QUESTION: Can girls see me?

TL:DR Answer: No, but…

When you go to MFC the whole idea is to be able to look at the girls. It is a type of video chat system where you get to see them, and talk to them via text chat.

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The sort of girls you see hanging out in the mall at a weekend, but you know you dare not so much as look at them for a second without being branded a dirty-old-man.

At you get to look as long as you like. And all they see is your username in their text chat window.

Or is it?

Can they also turn on your camera so they can see into your bedroom, living room, office or wherever you do your cam girl watching?

Most kinds of video chat, like Facetime or Zoom, are two-way so why shouldn’t the chat-with-girls at Myfreecams be 2way as well?

The basic answer to your question is “no”; there is no way for the website, or the girls who broadcast there, to turn on the camera in your computer or your mobile phone.

Computers of all kinds, from handheld iPhones to big office desktops, have cameras these days. But they don’t turn on automatically, you have to enable them explicitly if you want to show yourself.

While some software such as Zoom knows how to control your camera directly, for a website you have to go via a browser such as Chrome, Edge or Safari. Each of these browsers are sure to let you know first if a website is attempting to turn on the camera.

There is no way that a website can access your camera without first going through the approval.

If you don’t have a camera, or if you cover the camera with a sticker or tape then it is impossible for anything to view your image.

Your privacy is safe with MyFreeCams because it is protected not by them, but by your computer, your browser (Chrome, Safari or even Edge) and your operating system (Windows, MacOS, IOS, Android or even Linux).

If you do want to show your cam to girls at MyFreeCams then that is possible, but you don’t get to have it happen automatically. To do that would be Cam2Cam and you can learn how to do that here.

Meanwhile try visiting MFC to try it out.