General Review of Privatefeeds:

Bye Bye! Old Privatefeeds.  The current Privatefeeds is what we called a whitelable to Streamate

Last update: 2 Jul 2014

Want something different?  Have you tried Chaturbate yet? It’s the fastest growing cam sites with lots of user-submitted good feature apps running in the chatrooms to add games and fun to the chat.  If you haven’t tried, it’s worth checking.

Already know about Chaturbate? What about mytubecams?  It’s very very new and so the chatrooms are quite quiet. You can have the models’ attention all for yourself, and that’s what Camcontacts’ viewers like about camcontacts.  Do you like to watch the girl with lots of people or you’d rather 1-2-1? 

PrivateFeeds provides free live chat and then it’s up to you to take the chathost to one-on-one chat.  No credit card is required to have a live chat, you no longer even have to choose a handle, you can go right in as a “guest1234” and type text chat to any of the online hosts in free chat.

You’ll find around 80-100 chatrooms running most of the time, with perhaps a third of that being guys. 

A free account will avoid you getting kicked out of free chat.  It is a verification-with-card kind of free account though, VISA or Mastercard.  They’ll suggest you buy a block of credits at the same time but that is optional.  You can’t avoid giving your CC details though, if you skip this step then you get it again when you try to login next.  Despite the “your credit card will not be charged.” we know nobody believes that regardless of it being true or not.  It doesn’t help that the CC form is on a site called without any explanation.  Actually that is the parent company of PrivateFeeds.

PrivateFeeds has a very complicated way of calculating credits.  Basically it’s about $1 to 0.83 credit, and you need 2 credits per minute for a semi-private 1 on 1 shows.

Privatefeeds chat window

But very sensibly (and unlike a lot of other sites) they do give a discount if you buy more credits.

Free phone to US, Canada and UK viewers.

It uses lots of fancy technologies; flash movies and java applets.  Video can either be their own pure java based solution, which is basically a fast slide show, or the new Windows Media Player 9 (WMP9) stream which is like watching TV.

A link under the video window lets you switch back and forth from the normal to the “broadband webcam video”.  If you have a high speed connection then this is worth trying for sure. 

Broadband means they are using real WMP9 streaming and this gives extremely high quality and fluid video.  The first time you switch to broadband it has to load a Java based wrapper around the WMP and so you’ll get a Java security warning to trust a signed applet from DHLive, Inc — which is the company who owns Privatefeeds.

In private chat you are allowed to switch to full screen mode as well if you are using broadband which will get you maybe not “DVD” quality about at least “TV” quality video.

Not any more!  Now it’s a very good, but not outstanding flash video system like so many others.  There are “HD” cams which mean H264 but only for the hosts that support it, which is around half overall and most of the top models.

You will also have to be in private to get sound, as long as the host has the speaker icon beside them that means when you are in private chat you’ll be able to hear them. 

Introduced cam2cam in May 2009 as a standard part of privates.

There don’t seem to be any more purely free signups (just give an email address).  You can chat as a guest, but if you want a membership then it will cost you $1.99 (lifetime fee) — or for $9.99 you get the lifetime membership and some credits thrown in.

There doesn’t seem to be a separate “VIP membership” any more.

VIP membership, unlike that at sites like flirt4free where it’s a monthly fee, is free.  PrivateFeeds VIP membership basically means they have authenticated you as genuine, and that’s done with a phone call and providing your credit card details.

The benefits of being VIP not only are the 20 free credits for shows, but you also get  10% extra credits on every purchase. 

When you join you have to give a username and a password.  they are unusually strict about using sensible, secure, names — the name has to have letters AND numbers.  While the password has to be at least 12 characters.  While slightly inconvenient this is very sensible and we should see more sites doing this.

The only real down site to the site is the lack of girls I think — 25 online including two guys as I write.  But they put up a schedule so you can easily tell when your favorites are going to be there! There are now plenty of hosts, ok not livejasmin level or imlive, but as many as Flirt4free if not more.

Private feeds has separate sub sites for:

  • Gay webcams 
  • Asian webcams – and a stand alone one called “

I heard they did a deal with a studio to ensure that there are at least some guys on the gay channel at all times.  That’s a real problem for small gay sites, just not enough models.  In the case of “Male PrivateFeeds” as they call it there is a good selection for at times.

A nice small but actually quite useful feature is that you can choose two different color schemes for the site (once you are registered that is).  Either “day time” or “night time” for a light white look or a dark black look:

Choose the one that’s easier on your eyes.

PrivateFeeds mostly (always?) the same hosts as Pornication.

LoveSexxxy is now the same as privatefeeds though it used to be an independent site.  You’ll also find the same hosts online and camsters which are all owned by livebucks.

The pay out is 35% to 45% depending on — well, depending on what they think of you so I’m not sure what people really get.  


Pro for Exhibitionists: Not too many girls online

Con for Voyeurs: Few girls


13 Jan 08:

 PrivateFeeds have changed technology for their video.  It’s flash now so no more Java and also no more streaming Windows video.  The flash video is very good, but lacks the excellence for the broadband streaming option they offered before.

29 Jan 07:

 Be the one who spend most from Feb 8-14 and you may win 300 credits.

27 Jan 07:

 double sized video in free chat for registered users added.

9 Nov 06:

 Solo, Switch and JCB credit card owners can now paid for their chat in PrivateFeed with these cards now.

21 Dec:

Sound is live now for private shows at PrivateFeeds. All hosts with the speaker icon beside them have audio capabilities.

PrivateFeeds have had a graphic overhaul, which is about time — the purple on black design then used before was a bit dated.  Now it’s light and airy and rather easier on the eyes.  Watch out if you running at less than 1024×768 or if some of your screen real-estate is taken up by toolbars though; the new way they have laid out the page (with iframes) doesn’t take kindly to that and you get some irritating scroll bars.  I’ve no doubt they’ll fix that though as it’s quite obvious.

20 July 05

Now has real streaming video at very high quality, this is using WMP9 and a 200kbps stream so that’s almost TV quality though not yet full screen.

20 May 04

Promotion: Verified new members get 20 free credits so there is no harm to try.

12 Dec 2003

I just found out that Hot-Live-Sex-Shows is powered by Privatefeeds.  So you can skip Hot-Live-Sex-Shows after you’ve checked Private Feeds.  Also Privatefeeds is run by a company called DHL Virtual Networks Inc and some of LoveSexxxy‘s webcam feeds are provided by this company.