Just like with Airline mile tiers many cam sites give you different levels in their system depending on how good a customer you are. Bongacams has just added two new tiers to their premium status system, called Sapphire and Titan.

The tiers no go like this:

  • Free – which you get just with an email
  • Gold – for anybody who has ever purchased tokens
  • Platinum – Someone who has bought 500 Euros of tokens
  • Unlimited – For 1,500 Euros
  • NEW Sapphire – 2,000 Euros
  • NEW Titan – 3,000 Euros
  • Diamond – 5,000
  • Exclusive – 15,000

A Euro is worth more than a dollar so to spend two thousand Euros you need to buy about $2,350 of tokens.

What do the new levels get you that you didn’t get from “Unlimited”?

According to the Bongacams Membership chart the Sapphire members get, in addition to the things from the lower tiers:

  1. Colored comments in chat – Pick any color of the background for your chat messages!
  2. Model’s first place on the main page. – Possibility to place a model on top spot of the main page for 1 minute.
  3. 20 new special profile pictures – 20 new special profile pictures
  4. No irrelevant ads – Nothing will distract you from pleasant communication.
  5. Free 5 € gift cards – Depending on your status, you will receive 5 € gift cards.
  6. Priority position in the chat member list – In the list of the chat participants, your name will be positioned higher than that of the members with a lower status.

And only for Titans:

  • Unique special fonts in chat – New UNIQUE font colors and styles will be available to you in chat.

Is it worth spending more to get those new features? If you are a big spender then you probably are working your way up the tiers levels anyway, but it is good to know that you will now get some new things to play with before reaching Diamond!