Visit-x is the oldest German webcam site — they also have English as well as a bunch of European languages; French, Spanish — also Turkish — and it’s one of the big ones which has the most traffic.  Given they are a European site it is rather ironic that their list of languages is not as long as Imlive, a US site! 

There were a bunch of problems with Visit-x earlier this year — not paying people and so on — and in Sept it was announced that there was a new owner so hopefully it has improved since then.

They have added a 30 minute limit to free text chat which is presumably to increase profits.

There were over 400 cams online when I looked so Visit-x is a big site, a bit bigger than LiveJasmin perhaps, more like the size of Camcontacts.

Given the size, it’s reasonable that they have a decent search function that lets you choose by keyword or attributes.   There are a LOT of attributes so you can narrow your search down to exactly the sort of host you want to meet.       Boys, as well as girls, are to be found here.

Once you’ve found your host click on the pic to go to a standard bio type page — pretty basic but has what you need to know.  There is a free pic gallery but when you choose that — it’s in a pop-up so turn off your pop-up blocker — you have to get a “free registration”.

All you have to give is a username, password and an email address — it isn’t checked so you can go straight in.  Of course, if you plan to spend later on you better use a real address.

The gallery pics are then available and they are typical webcam pics, but blown up rather big on the screen which makes them large but fuzzy.  I think they should make that an option; not everybody appreciates the fuzzy.

You’ll see more hardcore than you would on most sites though given that there has been no age verification at all.  I think that’s the difference in a European site instead of an American one.

When you want to get into chat I really like the idea that they give you options as to what type of chat you want.  You can have two varieties of ActiveX (premium or basic) or a Java client.  each one is explained in pro-and-con and you can select the one that makes sense for you.

For example, if you don’t have Windows then Java would be good — or if you just dislike having to install software like ActiveX on your PC then Java would be good too.   The ActiveX premium which is a much larger download than the basic at almost one meg, also gives you cam2cam if you want to have two-way video chat.

At that point, you have to put money into your Visitx account if you want to go into video chat.  There are plenty of options from the regular credit cards through to dialer, phone or modem-based charging.  You can also use EuroChecks, Bank Transfers and Moneybookers  Moneybrokers are now non-adult friendly so are no longer an option.

You can sign up as a new host very easily at Visit-x; the cut is 50%.  There is a lot of advice available for hosts on how to get the best out of their system and generally how to make money at caming so it’s worth a visit.

There are Visitx forums both for the viewers and the hosts, but they are mostly in German so I couldn’t understand anything.  The company that runs Visit-X is called Campoints.Net and also provides the backend to many other cam sites, many in Germany but also ones like HotSoloCams.

Also they have a new community cam2cam chat site called 2cam4u.

If you have any more information about visit-x, please drop me a note in the webcam forum, thanks.

Pro for ExhibitionistsBig traffic
Con for ExhibitionistsLots of competition — I think you probably want to speak German to get the best from the site
Pro for VoyeursLots of girls, if you are a native speaker of one of the European languages used then of course that’ll be great.
Very detailed search engine
Con for VoyeursNot as many girls online as ifriends