Amateur.TV just announced that they are adding notifications via Telegram messages. That means that notifications about when your favorite models are online can come directly to your Telegram on your phone, web, or computer. This is in addition to email and push notifications. Sounds good.

What other cam sites use Telegram for notifications?

What is Telegram anyway? It is a phone-free and cloud-based messaging app that’s gained a lot of popularity in the adult entertainment industry. It’s got some focused security features, and privacy options, and can handle big files like videos and images. The security features include end-to-end encrypted, so even the company itself can’t access your messages, at least if you turn it on.

Telegram also keeps being updated with features that make sense for cam watchers: For example, the latest version of Telegram desktop (v4.8.1) lets you paste pics and vids into discussions, comments, and scheduled messages. And in the previous version (v4.8) they added the ability to share folders with multiple chats and create custom wallpapers for 1-on-1 chats.

All these features make Telegram a great choice for cam girls and fans, and that’s why has added Telegram notifications to their list of options. In their announcement, they urge you to go ahead and try it out to “feel the lust” on You can manage your notification settings and get in touch with customer support through the website as normal.

To set it up you tap on the menu on the top right, choose Manage / Notifications, then scroll down on the left to find Notifications. Inside the notifications section, you get Email, Browser and Telegram. Each of which can be on or off. Turn on Telegram, You’ll then have to talk to the Telegram Bot to prove that it is you.

The bot is called @AmateurTV_bot but make sure you access it via the official site to avoid any fakes, unfortunately, one of the downsides of Telegram is an abundance of fake accounts. Accessing it via the AmateurTV main site means you are sure you are using the right one.

If you get too many notifications you can turn it off at any time.

Let me know what you think of this. Are Telegram notifications useful and timely? Or too intrusive and annoying?