Cam4 has recently been promoting the new feature in Cam4 messenger known as “Winks”. They are still hopeful that this is going to improve, even “revolutionize” the way viewers and creators interact on the site. As they keep mentioning it I presume that means they are not getting as many users as they would like.

So should more people be using Winks? What is the point anyway?

Let’s start with what they are. Winks starts to a conversation with a Cam4 model, without typing anything. You do the wink inside the new Messenger, the chat bubble with the three dots at the top of the screen.

The Messenger is normally used to start a PM-style conversation, outside of the chat room, but generally you can’t talk to anybody who isn’t already one of your contacts. So you can not just go and PM/Messenger any model you like.

Winks are a middle ground, they let you start a conversation in the Messenger window with anybody, but you can’t actually talk, just send a Wink symbol.

If you are a Gold member than you can simply Messenger anyone without using Winks, though you might want to use them just for fun.

It is up to the model to decide whether or not to respond to a Wink and hence open communications. The idea is to just visually touch base; the viewer clicks, and the model sees the graphic. Cam4 keeps calling them “subtle” which I think is another way of calling them low-key. When the viewer sends a Wink, they are letting the performer know that they are interested in starting a conversation.

Unlike typing in the public video chat room, Winks are private and other users of the cam4 site don’t see who you winked to. The plan is that Winks provide a way for you as a regular non-Gold member to show your interest, without being too forward or intrusive, allowing for a more natural connection to develop. If you are a bit shy and don’t know how to get started talking to that super hot Cam4 model, then Winks are a good way to break the ice.

When a chatroom is bustling with activity, it can be difficult for an ordinary user to grab a performer’s attention and for performers to respond to every message. This is where Winks really are supposed to be used. By opening the messenger window, perhaps in a new browser tab, then sending a Wink, you can stand out from the crowd and show the model that you’re interested in connecting. They may not respond right away, but they will see your wink in their unread Messenger conversations.

To get the most out of Winks on Cam4, consider the following tips:

  1. Be selective: Use Winks sparingly and reserve them for performers you’re genuinely interested in connecting with. There are only 3 winks allowed per day for regular users, so you shouldn’t spam them everywhere.
  2. Be patient: Remember that performers may be busy, so don’t expect an immediate response. Give them time to notice your Wink and respond when they’re available.
  3. Follow up with a message: Once they respond machine sure to follow up with a friendly and engaging message to keep the conversation going and show your continued interest.

It is good to see that Cam4 is still looking for new ideas and ways to get a connection going between model and viewer. Presenting it as a “wink” with a feeling of “flirting” ties into their whole atmosphere.

Remember that Cam4 started off as a non-commercial chat site, and is strong on community feel. That’s another reason they really emphasize locations and aim to make people feel a personal connection between viewer and broadcaster.

So, go ahead and send a Wink today—you never know where it might lead!

Look out for my room at Cam4, I’ll let you search for it, and send me a Wink and let me know you read this article and I’ll promise to reply – eventually!