We all know that cam girl websites full of great-looking girls willing and eager to do anything you want, for the cost of a few tips or a pay-per-minute show. Watching cam girls is a great hobby and a good way to have some social entertainment.

But what about the cam girl website dangers?

Everything in life has a downside and cam girl sites are no exception.

Here are the top 9 dangers of cam websites, and for each one what you need to do to keep yourself safe.

Protecting Your Computer: Avoiding Viruses and Malware

Malware and viruses are common on websites that are not well maintained and secured. But that doesn’t necessarily mean cam girl sites. It is more the small businesses that don’t have the funds to do proper security that end up infected.

Porn website, and that includes cam girl sites, are not small business. Online porn is worth an estimated $97 billion a year. Large cam girl sites are major businesses and like any big business they have computer security teams to ensure that their websites, and their customers, are protected.

What you need to avoid is smaller websites that are reselling the cam girl experience. These could archives, agragators, video capture sites and the like.

For the safest experience go directly to the cam girl site itself without involving any 3rd parties. Check any URLs of websites to make sure they are the real thing and not some scammy substitute.

Then, ensure that your computer or phone is properly protected.

Whatever type of computer or phone you are using you should be using proper computer security protection anyway, and if you have the correct anti-virus and anti-malware software installed then you are safe from all known threats.

Use good online hygene habits to protect from “UNknown” threats such as zero-exploits.

Use the built-in antivirus solution on your computer, such as Microsoft Windows Defender or Apple XProtect.

Consider an additional antivurs such as Norton 360 which is available for both windows and Apple, or Bitdefender for Windows and Malwarebytes on Apple are great choices.

On the device that you use to watch cam girls make sure you turn on all the features including real-time protection, automatic updates, enhanced firewal, and anti-phishing protect. Bitdefecder also has ransomware protection.

Check the protection regularly to make sure it wasn’t turned off without your knowledge.

No business website knowing distributes malware or viruses, but sometimes they come in via hijacked advertising banners that the webmaster didn’t check.

Your browsers such as Chrome or Safari all have built-in pop-up blockers that will help if you do visit pushy websites that might have contaminated ads.

If you do all that and also do your regular security updates for your computer then you will be completely protected.

Maintaining Privacy: Preventing Being Spied Upon

While there is no way for a camgirl to see you without your permission it is a common worry that somehow they will get around that.

Let me assure you, as a camgirl myself at several cam sites, that I can’t see you unless you turn on your camera.

Don’t believe me? Or afraid of some high-tech I haven’t considered?

Then cover your camera with tape it isn’t rocket science.

Managing Costs: Identifying Overcharges and Hidden Fees

If you are going to use a cam girl website and have fun you are going to need to pay at some point. Although free cams exist they are more a spectator sport and don’t really engaging.

Spending money on girls doesn’t mean going broke over them. Spend, but spend wisely.

Avoid overcharging and hidden costs that will add to the bill without adding to your fun. Here are some tips for identifying and avoiding these dangers:

Understand Cam Site Fees:

Make sure you know what you have to pay for, some sites work purely on a private-call system where you pay by the minute for a one-on-one sex show with the girl, others use tipping where toss the girl small amounts to get her to do things. There are combinations and variations but these are the basics. Know what it costs to get what you want.

Be Wary of Automatic Renewals

Automation is great and save you effort, but when it comes to spending money sometimes it is better to be careful about what you automate.

At many cam sites there are VIP membership s and Fan Club members which get you special offers or access to extra things, but at a monthly cost. When you sign up for an offer or dlea read carefully to see if it will renew, and check on how to stop or cancel a subscription if you want to do so.

Set spending limits

A few cam sites let you control this automatically but setting a spending limit. However even if there isn’t a way to do it on a website you can still do it yourself but setting your own limits on what you are going to spend.

Decide on your budget and stick to it, use automatic tools such as cards with a monthly limit on them to make this easier to do.

A pre-paid debit card that you load up only once a pay period with the amount you intend to spend.

Make sure the payment processor is legit

Very few businesses online process your credit card payments directly, rather they work via card processors or “gateways”. Although that is ok in and of itself you need to make sure that the gateway is a legitimate company with a decent reputation for privacy and safety.

When you pay a cam site online you will notice that at the last stage where it asks for your card number you will be not on their cam girl website but on another site. Make sure it is a legit processor.

Here are some of the top credit card processors that are known to work and have a long history of being reputable

If you don’t trust any company with your card then you might want to consider paying using another system that isn’t card based.

Read the reviews

Check reviews of the site to make sure that there isn’t anything unexpected about it.

Securing Your Identity: Preventing Blackmail and Doxxing

As much as it is fun to get a closer relationship it isn’t a good idea to tell people you have met on the internet what you’re real name is.

Then, make sure you don’t defeat your own privacy by sharing more information than you should.

Choose a good username

Make a username that is fun but says nothing about you.

Good names:

  • stargazer
  • secretwatcher
  • rainbowninja

Bad names:

  • TexanPeteDFW
  • Bob1965
  • LawyerInLA

Do we really need to know that you are named Pete and live in Dallas/Fort Worth? Just don’t tell people things like that.

If you are short of ideas then use an online random username generator.

Private email

Use a different email for all your private things, including watching porn and live cams, from anything you do with your friends, family or professional work.

If you are one of the 1.8 billion people who use Gmail for their main email then consider something else for your porn.

You can get free email addresses to use your on your PC or phone from one of these providers:

Using something that is not in any way like Gmail, or whatever your regular email client is, will help you to keep the cam girl and the personal emails separate.

On your phone and computer have different logins for when you are talking to camgirls vs when you are doing work or family matters.

For Windows, Mac and Android phones you can make multiple different users and log in with the right one depending on what you are doing. That isn’t an option for iPhones unfortunately.

Navigating Relationships: Addressing Webcamming Relationship Strain

it is always fun playing with girls online but if you have existing relationships, we are talking wife or girlfriend here, then they won’t really mix.

How many wives are ok with you watching porn? Not many it has to be said.

Better to keep your private things private and don’t let anyone else in your relationship know about.

Set up a secure space on your computer and phone for watching cam girls.

Pay for them using a payment method that your wife can’t see.

Maintain a normal sexual relationship with your wife even when you are watching cam girls, neither more nor less.

Keep your spending on cam girls to a level that is normal for a hobby without impacting your family finances.

Be prepared for what happens if your partner finds out. Will you confess and sayo you’ll stop? Weill you demand your right to watch porn if you want to? Wil you invite her to watch with you?

Maybe your best possible outcome is that she never finds out. But another great choice is that she gets off on watching cam girls as well. That isn’t as unlikely as youmight think, the camgirls are incredibly attractive and are enough to turn even a “straight” woman into someone who is at least bi-curious.

Whichever one it is make sure you are prepared for every possibility!

Stay private while you are online

You can use an incognito window or private browsing mode, or guet mode, on any website browser to ensure you leave no trace on your phone or computer that she might find.

If you use your browser normally the consider the clearing the browser history if you are afraid your partner may snoop on your history.

Ad blocks and pop-up blockers that are in browsers help, but you can also consider using a privacy-first browser and search engine.

For the best privacy use the Tor Browser, it blocks web trackers by default and does not save browser history. All connections are done via proxies run by volunteers around the globe, so you

Another choice is the Brave Browser which has even more built-in ad blocking, tracker blocking, and privacy protections.

On regular Chrome or Firefox you can add-ons like uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger, and Decentraleyes to improve privacy and security.

When you are researching and searching for things you want to keep private don’t use Google or Bing, instead use a privacy focused search engine.

Brave Search is one well regarded choice, but DuckDuckGo is probably the most famous.

Startpage and SearX are other choices. With SearX you can even run your own private search engine!

Avoid watching at unusual times of day when your partner is more likely to notice. Stick to normal schedules to maintain discretion.

Safeguarding Data: Mitigating Data Leaks

Although there is little danger to your physical being or your computer from anything over the internet there are real dangers to your data, your privacy and your identity.

When using cam girl websites you may end up sharing more information about yourself than is wise, and that leaves open the possibility of digital identiy theft.

What wcould someone do if they knew all your personal details such as name, address, phone numbers, driving licence details or even social security number?

Those personal details are worth a lot to hackers who use them to create fake bank accounts to lander money or engage in illicit deals.

Stop your data from falling into the wrong hands buy only sharing the minimum information needed.

Does a webcam site need you to give over your email dress? That’ is fine if the address is used for nothing else.

Do you have to give over your payment details? Perhaps yes, but it depends if you can use an anonymous payment method as I would recommend.

If you want to broadcast yourself then you’ll have to prove you are 18, but apart from that do you need to give out any personal details?

Let business and people know the minimum possible about you when you are online to protect your identity. If you use social media such as reddit or twitter consider not only having separate accounts for different purposes abut regularly clearing out those acounts of all posts, deleting them, and creating new ones.

You can’t stop a website from having their data stolen, but if that website knows very little about you then there won’t be much worth stealing.

Balancing Work and Play: Avoiding Job Jeopardy from Camming

If you want to watch cam girls while you are working then you’ll have to consider how safe your office or working environment is. Most companies have some sort of security system that monitors how computer equipment is used. That means you may not even be able to access the normal cam girl sites using an office computer.

There is always the option to use a VPN or to yuse your phone to get access.

If you are lucky enough to be the boss of a company then you get to decide what is allowed to be accessible on the company machines.

But if you are a regular employee you are going to have to watch about about doing NSFW things at work.

Use privacy windows, clear your cache and history, and pfereablly don’t use the company network.

Watch out for physical clues as well.It is great to have a private office and a door to close when you are camming but if you moan too loud, or she does, then your office door is probably not soundproof.

Remember which cam sites have their audio turned on by default!

Avoiding scams at Cam Girl websites

Finally there are scams at Cam Girl websites. As in the real world the scams are run by people who are expert at scamming so even the most savey viewer sometimes gets pulled in.

Any scam can be avoided by keeping yoru whits about you and not believing anything that sounds unreasonable. I’m sorry but that camgirl probably hasn’t really fallen in love with you and is not going to be your grilefriend in real life.

Nor is it better to pay her outside of the camsite. Although yes that would mean a larger amount in her pocket without th dcamsite taking their cut, it also means no protection for you.

Stick to working through the camsite to pay the girls for the things that you enjoy, and take everything that they say as a bit of fantasy fun for entertainment and you’ll be fine.