Update: Full review of the Live section of FC2.com is now available.

FC2Live is another Japanese website with live cam girls, but unlike DXLive/SakuraLive which is purely cams, “FC2 Live Adult” site has a range of different recorded porn, self-made porn, and blogs, both sexual and just general blogs.

The whole structure of the site is very different from the ones you may be used to, it is a little bit like Swag.Live, a bit like PornHub, a bit like OnlyFans or ManyCams and a bit like Blogger.com.

Follow the links to go directly to the adult live cam section, but beware that you have to hunt a bit to find the real live cams as many of them are “fake live”, they are just playing typical Japanese porn.

I’ve signed up and need to investigate a bit more, which means spending some time watching Japanese porn!

Help me out and watch some Japanese porn then let me know in the forum or in comments below what your experience was.