You thought that remote control fucking machines were high-tech? Well, Camsoda has had a “hold my beer” moment and come up with their latest crazy publicity stunt.

They have built the world’s first community-controlled mechanical bull that viewers control through “low latency WebRTC and IoT”.

Yes, that’s as geeky as it sounds.

A robot rodeo bull is hooked up to an Arduino NANO microcontroller that communicates with other computers, microcontrollers, and then their cloud.

As a Camsoda viewer, you can access the servo control by tipping. This will give you the ability to send commands to the microcontroller. And the controller controls the bull.

The bull can be started or stopped, and speed, direction, and difficulty can be set.

Obviously the idea is that you can watch camgirls ride the bull in real-time.

No word on who particularly will be riding the bull, or when. But you can be sure they will have be wearing ten-gallon hats and not much else!

Camsoda has been presenting crazy, if innovative, online devices for many years. They had the world’s first robot camgirl, Cardibot, and now Control-the-Bull, the world’s first internet-controlled mechanical bull.

Camsoda likes to do crazy things as publicity stunts, but this is the geekiest one yet. Will they be successful in creating a buzz for robo-bull? I figure they think that Control-the-Bull is one of those devices that will attract hobbyists and makers who will want to try it out.

I’m sure the whole idea is a feat of modern engineering and incorporates all the latest technologies in IoT and robotics and stuff. The basic robot is the regular one that you find in dude-ranch-inspired bars, with a large mechanical platform that is attached to a motor, and a bull-shaped outer covering that is mounted on top of it. The rider sits on the bull and holds onto a handle, while the device simulates a bull’s movements.

What’s different here is the remote control tips using tokens, which you can get with cards or crypto.

Want to try it out?

Head on over to Camsoda and see who is riding the bull today.