Question: Are camgirls only doing it for the money?

Answer: Only doing it because the want the money? No, they also care about politeness and other things.

But do they care about the money? Yes, they do, and it is at or nearly at the top of our priority list.

Here is the most important reply:

bruh do you go to a restaurant and ask for a free appetizer and say the same when they say no? You’re going to a live custom porn business, not on a date fkn loser. Those guys are manipulative at best, pathetic and juvenile if it’s sincere.

Comment by GlobindobinButler

Although there are many different types of cam girls the vast majority are online in order to earn a living.

Being a camgirl is a job or a profession, not a hobby nor a calling.

It isn’t a lifestyle choice either any more than being an accountant or a plumber is a lifestyle choice.

Looking for camgirls that have no interest in money is a fool’s errand, I’m not sure they exist at all, and if they do they sure aren’t common.

Would you look for a plumber who didn’t want to be paid? Or an accountant who was just doing it for fun? Such things exist, like programmers who write open source software for their own reasons not for the money, but you can’t bet on finding girls doing sex shows for the love of it.

Given that yes the cam girls care about money does it matter if they care more about the money than the sex?

You are not going to find ones who care more about making online friendships, let alone real life friendships, more than the money. Camgirl sites are not dating sites and are not the place to look for a girlfriend.

Show some respect for the cam girls who are there providing you shows, including free shows to let you see what they can offer and give them a reasonable tip for what you want or take them into a private show.