Two types of Moderators

Stripchat has two types of Moderators, one is actually called a “moderator” and is a staff member at a studio, they help models who work in studios to manage their rooms. This is not a Stripchat employee and also not a regular user. But this is not what most people mean when they say “Stripchat moderator”.

Stripchat Knights

Rather they are talking about the second kind, which on Chaturbate would be called a moderator, who are volunteer members and fans of a model who are helping her out to keep order in her room.

It is this second kind that are actually called “Knights” at stripchat. Because of their favored status, granted in just one model’s room, they get to have additional privileges such as kicking out unruly viewers.

What can Stripchat Knights do

Knights can mute or ban disruptive users, the idea being that this will help to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone.

At Stripchat only viewers who have Ultimate Membership are eligible to become Knights, and then the model has to grant them the “Shield” that makes them a knight.

Each model can have up to 25 knights, and each one has the right to mute any user of any level for 24 hours.

What if they loose membership

If a Knight lets their Ultimate membership lapse they will remain a knight until the model unknights them, they don’t seem to expire like Chaturbate moderatorships.

Some viewers really want to help out and make good moderators, but others are what girls call “Shield Collectors”, they just are looking for the bragging rights or status that comes from having impressed a cam girl enough to be given Knight status.

Good vs Bad moderators

A moderator can certainly help in a busy room, but they can also be a bit overwhelming and if they are too overprotective it can put off other viewers so cam girls are advised to take care when choosing their moderators.

It is important for models to establish clear guidelines and expectations for their Knights to follow. This ensures that the moderators act in a way that aligns with the model’s preferences and maintains a positive environment in the chat room. Communication is key, and regular check-ins with Knights can help address any issues that arise and reinforce the model’s rules and boundaries.

No Moderators for New Models

New models should probably avoid Knighting any viewers, particularly those who come into a room, tip once, then ask to be Knighted. Take time to build up a regular “gang” in your room before you decide who you want helping out.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to observe how potential Knights interact with other viewers and handle different situations. This can give you insight into their temperament and how they might perform in a moderating role. Remember, the goal is to create a welcoming and enjoyable space for everyone, and the right Knights can play a crucial role in achieving that.

If a Knight turns bad, then it is a simple matter to UnKnight them, but realistically they are going to be annoyed and you may end up having to ban them from your room if they complain a lot, or just sulk as that is a mood killer.

Try it out

Want to try out being a Knight at Stripchat? Or are you a model who wants to try having a “Knight” to protect you, or at least your chat room? Click the correct button below: