Question: How can I get a fullscreen view of Bongacams camgirls?

Answer: The real way is to get a premium account, but there is a workaround sort-of

Getting a “Premium” account isn’t as hard as it sounds, all you need to do is prove that you are a potentially paying customer by making a one time minimum purchase.

Don’t want to give your card to a camgirl porn site? Then there are options available for you as well.

The first choice, the easiest one

Just buy some credits, if you are paranoid use a one-time use card number or stored value card, and then make the minimum purchase. Once you have made the purchase, your account will automatically be upgraded to premium, allowing you to access the fullscreen feature.

It will cost you 10 Euros, Bongacams is a European company, which is about 11 USD. This small fee will grant you access to a much better viewing experience, making it worth the cost if you frequently use the site.

Just take care to not check the option “Top up the Token Balance Automatically” if you would rather not spend any more, and you are good to go.

Second choice

Rather not give out your card info? If you are willing to set up with a payment company then you have another choice, Skrill. Have you never heard of them? They are like a second-rank version of PayPal.

And buying Bongacams credits via them is cheap. You can buy just 49 tokens for a cost of 3 Euros, or about 3 bucks.

Of course, you will have to create a Skrill account, which is not a big deal but does take a few steps and you will have to give Skrill your payment details.

Here is how:

Make the account, load it with $5 or so, and then use it to make that onetime purchase at Bonga and again, you are good to go fullscreen as much as you want.

Third choice

This is the most convoluted, and most expensive, but it is the safest.

Pay with Cryptocurrency: like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or one of the other major coins.

You will just be buying cryptocoins to then immediately spend them on upgrading your BongaCams account so the volatility of crypto is irrelevant, but there will be some conversion fees.

The main problem though is that Bongacams doesn’t let you make small purchases with Crypto, presumably, they have some fees to pay as well and so they require you to buy at least 620 tokens, for around 33 Euros or 36 USD.

That is significantly more than the other options, but doing it this way does provide an extra layer of privacy and security for those of you who are particularly cautious about sharing your financial information. Once you’ve made the purchase and your account is upgraded to premium, you can enjoy the fullscreen feature without any further hassle. You won’t have to use Crypto again.

If you decide to go this route, make sure to use a reputable cryptocurrency exchange to purchase your coins. Once you have acquired the necessary amount, head over to the payment section on Bongacams and select the cryptocurrency option. You will then send the coins to who are the crypto payment processor for Bongacams.

Bongacams has an almost 100% positive rating at CoinPayments so you can tell that they are a reputable provider and, due to the way Crypto works, there is no way for them to draw more money from your account. That isn’t how crypto works, it is “spend” only, there are no subscriptions or ways to make additional charges as there are with cards.

Privacy vs Convenience vs Cost

In summary, while getting a fullscreen view on Bongacams does require a premium account, there are multiple ways to achieve this depending on your comfort level with sharing financial information. Whether you choose to use a credit card, Skrill, or cryptocurrency, each method has its own pros and cons. Choose the one that best fits your needs and enjoy an enhanced viewing experience.

Using Fullscreen once you are Premium

Once you have a premium account then to get to BongaCams in fullscreen mode, first navigate to the video stream you wish to view. Then, look for the fullscreen icon, usually located at the bottom right corner of the video player. Clicking this icon will expand the video to fill your entire screen, providing an immersive viewing experience.

Workarounds if you are cheap or tin-foil-hat paranoid

If you don’t want to spend any money, you can try adjusting your browser settings, but although most sites support F11 on your keyboard for a full screen view that does not work at Bonga. Not surprising given that they are asking you to pay for this option they don’t want to give it away for free.

You can instead try using the Chromecast button to send the video to your TV.

Or try zooming in on your screen. On Windows the Windows key and the plus key (🪟+) will give you a zoom-in, it is intended as an accessibility option for those with bad eyesight but it works for zooming screen as well. Windows and Minus or Escape will zoom out again.

Mac users will find that Option-Command-Equal Sign (=) does the same sort of zoom-in thing, with the minus key zooming back out.

On iPhones a three-finger double tap can zoom, as can the accessibility shortcut.

Zooming in Chrome on Android phones is also possible, but you may need to choose desktop mode first, then choose Zoom from the side menu.

These are all clumsy workarounds that are ok if you just need to see the girl a bit closer up for a moment, but if you want to enjoy a proper full-screen video and chat experience then premium membership is the way to go, particularly if you can get it either:

Ultimately, while these workarounds can be helpful, the most reliable way to get fullscreen access is by upgrading to a premium account. Remember you have three ways to do it:

Cheaply using Skrill – just 49 tokens for a cost of 3 Euros, or about 3 bucks. This is a minimal investment that allows you to upgrade your account to premium and enjoy the fullscreen feature without having to worry about sharing your credit card details directly with Bongacams.

Easily using Cards – simply purchase a one-time use or stored value card if you are concerned about security. Make the minimum purchase required to upgrade your account to premium. This will cost you around 10 Euros, or approximately 11 USD, and will grant you access to the fullscreen feature. Ensure you do not select the “Top up the Token Balance Automatically” option if you do not wish to spend more. This method is straightforward and quick, allowing you to enjoy an enhanced viewing experience without any further complications. Additionally, you maintain control over your spending and can avoid any recurring charges. This method provides a balance between convenience and security.

Safely for the paranoid by using Cryptocurrency – you can maintain complete anonymity by purchasing tokens using Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other major cryptocurrencies. Although the crypto exchange will know who you are, the coins are anonymous and when you spend them at Bongacams they have no way of knowing who you are. This method requires you to buy a minimum of 620 tokens, which costs around 33 Euros or 36 USD. While this is more expensive than other options, it ensures that your financial information remains private. To proceed, purchase the necessary amount of cryptocurrency from a reputable exchange, then head to the payment section on Bongacams and select the cryptocurrency option. You will be directed to, where you will follow the instructions to complete the transaction. Once the payment is confirmed, your account will be upgraded to premium, allowing you to enjoy the fullscreen feature. This method is really for those who prioritize privacy and security over cost and effort.

Finally, if none of this works ok for you, why not choose another site that allows full screen for basic, unpaid, members, or even for unregistered guests?

At Stripchat you can hit F11 followed by the full-screen button on the top right of the video to go, well, full. That works even if you are logged out.

Chaturbate is even easier, just hit the full-screen button in the bottom right and you are immediately in full screen.

In fact most sites let at least basic registered members go full screen. If the girl you prefer is only on Bongacams then you’ll have to stay there, but if you don’t mind which site you go to then try some of the other choices available.