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When first announced their new site in our forum in 2005 they didn’t get a very positive response.  Sadly they haven’t followed up in the forum, though I can’t blame them, because today the site is large and growing and some of the problems originally noted are addressed.

I didn’t do an adult webcam review of the site at the time because they were IP blocking my country — but thankfully that’s stopped now as well.

Now one of the largest cam sites it has re-written the rules about how the field works, or you can consider they have actually created a new field of webcam chat.  Free shows with tips of tokens to fund things and a new generation of camgirl stars.  But first onto the site itself.

The site developers are obviously, as they have said themselves, real geeks who have spent the time to make a technically sophisticated site that uses advanced web technologies.  Now that may not matter to the average viewer or host, but it should ultimately mean a less buggy and more secure site.

Basic cam site functions such as thumbnails and ways to filter the list of online hosts is all there, though with unusual twists such as the fact that you don’t say which ethnicities you WANT to see, but rather those you wish to EXCLUDE.

And note this isn’t ethnicity as most sites would filter by, but geo region.  So if you want to see just Latina models then this isn’t going work for you.  Grouping Asia with Pacific Islands is a little strange too. free Signup / Join

Signup is free — first, you can choose your nick, then separately if you give and validate an email address you get a basic account.  They’d like you to put down some cash as soon as possible though and you are soon prompted “As soon as you buy tokens you will be instantly upgraded to a Premium Member free“.  You automatically become a premium member once you purchase tokens the first time on MyFreeCams. Then you remain a premium member forever, it doesn’t expire after some time as some sites have with the extra privs for real spending members.

Once you are a premium member you get to do things like email to models, or PM online models.

And of course, go into private shows.  Shows are 60 tokens a minute.  Tokens are between 8 cents and 10 cents each depending on how many you buys.  So that works out at $4.80 to six dollars a minute!   This is Flirt4Free territory in terms of pricing — if you get sticker shock at $6/minute then you’d better stop reading now and go back to imLiveCamcontacts or even ifriends.

Buy MyFreeCams Tokens

If you’re still with me now then you’ll be glad to know that you can buy your tokens via CC either with Epoch or CCBill, two large and reputable companies.  $75 gets you 900 tokens at the best rate, or if you want to just test the waters then a $20 payment will get you 200 tokens to spend on adult webcam chat.

MyFreeCams Purchase Tokens

How much is a token on MFC?

It doesn’t matter if you pay with your credit card via Epoch or CCBill, or use the option to pay via PayPal via Epoch, the pricing remains the same. It is always charged in US dollars, there are no Euro options and no way to buy tokens with cryptocurrency despite the fact that this is an international company owned by a Russian!

How much each token costs depends on which package you buy. Unlike many cam sites the pricing for different sizes packages is rational at MFC with the larger packages costing less on a per-token basis.

If you do the arithmetic it turns out that a single token costs 10 cents, or $0.10, but there is a discount if you buy the medium or large size packages.

Chart showing discount of price per token at myfreecams (MFC)

For the medium package the tokens cost 9.1 cents each, which is a 9% discount.

When buying MFC tokens in large packs the price only works out to 8.3 cents each, saving you 1.7 cents per token or an even bigger discount of 17%.

Although the percentage is not huge it does add up if you are a regular buyer.

You don’t actually need to buy any tokens at all to enjoy MFC though.

Browsing MFC for free

Now actually you can spend a lot of time — chatting and in video and seeing plenty of nudity — without spending a penny.  Pop up the free adult webcam chat window and just keep hitting the “Next Model” button until you see someone you like — it’s easy, possibly too easy.   They make channel flipping through cam girls just a click away.

This should be a recipe for beggar heaven — but they have that under control, partly by allowing hosts to “silence” unregistered guests.  And even as a viewer, you can choose to ignore guests and/or basic members.

All the hosts I visited had music playing — sometimes it’s just fun to go through and see who has a tune playing you like!  And yes the PunkRock girl — with plenty of tattoos and cute bare breasts — was playing, and singing along, to rock.

How many MyFreeCam are there at MFC?

If each individual chat room is a MyFreeCam then MyFreeCams is the entire collection, and it can be a huge number at times. How many you’ll find online depends a lot on the time of day and day of the week you are visiting. As there is a tendency for the streamers at MFC to be running their individual “MyFreeCam” at a time convenient to them, and they are mostly in the Western Hemisphere (not Asian or European) that means you’ll want to be online in the evenings EST or PST, particularly on Friday and Saturday.

No, cam girls don’t get the weekend off. They have to behave as though it is a hobby, though for the great majority it is a job, perhaps an enjoyable and desirable second-job, but still a job. As they say “#sexworkiswork” because yes, MFC Cam Girls are #onlinesexworkers.

As for how many of those individual “MyFreeCam” cams are at MFC. On the occasion that I made records, there were about 1000 video chat rooms running — but that included some or so where the host was “away”.    Why list them if they away?  There are also ones in Private which are listed because you can elect to spy on private shows.

Private shows at MFC

And if you want a really private private show then for a mere 80 token s a minute (eight bucks a minute!) the spy function is turned off for that session.

Now strangely the Asian models have their own separate page as of Aug 2008 — and only “small selection of the very best ones will be also shown on the default homepage“.  Why not just provide a filter on the home page?

Throughout the site they make a big deal about being a real community – and indeed they provide lots of enablers for that like friends lists and internal email.  I’ve also heard that at this site it is common for hosts to drop in on their “neighbor” chat rooms to see how things are going and to hang out.

But how much do they pay?  Well I can’t find a lot of information about that — basically the usual stuff about how it is more than everybody else. “We pay MUCH more than any other webcam site on the internet”  What’s so hard about actually stating a percentage?   In their original announcement in the forum 3 years ago they said variously 50% or 60%.   As 50% is exactly what ifriends pays that would not be more, and I don’t consider 60% “much” more.  Payment actually comes through turning tokens into cash, and each token is worth 50cents to the model.  How much it costs the viewer depends on how many they buy at a time.

I’ll agree that it is on the high end though — many sites are only paying 30% these days so get 50% while you can!  No details whatsoever on how payments are done, minimum amounts or anything like.  Just “bi-weekly”.

Cam2Cam at MyFreeCams

Like most sites at the “viewers” can also turn on their own webcams so that the models or cam girls will be able to see them as well. As well as doing it for jerking off to the girl it is also about having and more 2-way interaction.

Cam girls themselves have mixed feelings about turning the tables about being a viewer instead of an exhibitionist, some like it, and some do not.

It doesn’t mean she will watch your cam when you turn it on, except to tip or go into private if you want to have a two way video chat. Video also implies audio of course, when you turn on the camera then it also turns on your microphone.

That doesn’t mean the girl will hear you automatically though, when she comes into your room it will be muted by default and she will have to unmute to listen to you.

Once you start c2c in MFC for the first time you’ll have to set you “Webcam Privacy Settings”, normally you will want to set it to “Only Models” though in theory you can also broadcast yourself to any premium member of the site.

Find models who are into c2c by searching for c2c, cam2cam or webcam2webcam. SOme are a lot more into it than others!

Where are the mature, gay or tranny?

Do not bother to apply if you are a mature model though, or a gay model as they only want “females age 18-35“.  No guys, no couples, and that means no actual sex on cam.  Some hosts have tried to get guys onto cam to do live sex show but quickly get banned by the MFC admins.

To signup go here — but note it isn’t a real signup form where you can create your account immediately, rather it looks like a contact form so I guess someone will be in touch to discuss.  What does that mean?  That they are selective I would guess which can be good (if you get it) or bad (if you don’t)

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  • Pro for Exhibitionists: High payout, Nice friendly site
  • Con for Exhibitionists: Free chat is mandatory and you are competing with lots of bare tits for attention
  • Pro for Voyeurs: Nice community feel, good range of different types of hosts
  • Con for Voyeurs: Expensive if you don’t want to just live on what you see via tips.