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Rated as 4 out of 5 > Small site with plenty of potential
General Review For Models


RedVelvetDesires is a really new site, launched just in June 2012, this seems to be backed by an established male Chathost who has quite a following on Flirt4Free.  So knowing plenty of people in the business he is able to get some experienced models to start working on the site right away helping to get beyond that initial startup problem.

When I looked at this in the evening US time it had over 10 rooms online in free chat, that's really great work for a brand new site.  By comparison, CassCams had exactly 0, despite their efforts to attract hosts via twitter.

Later in the day though RedVelvetDesires looked weaker with only one European chatroom running, though it was a threesome room.  The room with one guy and two girls was Romanian and it says that right up there in front which I think is great rather than pretending to be from another country as you sometimes see.  Nobody is fooled and it just looks bad when Eastern Europeans try to pretend to be from elsewhere.

The vast majority of models registered at RedVelvetDesires are from Romania though there are also a few from other parts of Eastern Europe such as Bulgaria and Russia.  A few US and Canadian hosts round out the bunch.

About a third of the chathosts listed are males with the other two-third females, I didn't see any transexual hosts.  There are quite a few couples and groups registered but I've only seen that one threesome online.  I saw at least one fake profile though, I recognized the image as a stock picture.

Some of the hosts have schedules published, with a handy timezone adjuster so you can see it in your own time, and most of them are promising to be on in the US evening, but too soon to see if they actually get online when they say.

Free chat is available without registration and is a clear but simple Flash video with a small text chat window below.  By default, it is in this "2x" or double size video.  The text chat is small and you don't get to see who else is in chat is the rooms are a bit lonely.  Just going into a room gets you a guest username like "guest07077".    It seems to be using the WebVideo software from which has been around for almost 10 years and is pretty well established.  That's the same company that makes CamSplitter.

Anyway enough of the techie side, the point is that this is a European site with European models, but unlike things like Visit-X or LiveParadise which are designed for European (German and French respectively) customers RedVelvetDesires is designed more to provide what the American chat customer wants.

If you can put up with the Red/Black "design" and if you like E. European girls (and boys) then you'll want to check this site out in more detail.  Free unregistered chatting is allowed but creating a free account gives you a proper nick in text chat.  It asks for an email address but it isn't confirmed and you are logged in right away.

Interestingly once you are logged in they don't feel the need to boast about the large number of registered, but offline, hosts and instead show a screen with just the logged-in rooms.  That was only two when I took this screenshot which is a bit sad, but as I said it depends on the time of the day, I've seen lots more at the right hour.

Once you are logged in you can stay in free chat or go Group or Private.  Group is 1.5 credits a minute while private is double that at 3 credits each minute.  There is, of course, a tipping button that allows you to type in any number of credits that you want to give the webcam performer.

Credits are exactly $1 each, regardless of how many you buy, which makes for simple calculation, but it is disappointing that there is no discount at all no matter how slight for larger purchases. You can buy from $10 to $100 of credits at a time via zombaio, which means you can use any standard credit card; at the moment they support Visa, Electron, MasterCard, maestro, Bleue, Switch and Solo so you are very well covered.

I did notice though that RedVelvet takes your name and address details first, then passes you on to Zombaio who wants your card details.  This is a little different from most sites where you only give your real name and address to the credit card processor, not to the cam site.  Whether this matters to you depends on how paranoid you are I guess.

Once you have credits you can spend them in Group, Private or as tips.  You can also send offline tips from a model's profile page. From 1 to 100 credits but only certain amounts from a drop down list, it is not a text box to enter any amount you want.

In the chat screen, they have that nice little thing where it says "...typing..." like you get in the customer support chats to let you know the other person is typing.  But it is a little redundant and I sort of wish they would simply say "hi". 

The trouble with split cam hosts, of course, is that in the middle of chatting they end up going to private in some other site.  Great for their business I'm sure but it doesn't make it a lot of fun to watch and chat with them when they keep going away.

On this site at least they have always gone into "break mode" while doing a private somewhere else, unlike on say BongaCams where they can go into "private mode" on that site when they are private chatting on a different site if you see what I mean.  That is confusing but I hope you understand.

The point is that at RedVelvetDesires if a model goes to work on another site you will get to see nothing here, even if you are willing to pay.

On the whole an interesting site but just seems a little dull as a place to hangout due to the lack of chat.  But if you particularly like Eastern European girls and guys then you should certailny be checking this out

If you'd like to comment more on please post a message in the forum, or read other people's comments.  Thanks.

For Models:

The site is actively looking for models and promising 45% payout, plus signup referral for new customers at 40%. So if you bring your own customers you are theoretically on 85%, which seems unreasonably high, how is the site going to manage to pay it's bills?

Also, they have an offer of $1, one dollar, per hour just to be in free chat.  And unlike most such offers they specifically say "no complex rules".  Of course, it is just going to encourage people to splitcam with this site, which is ok I guess, better than nothing.



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