It doesn’t take much looking, quick or otherwise, to see that this young cam site does exactly what it says on the tin (not can). If you are looking for cams, and you want to see “glam” or “glamour” girls from the UK then you are in for a big treat.

Ok, or maybe a small treat.

The idea is great, the site looks good, and the girls online are hot.


There is always a but, and not a butt as in this British English site it will be all about the arse or the bottom.

The site is small. Too small so that some of the time for you to find what you are looking for you will have to wait.

You can browse through the list of models they have listed, but only a few will be online unless you are in the UK day-time. Many of the models do say exactly when they expect to be online and that lets you see if they are around when you are.

SkySparks is a 52-year-old MILF, a bit like me! But she works in the UK and so you have to work out what her schedule means. Going up to midnight every day, so from dinner time to bedtime if you are English.

All times are in GMT but you can easily convert that if you are a British cam girl fan living outside of the UK.

Signing up is easy and doesn’t even require a confirmation email, once you have logged in you can buy tokens via credit card or PayPal. Each “token” is one British pound. At £1 = 1 token, or about $1.30. That means a minute with SkySparks is $4.90/minute. Or £3/minute if you are British.

That price seems to be about typical on the site though I’ve also seen 2 tokens a minute and 4 as well so there isn’t a set price, it varies.

If you are in the UK or you have a preference for British girls then check this site out and let me know in the comments what you think of it!