Question: If I am a viewing member at Bongacams and you go into a chat room, what can the cam girl see about me

Answer: A few things, read on to know exactly what.

The Bongacams website does know quite a bit about you when you are a viewer, and they share a little of this information with the models to help them serve you better. There is always a concern that you will lose some privacy, and indeed that is the case, but it is pretty minor.

Let’s break down what they can see about you using the image above.

First of all, there is your cartoon avatar. That represents you and honestly is hard to remember, it doesn’t say much at all.

Your username, “JoeViewer1234” or similar is important and unless you have done something special in the name (“Bald59yrPussyLoverFromLA”) that says something about yourself then it doesn’t mean much.

To the right of the name is an icon showing your level, such as “Gold” for the basic premium member.

Your token balance is always shown, as is your amount spent recently.

Many viewers don’t like the idea that their balance is visible, and that is why on some sites such as Stripchat there is an option for viewers to hide their balance. A half-way option is like Chaturbate where the viewers are sorted by token balance, without being specific about the actual number of tokens the broadcaster can still see who has most.

The last two details on the Bongacams viewer info panel are “Member since” and “Location”. The date the member joined is given to the actual day, while the location is very vague and generally a country or larger region.

In conclusion, the Bongacam camgirl will know, very roughly, where you are and very precisely will know how old your account is and how many tokens you have to spend.

What they won’t know is who you really are, if you are interested in them, what you like and what you want to do in their room.

Therefore it is always wise to tell a cam girl you like what you want, directly and clearly, and if she likes that too then you have a match!

Go and try it out now.

Some people wonder if the Bongacams girls can see them, as in literally see their face or body using a camera. The answer is no, but..