Stripchat would, of course, like to encourage viewers to take models into private shows. They keep adding new features that make that a more attractive option. Recently they added a new price choice of 12 tokens a minute, which many models now choose. And today I noticed a new option called “Best for Privates” on the main menu.

The first time you take that option it gives a brief overview of what it means.

Welcome to Best Privates

Hey there

Meet our highest-rated models

To find your best Private

Choose the ideal price that suits you

Filter Exclusive and regular Privates, or shows to Spy on

Check your recent models for a familiar pleasure

Enjoy your Best Privates

When you go in to the Find Privates section it offers you the main filters that you will need to narrow down the choices to who you want. There are many thousands of models online at Stripchat so you really do need some help to find just the right girl.

The filters that are offered, and these are just a few of the filter selections that Stripchat supports, are:

  • Pricing: with choices for 8-12, 16-24, 32-60 and 90+ tokens. You will find me in the 44 tokens/minute section mostly, that is for regular Private Shows, and I charge 60 for exclusive, while letting you “spy” for 12, that’s the new option.
  • Show Type: Cam2cam, Spy, and Recordable. You can select one or more of these. Like many camgirls I don’t allow recordable as I think the live and interactive nature of privates is what makes them special. But if you care about recordings, as you want to relive your experiences later, then this is where you can select it. Notice that these checkboxes don’t clearly say they are “and” or “or”. I believe it is OR though.

Next up is:

  • Appearance: Which has the typical choices of Age (Teen, Young, Mature, MILF, Mature and Granny) – I’m not sure where I am here, I guess mature? I hope not granny! Ethnicity, Body Type, and “Traits” like “Small Tits” (that’s me), or Trimmed vs Shaven are here. Again this is an “OR” so if you choose “Hairy PUssy” and also “Shaven” you don’t get 0 as the Venn diagram intersection would suggest, but rather the whole overlapping set. rather than ∩.

The last two filter options for Private shows are:

  • Countries: What it says on the tin. It is based on ID documents so you use the select where the models are located. While you can use this to find models in particular areas many models, including myself, would rather not say so using this can reduce your list too much.
  • Activities on Request: This is where you can get very specific from things like “Anal”, the ever-popular “Fuck Machine” through to more niche like Squirt, JOI, A2M or just specific like DOggy, Shower, Twerk. You’ll also find the very specific Fisting that is rarely found on other sites.

I tried using these filters together and chose Pricing 8-12 tokens, Show Type Video Call, Appearance Hairy Pussy, Country American and Activities: Anal.

That got me 3 choices!

Just 3 models out of 7,000 online at Stripchat at that moment would meet those requirements.

Which is great if I was actually looking for that, which I’m not that was just an example, but it would have saved me hours of scrolling if I didn’t have filters.

Want to try this out? Just go into SC now and choose “Best for Privates” and use the filters.

If you are not too shy to tell me exactly what you like then how about tell me what you set the filters to, and how many models did you get out of the entire online model selection?

Stripchat is really trying to enhance the whole experience by making it easier for you to find just that one perfect girl. Let me know if it works for you by leaving a comment below!