Question: How do I do Cam to Cam on LiveJasmin?


Cam2Cam is a feature that allows Livejasmin to share their computer webcam view with the models on the site, but only while in a private show. Cam to cam or c2c is now common on many sites.

A viewer at Livejasmin can turn cam2cam on at any time by clicking on the icon in the toolbar along the left side of the video window that is shaped like a webcam. At least a quite old-fashioned round webcam. As with many icons it doesn’t really look like the modern version of the thing it represents?.

The two icons at the bottom of the image above are the ones you need for Livejasmin Cam2cam. One is for turning on your web camera and below it one that represents a microphone meaning turning on your own audio. Each one can be turned on separately or turned off.

Clicking the icon starts a private show which will have the basic cost of any private, which is a number set by the model, and with any extra price that she has specified for cam2cam.

The first time that you try turning on your camera or microphone during a show so that the model can see or hear you then your browser will ask for security permission.

Remember that you can always turn the camera permission off again if you wish to by clicking on the padlock symbol beside the domain at the top of your screen.

But not everybody knows how to get the best out of it.

Or Two Way Audio

If you would rather not use video but only want the audio portion, so that you can verbally talk to your model friend without having to type, then you can try turning on the microphone only for a two-way-audio.

This also costs extra, and just as with the cam2cam it is up to the model to decide if she wants to offer this feature.