Stripchat Gold Membership promises a lot for that $19.99 a month. Is it really better? Is it really what you want? Read on.

When you first joined Stripchat, I am sure you are aware of the limits of the free account despite of the good features you can see but you can’t access. So what else will you get from the Gold Membership that you don’t even know about?

Benefits exclusive to Gold Members

  1. Your golden username – when you are a gold member, your username is gold. You will be listed on the top of the models’ viewers list and you do stand out among the crowd. If the model chooses to, she may get a prompt on the screen that a gold member, like you, has entered her chatroom. Alternatively, you may also opt out of the announcement when you enter her chatroom.
    Gold members above other viewers
  2. Sending private messages – In Stripchat, if you want to send private messages to a model, you have to either include it in a tip note so that other viewers can’t see, ask her to PM you, or be a friend of her. This can be done by making a friend request to her and wait for her to accept or request her to add you as a friend. With the gold membership, however, you can send private message to anyone you want without being friends. You can bypass all that “Add friends” request and go straight to chatting.
  3. Hiding your token status (not exclusive to Gold member but it’s very useful) – you may or may not have any tokens in your account but it doesn’t matter. If you hide your token status, you’ll still receive lots of attention from the models because you are still a Gold member. This means you may spend as little as $19.99 a month to get as much attention as you want from the camgirls. Can you imagine if you tip $5 per model to try to impress her and chat her up, $19.99 will get you 4 models only. Not to mention $5 which is equivalent to 45 tokens which is not that impressive as a tip ($9.99 for 90 tokens).
  4. Be a voyeur – invisible mode. If you are a voyeur and like to peek into people’s rooms without them knowing who you are, then the invisible mode is very useful for you. Imagine the case that you have a camgirl that you love to watch but you have run out of tokens to show your appreciation. As you don’t want to spoil your big spender/supporter status, you may go incognito and enjoy her show without her knowing you are there. All she can see is that there’s someone in her room watching but don’t know who. Not unless you tip normally. If she can see your tips but can’t see your name of the viewers list, then she will know that you are one of the voyeurs. Therefore, the next feature is going to be useful to stay anonymous.
  5. Sending anonymous tips – sending anonymous tips can be fun. , especially if she is using any tip-controlled sex toys which you can activate using tips. You can make her jump with those buzzes in her pussy or ass without her knowing who did it.
  6. Be her knight and ultimately her moderator – if you want to help and protect your favorite model from the freeloaders or spammers, being the moderator in her room helps. Before you can be one, you need to be a Gold member first. Having lots of tokens in your account still won’t help. You got to be Gold to be her white knight.
At the moment, if you buy a token package of $49.99 or above, you can opt in to the 7-day trial of Gold membership. See my post about the promotion here.


Below is a summary of the benefits of Gold member in Stripchat, including some minor ones that were not mentioned above.

Stripchat Gold Membership BenefitsEvaluation
Send PMVery useful for chatting up
Hide token statusVery important for getting attention from models
Go incognitoIf you are voyeur
Anonymous tipsIf you are voyeur or naughty!
Be her knight / moderatorIf you are a protector, mute the spammers and some troublesome Greys
Golden usernameStatus
Models get notified of your entranceStatus / fanfare (you may also opt out for that)
List at the top of her viewer listGet noticed
Chat with emojisRather minor
Special promotionsYou will be informed of special promotions
Priority from Stripchat support (unofficial)I hope so

Give it a go if any of these benefits suit you and do let me know what you think of them.