Don’t let the boss hear the moaning when you click into a cam girl live chat room and find she is ooing and umming, or hear those tipping “ding” sounds from yellow walls. If your boss recognises those sounds then maybe he’ll be a bit embaressed to tell you off, but maybe not.

Same goes for partners, neighbours, or anybody in the next room who you don’t really want to hear what you are doing.

Sure you should have your computer muted, or maybe you shouldn’t even be browsing NSFW cam sites while you are at work. But these days of Work From Home your home is your office anyway so it all blends together.

Wherever you are it is a risk to click into a cam girl video room and immediately get the sound on, wouldn’t it be better to have it muted by default and only turn on the audio when you are good and ready?

12 Quiet Cam Girl Sites

To help you choose here are 11 Cam Girl Sites where the sound defaults to OFF and you won’t get any nasty audio surprises.

  • – Mostly English girls, they know when to be discreet.
  • Camplace – A smallish but tasty collection of mostly Latina camgirls will want to make you say “Ole”!
  • Camsoda – You won’t hear as much as a hiss or pop of a soda can opening here, not until you turn on the sound anyway.
  • – Unless you can understand Turkish this Turkey-based cam girl site probably won’t offer you much to listen to anyway, so staying with the default of sound off would be a wise choice.
  • – The sounds here are just as likely to be first-person-shooter gun noises as typical girl squeals. Check out hot girls gaming, but quiet.y
  • ImLive – This oldie-but-good has a great selection from all over the world.
  • – This new and constantly-in-pre-release understand about keeping the sounds under control. You won’t find girls online here all the time, but when you do it is worth the quiet wait.
  • – If British Accents are your turn-on then this is the go-to place for English girls, but you won’t’ hear them until you click the sound icon as they know when to be seen, and not heard.
  • – You’ll never get to talk to the girls here, it is all about the watching, but while you can listen in to what they are saying if you choose to do so, it starts off quietly. Just peek through the curtains of the internet and see what they are doing, quietly.
  • – The direct competitor to RLC above is also quiet.
  • Sexole – Another Latina site, this time really from Spain that knows perfectly well how loud Latina cam girls can be, and so starts with the sound muted. If you want to hear them speak then just unmute!
  • – The clue is in the name, this is a website where you can see Web Cam Models. And listen too, but only after you click the speaker to unmute them.

22 Cam Sites Where the Girl’s Audio is On

Is your office fully soundproofed?

Are you using headphones?

Or do you have a boss who doesn’t care?

Or perhaps you are the boss.

Then don’t hesitate to visit these 22 sites where you go into a chat room and you not only get video but also have audio turned on right away.

Some of these sites the sound is set to full volume, while on others it is 50% or somewhere in-between, but whatever it is then they are very audible.

Hear hear for Headphones

Post your cam girl audio stories in the forum or leave a comment below. Let me know to update this list of anything changes!

Hope you don’t get caught out if you use this list, but beware, things to change so click with caution. And really, headphones are a great idea.