Update: Site is now defunct, try Camsoda for an alternative similar experience.

Camplace is one of those camsites which has some good features, a reasonable selection of models, and yet has never really grown. Camplace webcam hasn’t shrunk either so they are doing something right. It is definitely worth a look and is an easy-on-the-eyes alternative to some of the bigger sites. Working particularly well on mobile it also offers good discounts on bulk buying tokens.

While many of the models here are also available to view on other sites Camplace.com does have a good enough experience to make it worthwhile setting up an account here and trying it out.

Creating a free account here is easy.

Once you enter the requested details you are taken directly to a welcome page, there is no need to wait for that verification email. The welcome page prompts you to buy tokens, and you can do that right away, but if you want to browse around a bit first then that is fine as well.

Just click to close the welcome box and you are ready to go into the site, but your status is still no better than someone with no account and so free viewing of cams is severely limited with just a few minutes per day available. You can’t really ignore the prompt that keeps asking you to confirm your email.

The confirmation email will arrive from “[email protected]”, notice that isn’t the same domain as the website. You won’t know this until the verification email turns up and it should be :

From: [email protected]

To: You

Subject: Confirm your account for Camplace

Not particularly subtle or discrete but to the point I suppose. Inside the email there isn’t very much except a button to click, there is no URL or code, just really a button.

The email arrived very promptly for me and when I clicked the green button it went back to the site and gave me a success message, then dropped me right into the list of models.

The most well-known model who broadcasts here would be Alessiarouge. But unfortunately, she wasn’t online at the time. The hottest model online when I visited was AmberHill, a brown hair and brown eye slim Latina model. Clicking on the thumbnail for her room load it, but immediately tried to upsell me to premium membership.

Membership has its benefits

I closed this at once and when to talk to Amber first instead But I can see that premium membership is going to be necessary eventually to get the best out of Camplace. Meanwhile, there is plenty to do chatting with the models who are online.

The very first thing to do is to mark the model as a favorite, there is a typical heart icon on the video though it fades in only when you point to it. Look in the top right of the video and click like this!

Each room has a topic set by the model but unlike most sites, this is often more descriptive and looks generally nicer than on other sites. It isn’t really that more detailed but the highlighting of it is good.

This example is from AmberHill again and shows a typical view of what you’ll find in a quality Camplace sex chat room. After the description there are also options for a quick show for a set price. Each model chooses their own but in this example there are plenty of options.

The Camplace.com “instashow” is really another way of doing a tip menu, but in this case it makes it clear what sort of thing is going to be available and if you don’t want to negotiate or chat about it but just go straight into the action then this is a good way to manage it.

Camplace live video windows are as you would expect, nice and clear, and with good and simple controls. The sound defaults to off which is wise so as not to get any shocks as models play loud music!

The fullscreen option works well though it is really just full-screen webcam video, and does not include any of the text chat. That isn’t as useful as the theater interface on Chaturbate, but at least the full-screen option isn’t limited to premium members as on some sites. At camplace.com basic members still have access to the full-screen options.

You’ll have to leave full screen to start a private or to tip or chat. If you want to click the private button it is only then that you find out what the price is. In this example it is 12 tokens a minute, though the actual pricing is counted per second.

You can start a private show with the model(s) where they will perform according to your requests. Pricing is seconds based, you will be charged for the time you spend in the private. In order to start a show you must have tokens equal to 30 seconds of the price per minute.

Camplace.com private show pricing rules

If you want to place camplace cams by tipping then you can hit that tip button and get easy to use buttons, great for one handed tipping, or pull up the tip menu.

Tips are what make the show work for both view and model so making it easy to tip helps things the show to flow smoothly. The tipping menu which is also available here helps again in this regard.

While each model may offer a different range of choices these are quite typical and give you an idea of how the interface works.

It is the same menu shown at the start of the text chat, but as simple buttons to click. If you don’t want to see this warning when you try to tip or use a tip button then you had better get some tokens.

Just watching hot girls on Camplace.com doesn’t go on forever, eventually you want to interact and that is best done with some tokens. What are the best deals for getting tokens on camplace, and how much will it cost you to get some show that you want?

Get free bonus tokens when buying credits for Camplace.com

As payment pages go this one is reasonably clear and breaks out, in fine print admittedly the effective price per token you’ll pay at different price points. Camplace.com does understand that viewers are expecting to have some discounts when they buy more and throw in extra “free” or bonus tokens which bring down the effective cost-per-token.

To get you started there is a “One time offer” which costs you $5.99 and gets you 50 tokens. It isn’t really attractive as the per token cost is the highest, but if you wanted just a handful of tokens to try it out, this might be a way to go. It doesn’t compare well with some of the cheaper sites.

Realistically you’ll want more than 50 tokens even to try out the service when you consider that Amber asks 50 tokens to show her, admittedly very pert, ass to the cam. Therefore you can tell that 50 tokens is not even really a taster. At best it will mean that models can tell you are not entirely without tokens, and you get some of those benefits of being a paid-up member instead of a basic free member.

Cam2Cam – 2-way video

You can get 2-way or “cam2cam” shows at Camplace, but only during paid private shows. If you want to have a cam2cam show then you need to send a request to the model. It is best to make a request first to know if she wants to accept that kind of show.

If she says yes then you can go into private show and you can use the cam2cam button. To access this click the small camera icon right next to the chat text box. This will turn on your camera, but if it is the first time you’ve done that then the browser will ask for permission first. Click the “allow” button to let camplace turn on your webcam and see your video.

The request button is then available and you have to wait for the model to accept.

Premium members at camplace get cam2cam for free when they are in private mode. There is no extra charge unlike most sites offering cam2cam shows.

Discount tokens

The best deal is indeed the largest package with the most free tokens, it brings down the per-token cost to just 8 cents each. So that 50 token ass flash from Amber would cost just four bucks. With the sliding scale it works out as:

  • 50 tokens for $5.99 therefore $0.12 per token
  • 100 tokens for $9.99 therefore $0.10 per token
  • 210 tokens for $19.99 terefore $0.095 per token
  • 550 tokens for $49.99 therefore 0.091 per token
  • 900 tokens for $74.99 therefore $0.83 per token
  • 1,875 tokens for 149.99 therefore 0.08 per token

That Amber ass flash costs between six and 4 bucks, depending on how you pay for it. Clearly the bulk-buy is a sensible choice.

“Free tokens”

In each case it is presented as a free bonus of tokens. For that last choice it is “1,500 tokens” with “375 free bonus tokens”.

Once you have selected your package size the actual payment processing takes you to “twispay.com” which a payment processor I haven’t seen before. It only accepts VISA and MasterCard which is a bit limiting. You won’t find any phone payment, crypto coins, gift cards or other choices here at CamPlace.

Your billing will show the reasonably discrete company name.

On your bank statement will appear: Praestone Ltd +18886867241

Praestone Services Ltd, 5 Parthenonos, flat 103, PERNERA GARDENS 11, 2020 Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus

The company is quite openly the owner of the camplace service so it isn’t secure as such, but it will pass a casual look if you would rather than have a cam service listed on your bank statements.

What can you do with those tokens now that you have got a good deal on them? Any of the models online might be to your liking but there are a few who are particularly noteworth.

Popular Camplace.com Models

Check out some of the most popular models on Camplace including:

  • AlessiaRouge : A curvy brunette from Brasov, Romania
  • LeahJones: A dark-haired beauty from Spain
  • ImChristine : A 24-year-old Colombian with golden curly locks
  • Maya19fun / mayaa
  • FoxxyClarise
  • EmilyGrray
  • FitMILFBecca

In the first three cases the Channel name is the same as the model name, but not in the fourth one. Apparently you can have a Channel that features different Models, and so they can be named separately. I didn’t see anybody make use of this feature but you can imagine how it might work. Look out for this and let me know where it is used well!

You will have noticed that there are no USA girls in this list, nor any male or couple models, and indeed I didn’t find any like that.

Without any searching tools to let you filter or categorize the available models, I can’t tell if they are just rare, or don’t exist. I think it is doubtful there are any non-female rooms though as there isn’t even a top-level category or filter for that. Like MyFreeCams this is purely a solo-girl enterprise.

Model signup

Click the “become a model” link to do just that, but all it does is ask you to fill in a lot of details and provide ID without ever explaining first what the deal is for performers. This is such a contrast to the LiveCamModelShows.com which I reviewed recently where every aspect a broadcaster needs to know is laid out in advance. With Camplace.com the percentage payout and payment terms are not at all obvious.

Given the way the discounts for tokens is arranged I presume the payout is going to be per-token though, just as with cam4, and so it may not be obvious to calculate it as a percentage as such.

Nevertheless, aspiring CamPlace cam girls are going to hunt around a lot more to find out the details. I’ll continue to investigate but if you know more and can let me know in the forum or a comment then I’ll update this section.

Camplace in the Forum

If you know more about Camplace.com, want to discuss this review or update it with more information, then please leave a post in the forum thread about it, or write in the comments section below.