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Rated as 3.5 out of 5 Ok
General Review For Models

General Review:

Well another site with "free" in the name but it is not the MFC clone that you might presume.  FreeCamStars is pretty much new and in fact this could even be considered a pre-review as I've been told their site is not 100% ready to go, lots of features are still under development, if that's true then we can look forward to some good things because it's good as it is.

Please let me know in comments about things you find on the site different to what it says in my review so I can update as they change.

When you first get there it is straight into a who-is-online page of thumbs, and there are between 20 and 30 online most of the time.  All female, this site doesn't seem to cater for male or even shemale anywhere.  The first thumbnail page you see is actually all registered models, online as well as not.  You can get back to this screen by clicking the "Model Profiles" button.

If you click through to an offline model it clearly shows you how long since they have been online, which is a great indicator of who is active on the site and who is not.

There is a big difference between

Model1 is OFFLINE (last seen 19 minutes ago)

Model2 is OFFLINE (last seen January 26 at 5:17 PM)

It is a good idea to be straight and upfront with that.  On the down side of course it means your "491 registered models" really isn't 491 active performers - which is true on all sites but not obvious to some people.  Counting just those on since yesterday it is about 200 active models, which is really great of a site that basically is less than 6 months old and is in a sort of soft launch at the moment.

Of course one way new sites get a good start is by teaming up with big studios, which often means a depressing similarity to all the online cams.  Now at freecamstars of course there are plenty of studio girls, but it seems to be a mix of different studios from different countries plus a few that don't appear to be a studio.  Some of them I've seen I think on MFC or LiveJasmin or amoung others, so these are some experienced chathosts working here.

Girls are working the rooms for tips, but not pushing tipping - so room topics are things like "im luciana i do anything in pvt :)" and "Tips for me...great show, play in private... :D".  Given the small number of people in chat, less than 10 even in busier rooms, that's understandable.  The chathosts want to do a private to get some income, but it isn't stopping them from showing plenty in free chat as well.  Only with just a few people there tips are never going to add up to substantial amounts.

When people do tip though there is a cute animation of money falling down all over the host.  The tip says "it rained" as in it is raining money.  It's very funny the first time you see it, not sure how often it'll stay funny though.


It seems you can get by just watching for quite a while as a guest, but you are mute, can't type in text chat, until you at least register for a free account.   Registering requires username/password/email and you have to click the activation link in the email before you can then login so it better be a workable email address.

For me the email arrived instantly and was from "FreeCamStars" which is reasonable but not as discrete as  As well as the usual activation link there is an offer to get points for referring friends "SPECIAL: As a new VIP member once you confirm your email address please check the point section for invite a friend. Every new friend you invite that signs up you get 100 Reward points valid to redeem for tokens. "

How many people actually tell their friends they just joined an adult site?  Seems more like an invitation to spam your twitter followers!  Actually many people may not even read it - how often do you read in detail an activation email?  When you are expecting an activation email you probably just head straight for the clickable link and don't read the rest.

What I did not get however was the promised free tokens with my free signup, instead when I clicked through I saw "The email validation free token offer has been used before on your ip address. No free tokens were given." which is pretty strange given that I was on a dynamic IP at the time and hadn't signed up before.

But once I'm in there is another free offer...  This site is certainly full of offers, but this one is to FB "Like" a page and get a free video.  Well as my FB account is still locked out this isn't one I could try.  I understand that it basically gets you access to what would otherwise be a paid recorded video.  Probably therefore only attractive to someone who is already a fan of that particular host.

Once you have an account you get a proper name in chat and can text chat with the models.   I tried a few but didn't get past "hi bb" on the first one, and neither did others who came into the room and then left.   Same with the next room I went into, and the next.  Perhaps my lack of tokens made me an unattractive guest but it wasn't too much fun.

In one of the rooms I noticed that one of the chatters had a dollar symbol beside their name, it isn't tippers or those with money or the highest tipper;  I can't see an explanation.

Registered users can also use the translation option in the system, which may seem like a good idea given that many of the hosts are speaking spanish and this can be a turnoff for non spanish speakers.  however the bad side of course is that automated translation is a very weak system at best, and works worst on casual text with bad grammar, and of course that is the most common kind you are going to see in webcam chat.

Once in the room some tipping is going on but there are also bold buttons for a variety of private/group chats.  And it's a bit different to others...

First there is free chat where everybody, even guests, can watch though you have to be registered to chat and tip. e.g. like chaturbate / mfc etc.

Then there is Party Chat - and here FreeCamStars is trying to support the "collect X tips and I will do Y" type of deal which is so common.  If the model uses this feature she can describe her particular party show topic and set a defined token price for a full 5-minute show. When 5 or more members have clicked to agree she will start the party show and do the agreed thing.  Trouble is that models don't seem to be using it, even when they have "200 tokens for 5 minute of show" in their chatroom topic they haven't activated the party show button.

Group chat costs 20 tokens a minute but you have to have at least three people agree to participate before it starts, so it really will be a private and 3 x 20 = 60 will be charged.  Which makes sense because a "Super private", which means a real private with no voyeur is 60 tokens a minute while lastly there is a regular Private (with voyeurs) is 40 tokens.  So "private" and "group" is similar to what you might find at livejasmin or flirt4free.

So how much is that in money?  Well tokens are basically US$0.10 - ten cents - each, though you can get discounts that bring it down to as little as 9 cents if you are buying large, and I mean large, quantities.

That means real private is $6/minute, not so private private is $4/minute and being part of a group is two bucks a minute.  Pretty expensive, up there with Flirt4free, but at least you do get everything thrown in in one package and you don't have to pay extra for audio or such like at

Most of the chatrooms have a small number of people in them and there is a little chatting, but with less than 20 people it isn't as active as on some sites.  I didn't find any way to quickly work out which rooms are jumping, so have to "next model"  through the rooms to get a glimpse.    I wasn't able to open multiple chat tabs, which I guess is deliberate

One problem I had was that the audio was badly distorted, but only on one of my PCs.  Not sure what that is but if it happens to you too let me know.

As this is a smaller site of course many of the rooms, if not all, are splitcam between multiple sites.  I even happened across this screen in one room.

While this is totally understandable it does mean that the hosts attention is split just as much as the cam is, and that means there isn't going to be much of a happy chatting atmosphere between the host and her guests as you might otherwise get.

A lot of the models are Spanish speaking, I guess from Columbia where there are a lot of new models working.  And in some of the rooms the text chat was in Spanish, so this might be a great place to go if that is your preferred language even though this isn't official a Spanish site like EspanaCams or the imlive or camcontacts Spanish versions.

It was nice in one of those Spanish rooms to see tips happening, even if the amount was not too impressive at 2 tokens!!  At least it shows the idea working, and then in another room a lucky host was showing some impressive breasts to a fan who was throwing in tips too.  The red lines are the tips.

For viewers this is definitely a new site to keep an eye on, go and create an account and favorite some of the girls there and see if it develops into something you want to make a regular destination.

On the model side as a new site some may consider it risky, but it looks pretty stable at this point and has some good momentum.  They are offering some good deals such as 40% of the tokens earned either by tipping or shows and getting paid weekly.  Well many sites do two week periods or even longer so weekly sounds as good.

You can also earn by selling videos and photo shoots on the site, though I think most hosts use those as rewards for people who tip.

To encourage models to earn via selling clips the system started to automatically send any private more than 5 minutes long for approval for sale as a clip.  If approved by the administrators it goes automatically into your list of clips for sale.

I'm not sure how customers will feel about their "private" being up for sale to anybody willing to pay.  Webcam feels so immediate and interactive that some viewers don't think of it as something that will be seen later.

On the other hand some do record shows themselves on their own PC, and worst of all, share those with others who are not entitled to see them.

As a FreeCamStars model though you have to explicitly decide if you want to not have your privates put up for sale, there is a control in the My Clips section to turn this off.

Payments are via Wire Transfer, ACH Direct Deposit, Check, or Paxum. But there is a minimum payment amount is $100 .

Here's the updated info posted in the forum by marc from the site:

bulletCheck By Postal / Minimum payout: $50 
bulletPaxum / Payoneer / RedPass / Minimum payout: $50 
bulletDirect Deposit (ACH)  / Minimum payout: $50 
bulletUSA Bank Wire Transfer / Cost: $25 / Minimum payout: $250 
bulletInternational Bank Wire Transfer /Cost: $45 / Minimum payout: $500 

Also, for your first week they are going to make you a guaranteed $200 payment if you do 40 hours, or a pro-rata amount if you do less.   I guess most hosts won't want to do more than say 10 hours in a week on a new site as a trial, so that's $50 which you can consider the guarantee to make it worthwhile signing up - which should just make the minimum for a check or electronic payment.  Shows their desire to get people into trying the site.

If you'd like to comment more on please post a message in the forum.  Thanks.

For Models:


(see above)

Features and Issues

  1. Screen name - Your screen name is the property of Freecamstars and you are not allowed to use the same name at other competing sites without prior written approval.  So choose your screen name carefully here if you ARE working for some other sites or planning to work at multiple cam sites.  This does hurt your chance to build a brand around your name.
  2. Country blocking - You can block up to 5 countries/states from seeing you online and view your profile.  What worries me though is that in the model license agreement, they have the right to use the models' performance material to promote their site which means the videos or pictures could still be shown to everybody.  So as usual remember being a camgirl is not ok if you are that worried about friends or family finding out, because they still may regardless of any blocking.
  3. Guaranteed payment - Guaranteed earnings in the first week. See earnings above.
  4. On 21 May 2012, Freecamstars announced that they had tweaked their broadcasting interface such that the models now know exactly how many tokens a member has in real time in a private session.  Models can prompt the viewer to get more tokens before he runs out.  Members tend not to like this I know from other sites, so probably best not to mention it to them.
  5. On 23 May 2012, Freecamstars started a new rule for models - no asking for tips for per minute show in free chat.  For example, "show tits for 1 minute for every 30 tokens" is not allowed.  $100 will be deducted from your earnings if you are caught.  Their idea any per-minute show should be charged through private chat system.  It is said that complaints has been received from viewers about not getting the promised show - either the model is not performing or he is disconnected before time's up for that show.

How to apply to be a model in Freecamstars

  1. Before you go to their web site to apply, you should have at least 2 photos of your face and body ready for submission.
  2. Click on the link Model/Studio Signup at the bottom of home page of Freecamstars, fill in basic information like legal name, email address, date of birth, country, body type and comment about yourself.  Then you can upload your photos and submit the form online.
  3. Patience - they claim they will process the application within 24 hours but we have waited for 9 days before an email arrives to tell us what to do next.  I'm sure plenty of chathosts will just give up before that.
  4. Have your passport/ID ready and click on the link in the email.  It will take you to a web page which is the "Model Age Certification and License Form".
  5. The "Model Age Certification and License" is basically a legal agreement between FreeCamStar and the model such that they have the right to use the models' performance on promoting their site and so on.   Think twice about this if you want geo-blocking or you may find your pictures or private shows appear on tube sites for everybody one day.
  6. Fill in the form and submit 2 pictures of you holding the passport/ID you are using to register.  Then click "Submit Application"
  7. In our case it took two days before we received an email to confirm the age verification is successful.  A link will be included.  Click through to create the model account.  At this point the number of steps is so high I see lots of people just giving up.  But if you have the patience to continue then next: 
  8. To create the model account, make sure you use the screen name you chose in the "Model Age Certification and License Form".  Fill in the profile details,  choose a payment options, set geo-blocking if necessary and lastly, provide at least one profile picture.  You can't start doing shows until you have a profile pic.


Your Live Show

As soon as you click "Go Live Now" button to broadcast, there are easily a dozen of viewers start to come in to your room.  This is the great thing about FreeCamStars, plenty of traffic consider how few chathosts they have online.  I  guess that they must be working hard to get visitors.  Some of them are a bit difficult and demanding though so it's time to show your charm and win some regulars.

Besides setting the topic of your room, you should also set up the "Party show" if you want to do "xxx tokens for oil massage show" type of thing. 

As normal with most sites you can "kick" or "ban" members in your room if necessary.

On the contrary, do add the nice guys or those who has tipped you as friends.  Freecamstars allows members to "add friends".  Viewers can add you to be friend and vice versa.  It's a bit like Facebook such that you can post message on his wall or even email him through the internal email system.  It's a good way to show you are paying attention to your good customers.

Viewers' token status is shown on your chat window when he joins, and also in the chatting user list after his username. e.g.  bigguy123 [50] means he has 50 tokens while love4u23 [0] has none.

The full list of members' tips given in the current session can be viewed easily on the chat window though the system does not tell you who is the biggest tipper in your room like Chaturbate does.

You can also see a great overview of how you are doing in terms of tokens earned, and tokens per hour and so on.  There are also stats on how often your profile is viewed, how many viewers of favorited you and so on. It's a bit confusing at first and overwhelming with information, but after a while parts start to make sense and I'm sure it will help to set personal targets for working as well.

One of the tools in the chathost section lets you test your bandwidth from your PC to their server.  I live pretty far away so I got poor results.  But when I was in chat it seemed ok and actually the bandwidth is shows small in the bottom left of the chat window and was 10 times higher in actual chat than the test.

Signup as a model or studio for freecamstars here.




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