Anywebcam is no longer a stand-alone cam site. Read on to see what I mean.

Anywebcam – White-label of Streamate

In 2012 Anywebcam has stopped functioning as an independent chat site. It has become another white-label site of Streamate.  If you already have an account with Streamate, then sorry to disappoint you, Anywebcam is not a new site.  If you haven’t heard of Streamate, see my review of Streamate here.

Alternatively, xLovecam and Bongacams are the rising stars in the sex cam chat world. Give them a try if you havent done so.

Review of the old AnyWebcam

This Australian company seems to doing pretty well now particularly with their version 3 software.   Lots of members though they are still suffering server outages I think.  As a non-US company AnyWebcam is unusual in this space (well camcontacts is from the UK so they are not all US).

Finally they have got away from the need to download the Java 2 plug-in which I think was a big impediment before.  Their Java interface is now much easier to use, though it is still a little strange at times — like no prompts or tool tips on buttons makes it hard to know what buttons are for sometimes.

That’s the technology, but as far as chatting there — well this is more like NetMeeting, it isn’t an imlive clone.   So that means 90% guys, and the girls who are on-line are mostly just showing a bit of tit and such.  No hard core models here, not even the cute young stuff that you get on some of the free webcam sites.

In total AnyWebcam is good for really chatting, in a group way, but for the hardcore voyeur it seems to have the bad side of both free sites (no body really showing anything) with those of pay sites (you have to become a paying member to get advanced features).

Another choice if this is the sort of community you want might be MeetCam which uses the CamFrog video engine, has a nice chat window and automated quizzes, or maybe IChatNaked though that seems less active..

If you like Anywebcam you should also try AdultActionCam / DateCam.

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