do they do adult webcam there?  I would have thought not.

Anyway, the point is that without being willing to give a phone number in one of these countries you will not get the free minutes.

What you can do of course is buy “coins”, or tokens, using Visa or Mastercard.    Some other choices like “Paysafecard” and “ClickandBuy” will only apply to those in Europe I would guess, I certainly don’t recognize them.

The “Coins” are basically 1 Euro each with bulk buying discounts of up to 25% if you are buying 200. 

One other way to get coins is by winning them in a lottery, once a week they post a pic of a model and ask you to identify her.  If you get it right then you are in a lottery for free tokens.  Fun but it’s only a 5 Euro coupon so not that exciting.

Having tokens in hand the chat is pretty cheap, most hosts are either 2 coins a minute or 1 coin.   At today’s exchange rate that works out to $2.60/minute or $1.30/minute.  That’s pretty cheap, down in the discount camcontacts range, and given that we are talking first-world independent girls here that’s a good deal.

Oh yes there are a few 3rd world studio models, but they are in the small minority (less than 10%).  With more than 150 models online, including some couples, and mostly blond Europeans it isn’t hard to find something to like.

Language might be an issue and though they do have little flags next to the thumbnails to indicate which languages to speak you don’t know in advance exactly how much.  But then on the whole Germans speak pretty good English, and with that sexy accent too…

The 1, 2 or 3 coins/tokens a minute rate (there are very few girls at the 3 coin level) are for a basic group chat.  Given that there is no free chat here a group chat is liable to be all by yourself, but if you want ensured privacy then that’s extra.

A lot of things are extra though.  Private is 2 coins a minute extra.  Sound, as in you hear her, is another 2. If you want 3D that’s 1 more, while remote control dildo is 2 more a minute. Cam2cam sets you back another 2. If you want to record the stream, on their system, for later playback they will charge you another 2 coins a minute. Add all that up and even a “cheap” 1 coin a minute becomes 1+2+1+2+2+2 = $13/minute!  That’s even more than F4F.

Ok, that’s a bit unrealistic, but still, you have to watch out for the extras. And given that many of those, like sound and cam2cam are free or cheap on other sites it starts to look a lot less competitive.

As for paying options, besides using credit cards, LiveStrip also accepts Paysafecard, MasterPass and Sofort Banking which are some anonymous online payment options that worth considering.

If you want to work as a model there then all nationalities are welcome.  As well as the coin earner as listed above you can also sell premium videos or galleries of images at 10 coins each, get paid 1 coin a minute for allowing voyeurs to peek at your shows without getting chat, and there is a bonus if a new viewer using his free credits is converted into a paying customer by you.

As for payments for the chathosts, or “senders” as they say, it doesn’t look so good.  Each coin you earn pays out at 11 Euro cents or US$0.14.  Payments are at the beginning of each month for the previous months earnings and are by bank transfer/wire only.

But if viewers are paying about 1 Euro for a coin, but chathosts are only receiving 0.11 Euro for each coin, well that’s one of the worst pay percentages I’ve seen.  Given that they have plenty of hosts online I can only believe that other things are great there, lots of traffic, or all those extra charge features, must add up to a reasonable income regardless of the low %.

Modeling at Live-Strip.com

If you want to be a LiveStrip model then you can sign up and go for the 65% payout which is pretty good, the down side is that it is very much a European site and if you are outside Europe you may have difficulty completing all the paperwork.

The sign up process involves using SMS texts to receive codes, and that doesn’t always work if you are not inside the EU.

But if you are German or in a neighboring country then it is certainly a great choice to consider, particularly if you speak German.

If you’d like to comment more on livestrip please drop me a line in the forum.  Thanks