Question: How to I do Cam 2 Cam (C2C) on Chaturbate?


The way that doing two-way webcam chat (C2C) is done on Chaturbate has changed. This is how to do it in 2021 using the new “Cam to cam” link on the screen below the video or at the bottom of the interactive fullscreen. The old way does not work unless you have submitted proof-of-age ID documents.

What is C2C Chaturbate

First a quick reminder, what exactly is C2C on Chaturbate and why do you want it? C2C is an abbreviation of Cam to Cam and describes the situation where not only is the model’s webcam activated and broadcasting live video, but so is the “viewer”. This turns the broadcaster/view relationship more into a two way video chat. Think Facetime or Zoom, but nude.

How to C2C on Chaturbate

When you have found the girl you want to show your cam to using the new Chaturbate c2c technology, and this can be done at any time whether in free tipping chat or into a private show, look for the link that says “Cam to cam”. In some of the instructions on Chaturbate it mentions “Share my cam” but on the actual screens it is “Cam to cam” as in this screenshot.

Cam To Cam option at Chaturbate with arrow to point it out. how to c2c on chaturbate
Cam To Cam option at Chaturbate with arrow to point it out.

The text is quite small and it is a little strange that this is just blue text without any emphasis, you really have to know what you want to look at if you wish to click that Chaturbate Cam To Cam link.

Chaturbate Cam To Cam option zoomed in.

This is a zoom in with my manual highlighting to show where it is.

How to C2C: Chaturbate

Lots of live porn sites offer C2C, but this is how Chaturbate does it

You won’t be able to click the Cam To Cam button and transmit your video until you have proved your aged in some way, either by uploading documents as a registered broadcaster, or buying some tokens using a credit card.

Once you have clicked that button there are still several steps to do.

First the preview of your camera will pop-up.

Then if you have never broadcast on Chaturbate before your browser will want permission to use your camera and microphone.

If you are using Chrome then the prompts look like the one below, other browsers have different but similar requests. Basically there is no way for a website to load your webcam image without some sort of conformation like this to ensure privacy.

That is why Chaturbate can’t see you without you explicitly giving permission. Don’t forget that if you say “Allow” here then your browser will remember that answer and it applies not only now, but in the future as well. If you want to change your answer later you can, but that is an additional step.

Click on the “Allow” option with your mouse. Yes this needs to be on a computer, you can’t do it on your phone.

Then you get the preview from your camera and you can adjust your position or lighting and so on. There is no way to preview your audio though, so if your microphone isn’t working it isn’t obvious and you’ll only find out later when the broadcaster can’t hear you.

Now all you have to do is click the large button that says “Start Cam To Cam with …” and the name of the person you are broadcasting to.

Once you have started broadcasting a little preview window appears in the bottom of your screen with a tiny icon that goes grey or orange depending on whether the model is actually looking at your video.

You’ll also see in the text chat when the camgirl starts to view your camera, and when she turns off Chaturbate cam2cam as well.

If you are ready to try C2C then go visit Chaturbate now.