With Chatroulette pretty dead and Omegle not officially allowing nudity, there is plenty of demand for that sort of random chat-with-strangers app. An Omegle alternative in other words. One company has stepped up to provide a variety of same-same-but-different choices with Flingster, which goes by a bunch of other names as well.

Check out ChatSpin.com, Shagle.com, Flingster.com, and ChatRandom.com for some variations on the basic idea. Turn on your cam (optionally) and chat with random people who may, again optionally, have their cam turned on.

There is money involved here of course, although you can create a free account to chat with people it won’t let you select genders or locations for free.

Considering they are all the same back-end it is strange that they all offer a slightly different approach

  • Flingster.com is about “having a fling”, short-term meetups
  • Shagle.com is more about meeting people but will charge you $19.99/month to be able to filter by gender and location. This is more like dating, or at least trying-to-date. Think “video tinder”.
  • ChatSpin.com is all about meeting new people.
  • ChatRandom seems like it should be more about the random, but this is one that drops directly into the video.

They all let you sign up either with Google, Facebook or via Email.

However, you sign up you’ll either spend time, going through lots of cams, or money (via that membership) to be able to find specific things.

If you have either time or money on your hands then check it out and let me know what you find there.