Update 2020 Oct 28th: Sadly NoodTV closed before I could even learn more about it so this “quick” look is the only one I’ll have.

I’ve known about this small site for a while, but today is the first time I’ve actually seen someone online. THat may sound strange, is this another dead site? No, actually this is a just-starting site and while it has taken time to get going it has great potential.

Started by a cam girl, and focusing on the community that she wants to grow, it mixes latest design and tech with some unique concepts.

I can’t wait to investigate more, but meanwhile I’m watching cute_nataly doing an oil-dance show to some classical string music, that’s a new one for me! Not the oil-dance, I do that myself sometimes in my shows, but classical string music.

Also, I finally realized that “Nood.TV” is a play on words for “Nude TV”. That took me a long time to get it!

If you know more about NoodTV and can tell me something about your experience there, as model or viewer, then leave a post in the forum or a comment below!

Visit Nood.TV