OMGChat, or OMG, it’s a great brand and at first I thought I’d found something new. How ofdn’t do you say “OMG! I want to chat”? Maybe not that often, but I’m sure you may say OMG and awful lot while chatting, at least if it is the right kind of chat.

Webcam chat, personally with your friends, or just camming for tokens to build up your connections, you are not doing it to be bored. Those OMG moments are what we are all look for when we are going online.

But what about this site It seems it has a bit of a history that explains why it ends up the way it is today. Most of what I can learn about it comes from doing some research as I haven’t tried it before today.

The domain goes back to 2007 when it came online first, but it didn’t really go anywhere until 26th August 2009 when it was annonced on twitter with a cute panda(?) icon.

The site was put together by someone who runs a webdesign and seo company,, which doesn’t function any more. But obviously in 2009 chat was a thing and so he decided to build up a free chat site.

It quickly added games and more things to do:

But by the end of the year the new ideas started to run thing and I guess Rajah started to tire of the idea.

He did then try to promote it across some other social networks and did a couple of how-to vidoes on Youtube.

A whole year goes by and not much happens except the site starts to die and it takes a while from him to notice and fix it.

What’s the right thiing to do when you have run out of steam on a project? Time to exit and move on and that is what Rajah did in the end.

It seems for a while he took it to another domain,, but that was dropped after a while now and I hope he has moved on to something else

Meanwhile, the OMGChat domain, including the cute panada logo, was taken over by… Flingster, so now you have at the exact same chatters and payment process as Flingster, ChatSpin, Shagle, ChatRandom and a bunch of others.