If you visit BongaCams you’ll find that one of the hottest hashtags is “#Mobile Live”. Now that Bongacams allows cam girls to broadcast either using the dedicated iOS and Android Apps, or via the web-based WebRTC broadcaster from their mobile phones there are more and more models taking advantage of this to give shows that are on the move.

It is still a small percentage of the total models online, but at least there are enough to have some choices. Anybody can tag themselves as mobile-live so what that actually means is open to interpretation.

Bongacams Mobile Live chat rooms

Just taking a snapshot of one particular moment the room count was:

  • 1500 models online
  • 64 being females tagged mobile live

That’s a small percentage, but still plenty to look around and find someone you like.

Not everybody agrees on what counts as mobile though.

If you are looking for the risky-flashing-in-public shows then you may be disappointed. I only went through the first few lines and checked out 21 different “Mobile live” live cam rooms.

Of those 21 live mobile cams 15 of them were clearly at home. Sitting on a home sofa or bed, with a few unusual ones such as a couple of models in kitches, one taking a shower and just walking around the house.

Only one of the models was outdoors, in some sort of wilderness setting with trees in the background. Although outdoors isn’t that rare when you look at all the mobile cams there still totals only a handful. The ones I looked at were wearing Lovense Lush toys under their clothes, and they were all dressed though one did strip down to vest and thong panties in a countryside hike setting.

Four out of the 21 were in parked cars. That’s a good solution to be “outdoors” while still having a bit of privacy. In one case I could see cars moving around out of the window, I think she was in a parking lot.

Outdoor cam girls wear more

One thing I noticed is that the cam girls using their mobiles to stream their live video tended to be wearing a lot more. All of cam girls in parked cars were fully dressed, though I would have thought they could have stripped if they parked somewhere a bit private, but apparently not.

One of the Bongacams mobile live broadcasts was from a workshop, with power tools hanging on hooks on the wall behind her. I don’t think she was planning to use the tools in her show but I bit someone would suggest it!

Not so surprising is that models who are streaming their porn shows from their mobile phones are more aware of the horizontal vs vertical problem with videos.

Only one out of the 21 I checked were doing wide-screen horizontal video.

Of the others, they were split evenly between square and vertical.

Horizontal, Vertical or Square

The vertical videos were the typical tall shape of a mobile phone.

The square video streams ones were more like Instagram.

Square is good

Perhaps Square is the new Hip for cam girls broadcasting their streams at Bongacams, and even on other sites that allow mobile live streaming. Square is good as it means you are right regardless of how you view them.

So lets hear it for the square girls of Bongacams mobile!

Which Bongacams mobile live streams do you like to watch? Picked one you like most and let me know in the comments.