I come across this thought a lot as I browse through various forums, Reddit and so on. There are many threads where people just flat out ask “Why would anybody pay a camgirl”, or sometimes someone states that they have done so, and there are a lot of replies that basically boil down to “Why are you being so stupid, the camgirls only want your money”.

Given that this is a common attitude, is it a valid question to ask?

Is paying for camgirls stupid?

Before going any deeper you have to realize that I, as a camgirl of over 20 years standing, am not exactly an unbiased person to answer this.

At the same time I try my best to stay honest here, as in everywhere I write what is good and bad about camming, what is beneficial and what is not. When I review camgirl sites I talk about pros and cons without regard for any income I may get as a camgirl, an affiliate webmaster, or just someone involved in the cam industry.

Because yes, it is an industry, just like any other sex work this is business. And while we can have fun with our job, it doesn’t stop it being work or something that can be done professionally, well, or badly, unprofessionally.

What then is my answer to the “stupid” question?

Like most things in life there are nuances and the real answer is “it depends”.

Depends on what?

It depends on a lot of factors, but you can break it down into a few main categories. They don’t all get the same answer.

Let’s break it down.

Is it stupid to pay a camgirl if …

… you can’t afford it.

That’s a no-brainer really. Paying for camgirls can be expensive. You are paying for a premium personal service, and that person has to get paid, and there are lots of middlemen involved who also need to pay the rent so the prices add up.

Not paying for what you can’t afford is not rational whether it be a house, a car, a new phone, a meal in a fancy restaurant or a camgirl.

Sure you can look for deals, discounts, and good ways to buy and use tokens efficiently, but the bottom line is that if you can’t pay for it then you shouldn’t do it.

The conclusion on this one is YES, it is stupid to pay a camgirl if you can’t afford it.

… if you think this is a way to get a hot girlfriend IRL or someone to marry

Just don’t, ok?

Camsites are entertainment, they are NOT dating sites.

Camgirls say they like you because you are their customer, and while everybody likes a nice customer it is not the start of a healthy personal relationship.

I always have to qualify this with “it’s not impossible”. I have seen happy marriages happen between camgirls and their customers. But maybe 1 in 20 years that I’m certain of. This is not a good bet.

Let me say it again, just stop, just don’t.

Stop asking camgirls if they are single or where they live or other things that may you look like a creep. It doesn’t matter what country they are in.

This is entertainment, not dating.

The conclusion, therefore, is YES, it is stupid to pay camgirls if you are doing so because you think it will get her to really fall in love with you, or at least like you enough to become your girlfriend, your wife, or even a fuckbuddy.

… you are doing it to help her out because she is poor, or has a sick mother, or her kid brother needs school fees, or is going to buy a plane ticket with the money you send her so she can visit

No, no, NO. Just stop for a minute ok? Take a cold shower. Jerk off and cum and then have a clear mind for like 5 minutes.

You are being scammed. Yes, there are scamming camgirls out there. There are also scamming cam viewers as well so don’t get too high and mighty on your moral high ground.

Conclusion for this one? Yes, you are stupid. Just stop already.

That is a bunch of “Yes” answers.

Are there any “No” answers? Were you not expecting me, a working camgirl, to have a good reason why you should pay me/us/camgirls?

Indeed there are perfectly valid reasons to pay a camgirl, and some of them are embarrassing enough that you might not want to talk about them or even think about them.

Read on to see if any of these apply to you.

… you love your wife but she can’t handle your sexual drive/kink/need and you want to express it but don’t want to be unfaithful

This one gets me sometimes and smoke gets in my eyes.

I’m all for helping out men who are in this situation.

It is just so fundamentally sad when a man loves his wife so much and doesn’t want to do anything to hurt her, yet has a hormone-induced drive to sex that he can’t control.

Men with mental demons inside like this are in a poor state and if they can find an outlet by being with an online virtual sex partner that’s great for them, and I sincerely hope good for their marriages.

I’m all for marriage and ones that are forever are the best. But they do have problems as we age and sex drives drop off, often faster in women than in men, causing this gap.

As I’ve aged I’ve seen my own sex drive drop off, but luckily for me a side effect of being a camgirl and basically masturbating for hours every day is that it does keep the parts in good working order. Not just the body but the mind. I think sex-related thoughts constantly, ok not as much as a man, but still a lot more than most women my age.

Not every woman is able to keep up with her husband as she ages though, and if her husband decides that he doesn’t want to go outside the marriage physically, then virtual sex may help.

It isn’t just age either, sometimes it is kinks. Whether he dreams about anal all the time but she can’t stand it, or something more exotic like he wants to be dominated but that just isn’t her personality, a camgirl can fulfill desires and reduce his feeling of want.

And yes I know that this can backfire by normalizing or reinforcing his desires that are not compatible with this wife, but a happy medium is possible.

When a husband loves football but his wife hates it, she can happily let him go to the bar to watch with other men who love the sport, as long as he doesn’t get too attached to it.

That’s the red line where things can go wrong.

Provided married men use camgirls as a sexual outlet for things they can’t get at home and do not get attached to the online girls then I see no problem with this.

With that proviso then; NO it is not stupid to pay a camgirl if it helps with your marriage by reducing your needs for something you can’t get from your wife.

… it is a hobby like watching football or 3D printing or golf

For some men watching camgirls and interacting with them is simply a hobby.

It is fun, clean, safe, and can keep you entertained on a winter evening when nothing good is on TV.

Yes, it is more expensive than watching football, but playing golf isn’t exactly cheap and doesn’t work as an activity when it rains.

Watching camgirls is an all-weather hobby!

That does mean not being too emotionally attached, there is that idea again of not becoming attached too much. At least not more attached than you are to your golf club or your football team.

Actually, when I think about it lots of men are very very attached to their teams. I’m not sure I would want one of my cam customers that attached to me!

Don’t pay more than you can afford, and don’t get too attached, and it is a fine hobby.

Therefore, as a hobby, NO, paying a camgirl isn’t stupid.

Is this me rationalizing? After all, I am a camgirl and I want to have paying customers. If nobody paid then I would not be camming so often, possibly not at all.

Yes, I am rationalizing, but the categories still make sense and relate to people who I have chatted with over the years.

A few “regulars” have opened up to me enough to discuss what they get out of watching me, and tipping me or taking me into private shows. What I’ve written here reflects that.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!