Don’t have a credit card? Or simply don’t want to give your card details over to what is fundamentally a porn site? Whether you trust them or not it is irrefutable that porn sites get hacked sometimes and if they know your credit card details then you may have your financial identity stolen.

TO be fair most cam sites work via a payment gateway such as Epoch, CCBill, or SegPay and it is the gateway rather than the cam site, which actually has your details. Nevertheless, in an abundance of caution many people would rather avoid their card number being anywhere near to a live porn chat site.

If you are one of those cautious people, then read on for eight ways to get cam girl site tokens, if you have no credit card, or if you do then without giving your card details to that site.


PayPal isn’t just for eBay anymore, you can purchase a lot of different things online using your PP account, and that includes tokens or credits at several cam sites. You may have heard that Paypal isn’t “adult-friendly” and indeed there are constant reports of sex-related items being banned from their system. Don’t try to buy a porn video on eBay or pay for used panties on Backpages or Craigslist using Paypal.

No Credit Card Required to pay at Streamate if you have a PayPal account.
Streamate lets you use PayPal to pay-by-minute for live sex shows

Cam site tokens are a bit different though, by passing the payment via a gateway apparently all the “adultness” is wiped out and you can buy a pack of 100 tokens the same as you might get a second-hand book from eBay.

Cam sites that let you buy tokens using Paypal

Voyeur Cams where you can watch but can’t talk:

Gift Card

Have an unused Starbucks or Walmart gift card? Why not turn it into cam girl tokens and have a lot more fun with your money than you would have buying a coffee or a pound of frozen hot wings. Admittedly you won’t get a lot of tokens for the price of a coffee, but it is one mechanism to get tokens without having to show the porn site your credit card details.

But the gift cards in a store or online and then cash them in to cam site tokens using an online converter gateway. You’ll lose some value due to the conversion fees, but what you get back is some privacy and knowing that the porn site name will never appear on your credit card statement.

Which sites accept payment in gift cards?

For the most glamorous girls try Livejasmin:


Whether you think it is the future of international finance, or a Ponzi scheme intended to scam people out of their money, cryptocurrencies are today an effective way to get money from point A to point B. You do have to watch out for transaction fees, but there are ways to reduce those to almost zero, and as long as you complete the transaction and get the money to where you want it there isn’t much risk.

Buy crypto tokens using your card, and all your statement will show is that you were buying Bitcoins or some similar tokens, then transfer those tokens directly to the cam site, who will only know they came from you but not how you purchased them.

There are several different ways to do this; you can get the full breakdown here, but to summarize:

Crypto payment is a new thing and things change all the time, but for now, it is a high privacy and low-risk way of buying tokens. Each site handles it a bit differently, and how you get hold of your crypto tokens in the first place can vary, but the basic idea works.

The easiest experience is via SpankPay where they connect you up with a credit card processor so the whole chain of card to crypto to tokens is a seamless as can be. You’ll pay for it in terms of percentages and charges but you gain in convenience and privacy. Try it out at


Want to avoid the fees and complexity and just do a straight bank-to-bank transfer? Many cam sites support loading their token wallet or account using a bank wire transfer. This generally only makes sense for large quantities and regular purchases, it isn’t going to be fast, but it may be cheap.

It isn’t pretty and it isn’t exciting, but it can be a good deal. At Chaturbate and Camsoda for example the wire transfers let you get their tokens for only 0.08, that’s eight cents a token.


Ever heard of PaySafeCard? You aren’t alone, it isn’t really a big system but it is one that focuses on paying safely, using a card. The clue is in the name.

The “card” in the name doesn’t mean credit card, the idea is that you get a stored value card from a store and pay for it any way you want. Then you use that stored value to buy something online.

The “Card” is actually a 16 digit PIN that you buy in a store or online via “TopMeUp”. If you are in a store you could pay cash, but online you’ll be using a credit card to buy the PIN. The PIN then lets you anonymously pay the cam site.

Which cam sites support buying tokens with PaySafeCard?

Seeing a pattern here? Although PaySafeCard does work around the globe, it is in Europa that it is most commonly used. Check out XCams for a great range.


Another payment system you may see on many German sites is SOFORT Banking, also known as “pay now” in Germany.

This payment system will work on several sites, those that have a European connection are more likely to support it.


SMS / Text

Buy your tokens using your phone and get it charged to your phone bill. That works in the UK and also in India which means that if you are buying tokens from sites in those countries you’ll likely be able to charge it to your phone.

  • in India lets you charge to your phone account
  • Rampant.TV in Britain also has a good phone connection where you call a number or text/SMS to pay
  • support pay by phone in selected European countries only; if you are in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Finland, The Netherlands, Sweeden, Switzerland, Czech Republic, UK or Norway then you are in luck. Otherwise, not.


Skrill might have failed to become the next PayPal, but they have still got a place for payment when you want to have someone dependable between your credit card and the live sex chat site. Use Skrill to pay on:

  • Chaturbate