Question: Can They See Me at Bongacams?

Answer: No, but…

When you go to you can see all the girls, and see not just a lot of girls but also a lot of each girl. There are few rules at Bongacams and most girls are wearing lingerie or less. It is common to see bare tits and pussy. You don’t have to scroll far to see hard-core action, at least with dildos, vibrators, and the ever-popular pink tip-activated remote control sex toys.

This is a hard-core live porn site after all, and the fact that the girls are live and masturbating right now is part of the appeal. In between working hard on their pussies they can chat to you, either verbally or via text messaging.

If you can see them on your screen then the natural question is can they see you as well?

With Facetime, Zoom, or any other video calling system, it works both ways.

When I see you, and you can also see me.

That makes people concerned that they may inadvertently be viewed by either the website, the cam girl models working there, or employees of the company.

In actual fact making video work two-way on a website is a quite complex technical challenge, and when you add that to the fact that most cam girl models don’t really want to see their customers, it isn’t hard to understand why the basic is “no”.

As in, “No the cam girls can’t see you“.

How can you be sure of that?

The camera in your PC or in your phone is turned off normally and there is no way for a website to turn it on without you knowing.

Whenever a website tried to turn on your camera you get a warning that lets you know what is happening. On a PC it looks like this:

You have to explicitly click the “Allow” button when it asks otherwise the server cannot view your camera. If you want to change your mind later you can click the padlock icon and change the “Site settings”.

One a mobile it looks like this:

Depending on your settings you may then need to allow your browser to take video as well.

The prompts look a little different depending on the type of computer, phone and browser you are using but the concept is the same.

Until you say “yes” or “approve” or “allow” your device is not going to let the website, in this case Bongacams, access your camera.

Nothing that a website can do will side-step these security warnings that are built-in to your phone.

Hide your camera

If you are still concerned about hypothetical hacks that might grab your details without your permission then the ultimate answer is to physically cover up the camera on your phone or computer with a sticker or door.

You can even buy these pre-made on

Show your camera

Conversely, if you do want the cam girl to see you then you will need to not only give permission as above but also set up your camera properly.

At Bongacams you need to be a premium member to turn on your webcam for the girls to see you. If you are not already a premium member then pay one time only with a credit card, or use Bitcoin to be entirely anonymous when you upgrade your membership.

Then with a premium account at Bongacams you can hit the “Start your webcam” button in any live chat room.

Bongacams: Start your webcam button on a PC. The mobile looks a little different but same idea.

Once your camera is started, and you have given permission to display your video, then pose yourself so that she can see you!

This cam2cam feature isn’t unique to Bongacams, you can find many cam sites that have Cam to cam either as a paid feature or something you do in public chat.