You are spoilt for choice at this large and modern cam site which mixes girls from all over the world with the latest technology gadgets. Look out for everything from VR to remote control toys and fucking machines.

Whether you want to tip for flashes, have a great conversation, work towards a goal, or take the model private it is all available here. The selection at extends to couples, boys, and Trans to give a full range of choices.

This site is as big as Flirt4free, Streamate and almost as big as Chaturbate. It is a general camsite with both male and female performers from all over the world.

If you want to watch live DP sex without having to pay anything then you’ll find that here. Girls masturbating with one, two or three toys at the same time. Big group sessions, and private girls just doing their things.

Just like the tourism adverts that say their country has “something for everyone”, that really is true at Stripchat.

You can’t help wondering if their name started off as a play on Snap Chat, but they have made a place for themselves under their own name now. It would be possible to just sit there and watch the live cams forever it seems, and unlike Bongcams and many other free sites, there doesn’t seem to be a time limit for free viewing. After a while, it will pop-up to bug you to create a free account, but you can always ignore it and just keep viewing as a guest.

Google or Twitter signup

At some point, you will want to go beyond being a guest or “anonymous” viewer as many rooms have guest viewers muted and so they can’t talk. If you like a model then there are going to be times when you want to interact with her, at least to ask or answer a question or just say how cool you think she is.

A free account gives you a voice in some rooms and means you can have a recognizable username. When it is time to create that account you’ll find that at Stripchats more options than usual for creating those free accounts.

As well as the usual username / email type of free signup you can also signup with Google or Twitter. Although those kinds of signups are common on other sites it is the first time I’ve seen it for a cam girl site.

Do you really want to have your Google account, which is probably your Gmail, or your Twitter profile connected with a camsite? If you don’t mind or if you have accounts that are just for camming then it may be a good ease-of-management thing and one less account username and password to worry about remembering.

Choosing either Google or Twitter gets a similar result with an authentication window.


Whichever way you use to create your new account you’ll then have to choose a username. If you authenticated with Twitter then your Twitter handle will be suggested, like my twitter handle is @honytsoi so the suggested Stripchat username is “honytsoi”. But it is only a suggestion and you can enter anything you like. Unless it is already taken, which most common names are so, you may end up being thatguy12345 in order to register.

Choose a username for free chat

The user name request looks like this.

Try to choose something memorable. JohnInMaine is good, but Adfwapx75 is not. All cam girls want to be able to recognize you, so don’t make it harder than necessary for us.

If you go the more conventional route of creating a user account using email, then you just need to enter your choice of username and an email address. Stripchat are going to send the password to you via email, so the address needs to be real and you need to have immediate access to it.

Unfortunately, they don’t allow “+” plus signs in email addresses so you can use the automated folder handling in Gmail and other email systems to file those emails.

The email that arrives is from and contains your password for future logins as well as a button to click for verification.

confirm email from stripchat

You are logged in immediately, but if you want to do anything such as login again then you should click that button.

The automatically generated password is a bunch of random characters, that doesn’t matter too much if you are going to cut and paste it on your PC. But when you want to enter it into a VR viewer on your phone it is a bit more hassle. More about that later and how to avoid the problem.

Receive Your Password and Confirm Your Email  
Good news, you are ready to explore Stripchat. Please see your auto-generated password below. For security reasons we recommend changing your password in Settings and Privacy. 


Please confirm your email by clicking on the button below. 
Confirm Your Email

If you don’t verify that email address by clicking the Confirm Your Email button then you still can’t chat in rooms that have muted guests.

Only users with verified emails can chat. This will also allow you to get updates of models you follow and secure your account. Please check your inbox now or resend the verification email

Right at the bottom of the email, the fine print says :

By clicking on the link you give us the confirmation of your registration and that you are at least 18 yo (21 for the USA). You`ll be automatically subscribed to the system and promotional newsletters from Stripchat. You can unsubscribe at any time and we’ll never share your details.

Not a surprise nor a big issue but at least you are clearly notified by Stripchat whereas some sites just take it for granted and add you to their mailing list without asking. That is not the case with this site.

Variety is the Spice of Cam Girls

Once you have confirmed your email address, and you’ll get a similar verification email even if you sign up with Twitter or Google, you get a welcome email that emphasizes their main points.

“More than 1,000 live shows a day”

Yes, that is true, there can be over 2000 rooms on at a time and many of them are actively doing sex shows, though some are just chatting and there are a few bored people. Not many though.

“No Ads”

True as well and a bit of a side-swipe at Chaturbate which is quite ad-heavy even when you are logged in.

“Variety is the Spice of Life”

Now, this is very true and something that I really noticed while scrolling through the very long list of thumbnails.

There is a lot of variety here, much more than most sites. Sure you’ll find your typical perfect-cheerleader-camgirl, the eastern-European-seductress in a studio, and a few bored-third-world girls trying to make a buck.

But there are also plenty of housewives, ordinary-looking teens, as well as bondage models wearing gags, and even several models in the Arab section who appear to be Muslim and are wearing hijab!

Filter for Romantic Granny Cams

From BBWs to girls who look like they haven’t eaten in a week, from obvious studios with perfect Ikea decore, through to messy office environments there is a bit of everything here. It is a real Aladdin’s cave of different types of chat rooms.

The thumbnails are a good clue, though not a perfect indication of what is in each room. Most of them are images from the current show, but a few are glamour or outside shots, some probably just captures from earlier shows.

Category filters on the left of your screen let you drill down quickly to particular interest you might have from Remote Toys and VR Cams through to things like language and location.

Unfortunately, the filters are not additive, so while you may select “MILF” to see all models in that category if you then click “Fucking machines” then you are seeing all those, not just the MILF-fucking-machines. More specific filters like that would help to find just what you want in the very wide range of models online at any time.

The search box in the top right lets you enter tags, but it just adds things together with an “OR” and doesn’t combine them so there is still quite a bit of research to do in order to find just the type of girl you like. If you choose to see “all tags” there are some common combinations you can look at. “Romantic Granny” has only a single room, while “Romantic Twenties” has over a hundred, that probably says something important about life but we will leave that for another article!

And don’t forget the selector for Couples, Boys, and Trans. While less popular than the main female rooms there are still some great choices there.

If you have some price sensitivity then a cost-per-minute filter lets you find those models who price themselves high, or low. And the range is large, unlike some sites with a fixed price per-minute charge at Stripchat each room has a different price.

Those at 90 Tokens a minute like Erotic_Star are obviously pricing-in the fact that while doing a private they are not building fans or getting tips.

Start a Private show with Erotic_Start

For 90 tokens a minute, and a minimum of 5 minutes, you can watch her do a range of different things which are listed across the bottom in “does in private”. You might wait instead of going private though, given that after she has warmed up to have 80 people in her room she starts to do an almost-fisting, nude-show with nipple clips and Lovense Lush in free!

Cheaper Private Shows

When I was looking the majority of the rooms are in the 16 to 24 per tokens a minute range, but because there are so many models online there are still plenty in the even lower 8 tokens a minute bracket.

There is no shortage of excellent models doing hardcore in that range. While foxxyy_ does fucking machine anal and room called “girl_andboy” do a very fresh young-couple show.

Browser Notifications of Online Cam Girls

As with Chaturbate, the majority of spending seems to be in tips for requests or flashes, tips to reach goals and tips for menu items. I didn’t see any models go into private while I was there, but if you specifically want to find girls doing private so you can spy on the private shows then there is a menu item for that. At any one time about half a percent, 0.5% of models seem to be doing privates.

After you have looked around and found yourself a girl that suits you then it is time to mark her as a favorite by clicking that heart in the bottom left of the screen.

Prompt to follow stripchat cam girl model on chrome

Boraa_ is a Korean / German cutie who has perfect tits and a great Hentai sexy-cartoon-girl style. I’m pleased to follow her, along with over 40 thousand others apparently, so I’m in good company.

When you clck the heart to mark her as a favourite you can also choose to get browser notifications when she is onilne, which is a great way to ensure you don’t miss the chance to

Unlike the Camversity, which has a similar feature, here at Stripchat it is an option with each girl you mark as favorite whether you get browser notifications as well. So you can follow a bunch of girls, but only get notified for particular ones.

The favorites menu on the left of the main screen lets you see who you are following and also prompts you for more controls over whether you get notified in the browser on the website.

Stripchat discount

Click the “+” beside your 0 tk balance to add in some more tokens and, once again, Stripchat offers an exceptional range of choices. Token Purchase payment options; payment methods from Credit / Debit Card, Paypal, Skrill, Gift Card, Bitcoin, Ether, Bank Wire and more.

That is an exceptional range of payment choices. definitely wants you to have no difficulty at all in giving them money, which is great because that means more money for the models and a well-paid cam girl is a horny camgirl and that makes everybody happy! token purchases are all through some kind of payment processor, not directly to the company which is listed as Technius Ltd, of Limassol, Cyprus. Credit card payments may go via Epoch, and so your bills will show EPOCH.COM *Technius.

Cam Girl tips from Gift Cards

That is pretty obscure but if you want to be even more discrete and have your cam payments untraceable then you can even try Cryptocurrencies, which are handled by, or even things like gift cards.

Paying for cam girls with gift cards I had only heard of before when doing private Skype shows, like those organized by CamLust, but at Stripchat they have a way to accept things like Starbucks, Walmart or Target gift cards and turn those into cash using a service called There are some fees along the way with some cards so it isn’t the cheapest option, but it certainly seems very safe.

The more tokens you buy at a time the higher the discounts you get, and so the lower the price per token you pay. Remember that the models still get paid out just $0.05 per token you give them, regardless of how much you spent to buy the token.

Buy tokens in $199.99 packages and you get 2,255 tokens each time. That means each token costs you only $0.89 each, while the cam girl is getting half a cent, which works out at 56% of the money you’ve spent.

Once you have got tokens in your account then you can spend them either by tipping or taking models private as discussed already.

Getting the Model’s attention

Unlike Chaturbate, where you can easily find yourself in the same room with 10,000 other people, the popular girls may have 1,500 in Stripchat. But still, how can you stand out from the crowd? Here are a few tips.

First, getting a free account is not enough, we all know that. Free account and never bought any token will get you marked grey. And grey visitors often don’t even get to chat in the room. So, step 1, at least buy the smallest token package. You may hold on to it and use them sparingly. This allows you to be in the green category of users, which is almost the minimum level you need to achieve to get her attention. And even if you have spent your first package of tokens and have zero tokens left, you will be grey but with a little green “ex” next to your username. It means you have bought tokens before and not totally penniless.

Gold: gold membership (the highest), Green (with tokens), grey (no tokens or not registered)

Secondly, join her fan club if she has one. There are three levels of fan you can be:

• be her “Soldier” – It’s 100 tokens per month
• be her “Lord” – It’s 200 tokens per month
• be her “Prince” – It’s 500 tokens per month

There will be a badge displayed next to your username to differentiate you from the rest of the crowd.

Don’t want to be too specific to one girl? A more generic strategy will be to get a gold subscription from Stripchat. For $19.99 a month, you will get a) gold-coloured username that makes you stand out from the list, b) you can send private messages to any model you want c) be “knighted” by the model and ultimately be the moderator in her room

Finally, collecting gold points can be the ultimate solution if you plan to spend plenty in Stripchat anyway. In her room’s list of users, users are ranked by the number of gold points they possess, with the highest points at the top. Every 10 tokens you spend in tipping or private show you get one point. This is also a different way to tell the model about your status – you spent a lot on others already, she could be the next.

VR Cams for the virtual ultimate lap dance

StripChat is one of the few cam sites that offer Virtual Reality Cams. Along with SexLikeReal and (previously) XVR.Chat they give you the chance to wear a headset, from an Occulus to a Google Cardboard, and get the illusion that you are there in the room with the girl.

With this kind of VR the cam girl is real, we are not talking animated figures like Melody, but the sensation that you are in the same room with her is an illusion.

The VR section at Stripchat has the same models as, I’m not sure who is supplying who but the result is the same.

StripCams for Models

Models should sign up here to receive the 50%+ share of the tips and private show fees they receive.

Payments to models are around 55%, up to 60%, so a higher payout than some of the more higher-paying sites such as Chaturbate at 50%. Nothing as high as the 80%+ at Skyprivate, or lustCams but then those are Skype so that is a bit different.

The exact amount a model gets paid as a percentage depends on how much customers paid for them. The per-token payment to models is a flat half-cent per token, which is $0.05 paid out for each token received.

Benefits for Models

Besides the 55% payout, or $0.05 per token received (same as Chaturbate), you also get chargeback protection which is nice.

There are cash bonus contests every month so there is extra money to pick up especially if you are already doing well. If you are a new model to Stripchat, you get 2 weeks site boost, starting with your first day of broadcasting. I presume they mean that you will be put under the “New Models” section on the left-hand side menu, together with other categories.

Things that Models should look out for

Stripchat is eager to provide a good experience for the visitors which means they are more demanding to the camgirls and at the same time, slightly more relaxed with some fetish.

For example, most models broadcast with sound though there are occasions we would like the sound to be off. But it is not an option in Stripchat. The sound is on by default and there is no easy way to mute it.

Another thing is, they are more serious about models being visible. Models may risk being banned if she walks away from the cam for more than a few seconds without notifying her visitors first.

Fisting – as I said, they are eager to please the visitors. Fisting is not allowed in many camsites, including Chaturbate. But in Stripchat, fisting is allowed. In fact, there is a category for it so visitors can easily find it.

StripCams Forum

Have some more to tell me about Stripcams or to add to this review? Make a comment below or a post in the Forum! !