Update Jan-2022: Unfortunately the XVR.Chat site is down for “maintenance” for over a year and is probably defunct and isn’t coming back. For now the way to see cam girls in VR is to go to Stripchat.

This is only a quick look – a full review will come later.

It is a common theme of the future-of-tech articles that porn pushes the boundaries of technology. That we wouldn’t have video recording, the internet, or mobile phones if the drive of all humans to watch adult entertainment didn’t exist.  A new site XVR.Chat wants to prove that true by taking adult webcam chat into the world of Virtual Reality headsets. With VR, 3D and 180degree video there is a lot going on here. This cutting edge website goes beyond live chat, past teledildonics, and aims for the future. Perhaps it overshoots and falls a little flat, but that isn’t for want of trying and what does work promises well for the future.

Grab your stuff, and by that I mean your 3D VR headsets, and read on below to find out what works, and what doesn’t, and how to get the best from XVR.

The Future of Online Sex

The rather attractive look for the site has echoes of the dark-yet-colorful Livejasmin, but with a dash of CandyCrush inspired rounded buttons in pastel tones. It is easy on the eye, and generally easy to find your way around.

Bandwidth, and Power

What you can’t do without at this site is a good internet connection with plenty of bandwidth, and a powerful computer that can do 3D, VR, WebRTC, WebVR and a whole bunch of other alphabet.

Basically, if you live out in the boonies or are using last year’s phone then you better move on to another cam site that is a lot less demanding.

If you do have what it takes though then you are in for some interesting experiences. After you have installed all the gear that is.

On a computer you’ll want Steam and the Steam VR viewer called GizmoVR. Mobile phone users are going to need GizmoVR as an Android app.

If you don’t have the power for 3D VR then you’ll end up watching that loading screen a lot.

Supposedly even the Google Cardboard viewer will work, which is a super cheap way to use your phone and some, yes cardboard, to do very basic VR.

Back on a PC, the regular cam is pretty good and a lot less demanding. There is still another choice though: between “Premium” video mode and regular.

Premium vs Regular video

The regular mode is just like the video you see on other sites. A rectangle window into a camgirl’s world, but nothing different from watching a video.

If your computer can support it the “Premium” mode is a fake-3D view where you get to look around by dragging your mouse up and down or side to side. The camera the girl is using must be a super-wide one, mostly they seem to be about 180 degrees, so you can’t see behind the camera, but you can look straight down or to the right.

Messy Cam Girl Desk

When the model is very close to the camera this gives a very real feeling, which isn’t actually VR but still feels more intimate than regular cam video.

Unfortunately, it also means you have the option of looking at the messy desk of the camgirl.

Neat-freaks may not like to know how much junk a cam girl might have in front of her while she is working. Two keyboards for Two PCs? And her phone of course. And some sex toys, a mug, a toilet roll?

If you want to get technical then it seems the “premium video mode” is using a modern web technology called WebRTC which is a whole new thing. Cam sites are certainly moving towards it and it is being used by the broadcasters instead of OBS. It is the future, but you may not care.

A free account at XVR.Chat

Before you can get to any premium things though you have to signup for a free account.

They really want you to sign up and will keep interrupting your session with a pop-up if you don’t. That’s the “stick” but there is also a carrot in the form of a 20-free-tokens offer when you verify your email address, which you were going to do anyway so it is a win-win.

That really is free tokens, and not one of those extra-tokens-when-you-make-a-purchase deal that is common on some other cam sites.

Other VR Cam Girl Sites

Other VR Cam Girl sites include SexLikeReal.com and the VR section of Stripchat.

XVR.Chat Comments and Forum

Leave some comments below or leave a post in the camgirl forum with your thoughts and experiences of XVR.Chat.