With thousands of cam girls online at both the major cam girl sites and a whole raft of smaller websites it isn’t surprising that they start to show some patterns of different types of cam girls. You’ll find different types of camgirls in every camsite.

I’m not talking about categories here. Not things like Big tit cams, or Latina cams, no, I’m talking about the reasons and motivations and hence the sort of experience for the cam girl and her viewers.

While patterns and types do exist there is always a continuum of human behavior so these are not types without overlaps, but they are common things you see.

You can’t easily count the number of each type of cam girl so it isn’t something we can be very scientific about, but as someone who has spent many hours over many years watching live cams, I get to see what’s typical.

Let’s get straight in with probably the most requested type.

Cam girls doing it for fun

For some reason, many cam watchers expect every girl who is broadcasting to be in this category, and often get upset or offended when a girl turns out not to be purely motivated by fun. They are “fake” or “not real” if it turns out they have other motivations, mainly money.

While cam girls broadcasting for fun is a real thing it is exceedingly rare. The urge to expose yourself for a thrill, or to get positive feedback, or just to do something kinky as a rejection of social norms or a protest is certainly real, just not common.

More to the point is the fact that it is rare to keep it up. Broadcasting for fun isn’t something you would want to do every day for 8-hour shifts, so while you may occasionally find a cam girl who is motivated primarily by her own lust or horniness you shouldn’t bet on it.

If that is out the window then who are the cam girls who fill up the many rooms on a big cam site?

Well if they are not doing it for fun, and presuming they are not being coerced, then they are doing it for the money.

That defines our next type, which is fundamentally the largest one.

Girls camming for the money

When you do something for money, what’s that called?

No, not the P or W words.

It’s called a “job”.

Doesn’t matter if you are an accountant, a programmer, an uber driver or a factory worker the reality is that you won’t be doing it if they didn’t pay you.

Things you do out of your own interest regardless of the money are called hobbies, not jobs. And while a few people are lucky enough to find something they love doing that they get paid for that is hardly the norm. You call that a vocation, not a job.

For most cam girls it is a job.

Something you do for the money.

And as they don’t work for that cam site, just like an uber driver they are a freelance contractor not an employee.

Is that it then? They are doing it for the money?

Sure that’s true, but there is a lot of variations on that.

They can be studio girls, at home girls, independent cammers and so on. Within each of those there are a bunch of different sub-types as well.

Lets work through them one at a time

Studio cam girls

Have you noticed that many of the cam girls from certain countries tend to all be in bedrooms with perfectly neat furniture that looks like a hotel room or an Ikea shop example room?

These are studio girls and the reason their “bedrooms” don’t look at all messy or natural is because they are not real bedrooms at all. They are sets as you might find for a Hollywood movie, all designed to give a certain impression.

Occasionally you get to see what’s behind the camera in these rooms and it is typically a bit of a disaster area of messy cables, piles of clothes and sex toys and more.

Cam girls who work in studios are employees, but not of the camsite you are watching but of a studio company that provides the physical location, the computer and internet connections and sometimes training and tech support.

The best studios coach and support the models who work for them and help them to become better cam girls who can provide a good show. For this, they take a cut of the cam girls earnings, sometimes 50% or more.

Bad studios just end up being sweat-shop bosses who take advantage of inexperienced models.

You can’t really tell which is which just from looking, but if the girl in a studio set looks too young or too uncomfortable then perhaps you should give that one a miss.

Studio cam girls are often from countries where a private place to work, a fast computer and an internet connection are not a normal thing you would have at home. That means the counties for Eastern European countries such as Ukraine and Central and South America such as Colombia where salaries are lower and young people tend to not live alone.

At home cam girls

Girls who are not working from studios are typically working from their homes. These are cam girls who have set everything up themselves and it is just them, the cam site they are broadcasting on, and their viewers.

It takes some technical knowledge and ability to set everything up, though this is becoming easier as more models broadcast from their mobile phones, and means they have some skills.

Technical skills don’t always equal ability as a performer but it does show they have intelligence and determination which has to help.

you are more likely to find at-home girls from counties where computers and fast internet are common at home, that means the States, Canada, Western Europe and the UK and Australia and Japan and Korea.

Other different types of Cam Girls

What other types of cam girls are there? Quite a few different sorts of girls cam.

Independent cam girls

An independent cam girl is one who doesn’t work for a studio, a cam site or anybody except herself. That means she is her own individual performer and handles everything from the advertising to the payments herself. It is a big job to do and many girls find it too much to do.

Those who do like to be independent, prefer the freedom to do what they want without abiding by other people’s rules.

It also means they get to keep the majority of the money paid to them and that’s a big financial incentive to be independent.

Skype Cam Girls

Similar to Yahoo cam girls and independent cam girls but with a little different twist.

Although some girls using Skype for camming are Independent and may have been Yahoo cam girls back in the day, today the majority of them use Skype camgirl sites that organize the bookings and payments.

The two leading cam sites in this category are CamLust and SkyPrivate and the girls who work there are Skype Cam girls.

You’ll also find them at the Italian site Mondocamgirls if you like Europeans.

That is a lot of different types of camgirls, and probably doesn’t even scratch the surface of the different styles and motivations you’ll find.

Which type of cam girl do you prefer? Or if you are a camgirl, then which type are you? Let me know in the comments!