Camsoda suspended their crypto payment option for a while, as have several other cam sites when their payment gateways went under. But Bitcoin, Ethereum and the rest are back at Camsoda, as is another secure payment system you probably have never heard of.

Now Camsoda is accepting crypto payments via the Rocket gateway, which is different from the Forumpay that many sites such as Flirt4free have switched to.

The system is a bit different and has a unique option I’ve not seen before, and that is a chance to connect directly with your crypto exchange account if you have one.

For those buying crypto at an exchange that means removing one step in the buying process.

I didn’t see any Lightning support, but they claim Bitcoin payments take just seconds to go through so that means they are not waiting for confirmations. Risky, for them, but faster for you.

With the return of Cryptocurrency, the now have 6 payment options available to me. And the new one is obvious.

CashToCode is some kind of voucher system, a bit like PaySafeLater cards, where you buy a coupon and then cash it in later. That provides some anonymity, but of course there are always fees that make it more expensive than paying directly.

Based on the places you can buy them I guess this might be a thing with gamers?

Let me know!