TL;DR: It varies a lot by cam model but from $0.54/minute to a max of $10.80 with a typical price of $0.66/minute

Want to know how much a Chaturbate private show costs?

Sometimes you just need to get private with a model if you want to have that unique one-on-one experience where she is all focused on you, and you can express yourself without anybody else knowing what you two are up to.

Whether you come into a room and instantly just need to go private with her, or whether you have been chatting for a while and really need to take her into a private room to talk privately, the private show button is what you need.

Private shows do cost money though. You are spending money to keep the camsite running as well as to pay her for her time spent focused on you.

While we take camsites for granted these days you have to remember that there is a huge technological and administrative overhead to running such a gigantic website. Servers, networks, and technicians never mind support staff and other admin people cost money and take salaries.

Then the cam model herself is sitting waiting for you and spending time online to entertain you and her other fans, rather than working in an office somewhere. That means she needs an income as well, and after the expenses of the camsite are deducted as a percentage of what you spend there often isn’t much left for her.

Even though many cam girls work in countries where the cost of living is low, it isn’t zero, and they still have to pay rent, eat, and of course, have a computer and fast internet connection. Some camgirls work for studios that provide those technical aspects, as well as a place to work that is private and secure, but of course, they also expect a fee. Again rent isn’t free anywhere.

All that means is that you can reasonably expect to pay for a private show at Chaturbate, and as you, the websites, and the model you are chatting with are all probably in different countries that means quite a lot of financial planning and long-distance money transfers. Each of these also cost money.

But all of that is behind the scenes from your point of view and you only need to know how to get the money from your bank to Chaturbate.

Chaturbate is a business and like any business, they want to make it as easy as they can for you to pay them, and therefore provide a wide range of different payment options.

Which payment methods you can use to pay Chaturbate depends on the country you are in but from the US it is the typical options of Cards, PayPal, Wire or Crypto.

In the USA Cards are of course the easiest way and typically fastest, but not the most private nor are they necessarily the best deal. Do check out Crypto and Wire transfers that can work out cheaper, particularly if you want to make more than a small purchase.

Other countries have similar choices:

  • Canada: Credit/Debit Card (Visa/Mastercard/Discover)
    Wire Transfer
  • Australia: Credit/Debit Card (Visa/Mastercard/Discover)
    Epoch (Credit Card/POLi)
    Wire Transfer
  • France: Credit/Debit Card (Visa/Mastercard/Discover)
    Epoch (Credit Card/PaySafeCard/NeoSurf)
    Wire Transfer
  • Germany: Credit/Debit Card (Visa/Mastercard/Discover)
    Epoch (Credit Card/Sofort/GiroPay/PaySafeCard/SafetyPay)
    Wire Transfer
  • UK: Credit/Debit Card (Visa/Mastercard/Discover)
    Wire Transfer

As you can see there are plenty of different ways to buy Chaturbate tokens without using a card, but it depends on the country which specific options you get.

Whichever way you pay, from whichever country you are located in, what you are doing is buying Chaturbate Tokens. Just like chips at a casino or tokens at an amusement park or funfair these tokens hold value, but can only be used at that business.

How to buy tokens at Chaturbate

  • Log in or create an account
  • Click “get more” tokens
  • Choose how many tokens to buy
  • Select your payment method
  • Complete the payment depending on the payment type you chose

Once you have purchased tokens then you have a token balance and can use that on tipping models or on taking them into private shows.

Enjoy your show with the model and know that the tokens you have spent on her move from your token balance to her token balance immediately. They move ever 10 seconds so even during the show she knows that her earnings are “hers” right away.

That doesn’t mean she can spend them right away though, as mentioned above they are like casino chips in that you have to cash them out if you want to use them to pay rent.

Unless you find a landlord who is a Chaturbate fan and accepts CB tokens as payment! That’s not very likely though.

Typically at the end of every two weeks, a camgirl will cash out her tokens and convert them into cash for herself. A few models cash out daily or when they need, and others don’t cash out until they reach a particular amount.

It is common for camgirls to want to spend their earnings right away though so cashing out regularly is the norm. How they receive their share of the cost of the private show depends on where they live and what their preferences are.

Once a show is done the tokens have been moved to her account and no refunds are allowed. After all, the model has spent the time with you, and therefore not spent it doing her own things or doing a show for another customer. She can’t get that time in her life back, and so you can’t get the tokens back either.

That’s why it is also best to describe up front and explicitly what you want from a camgirl in a private show with her to ensure there are no misunderstandings and both parties are happy.

What it costs for a private show at Chaturbate

Each model at Chaturbate can set her own price for private shows. She can choose on her own set up screen by saying how many tokens per minute she wishes to receive, and additionally what the minimum length of a show should be.

The choices for Private Show Tokens Per Minute is 6 to 240. Yes, that’s a very wide range.

The Private Show Minimum Minutes can be from 0, meaning no minimum, to 30 minutes.

Private Show Settings
Allow Private Shows:

Allow Private Show Recordings:

After a private show, members may receive a non-downloadable recording in their private collection. Disabling this will cause less users to purchase your private shows.
Private Show Tokens Per Minute: *

Private Show Minimum Minutes: *

Spy on Private Show Tokens Per Minute: *

Set to 0 to disable spying.
Token Balance Required to Request Private: *


If a model is charging 6 tokens per minute, and many are, and if you buy those tokens at the best possible rate using Wire or Cryptocurrency payments, then the cost to you is 54 cents per minute.

Most people don’t buy tokens at the best rate but use a credit card instead, and that means they end up paying about 66 cents a minute for the same thing.

Models get paid 5 cents per token so when they are charging 6 tokens a minute that means they get 30 cents a minute or a little less than half. And that doesn’t count any cut their bank or studio takes from their earnings.

This makes Chaturbate one of the cheapest cam sites out there, only Camsoda has a lower minimum price and most cam girl sites charge more. Sometimes because the models charge more, and sometimes because the cam site is taking a bigger cut.

Cheapest Chaturbate Token prices

27% discount at Chaturbate

Get the best Deal for CB Tokens

Different models charge different prices, but the best way to get a cheaper show is to buy your tokens for a better price.

The worse rate is if you just buy small amounts via credit card. For example if you use a credit card to buy 100 tokens that costs you $10.99, or 0.10990 per token. Then if you take a girl private at 6 tokens a minute that is 0.10990 times six or around 66 cents a minute as described above.

Getting the best rates means either using wire or crypto, which have flat rates of 80 cents a minute regardless of quantity. Or a tiny bit better is taking 1,000 tokens with your credit card for 79.99.

At those rates of around 80 cents each the 6 token a minute show is now 0.8 times 6 or 48 cents a minute.

That is 18 cents a minute cheaper, or a 27% discount from the initial price.

Lovense Lush toys during private shows

One point of confusion for people new to Chaturbate private shows is how to have a show with a girl who is wearing Lovense Lush. That is the Pink tail remote control toy that girls wear so that your tips directly make vibrations for them.

While the Lush makes a show much more interactive and means that she can “feel” your attention physically, it isn’t always clear how this should work in a private show.

Models who wear a Lush regularly expect that it will buzz only when they are tipped, so in a private show, they are still expecting you to tip to make the toy buzz.

Some viewers feel that they should have anything they want in a private show as they are already paying per minute, and dislike requests for tips to make the lush vibrate.

There is a middle ground here where a Model can give a control link to a viewer with to use on the website or via the VibeMate Lovense app. Whether she charges extra for that, which is the norm during a public show, or bundles it into the cost of a private is up to you both to discuss before the show.

Private shows are a great way to connect with a camgirl more closely and get all her attention. She likes being the one you are focusing on and paying her directly for her time, while you can enjoy the privacy that comes from a private show.

If you want to support cam models and let them keep this as their job and not just a hobby then it is important to make sure that they are compensated for their time. While tips are always great there is something more substantial about a private and as a camgirl I’m always pleased when a fan wants to spend some time with me one-on-one.

Have you taken me to a private show? Or someone else? Let me know in the comments!