What are Free Sex Cams?

Free Sex Cams has existed for over twenty years, in fact, the oldest cam sites started 25 years ago, but it is only in the year of the Covid-19 Pandemic that they really started to reach the consciousness of everybody. While so many people have found that they can work from home (WFH) through the miracles of modern technology, with webcams and Zoom becoming daily necessities for office work, it isn’t surprising that other essential human activities such as SEX have also gone online.

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Internet Porn isn’t new of course, but adding the technology of webcams and making it live takes it to an entirely different level. If TV replaced radio and radio took over from piano-singalongs so live cam porn has taken over from both regular “recorded” porn and the online hookup apps like Tindr and Grindr.

There is nothing wrong with recorded pornography of course, whether it is old VHS tapes, the Playboy Channel, or even paper magazines. It can’t compare with something that is live though. Watching old football games on YouTube might be great for nostalgia, but to really feel the vibe you want to see things live, that are happening now.

Sex Cams which are live provide that, and if you select the free ones then you can even get the buzz without being out of pocket.

At first most sex cam sites were not “free”, but when Flirt4Free started up the trend moved towards free cams and it reached the ultimate level when MyFreeCams launched. Today most, but not all, sites have a free level of some kind that allows you to watch girls having sex in real-time without you having to pay anything.

Are Free Sex Cams ethical?

Some people worry about the ethics of watching sex cams for free. If webcam models are broadcasting their sex shows for money so that they can earn a living, then is it ethical to watch them for free?

Actually, there is no problem here as the cam girls do get paid for their time through the tokens they earn from tips and private shows. Although most people watch for free and don’t pay there are always some people who are willing to spend some money for a more interactive or exclusive experience, and those people pay their cam girls’ wages.

Just like most people who want TV don’t buy anything from the ads, which is how free-to-air TV is paid for, it is still ok as long as some people do and so the advertisers pay the TV company.

There are no ethical reasons to not watch cam girls for free for the individual, but it helps to be open to the concept of tipping a performer who is pleasing you. If you tip your server in a restaurant or your taxi driver in a cab, then doesn’t a cam girl provide a more important service? Tip to show you agree, but only when you are ready.

What are Free Sex Cams

Free sex cams are websites you can go to where there are girls nude, masturbating, using sex toys, performing sex shows, or just chatting all on live video. Although the words “cams” comes from “webcam” many of the girls actually have professional TV-quality video pieces of equipment in their bedrooms and not the dinky little fuzzy cams that your laptop may have.

By using the cam with a computer to broadcast their video stream on the internet they can let anybody watch them do whatever they want to do. In the privacy of their own bedrooms, they will undress, wear sexy lingerie and talk dirty with their viewers. As their cameras have microphones you can hear what they are saying, if you don’t mute the sound, but to respond to them you normally have to type on your keyboard. There are places with 2-way audio but that’s not the typical way.

It is a bit like chatting with someone by texting or messaging, but you get to see them as well. Sexy texting, or sexting, isn’t new but adding in the ability to actually see who you are talking to makes it a sex cam rather than a texting experience.

How do Free Sex Cams work?

There are three things involved in a free sex cam system:

  1. The cam girl – also known as the model, broadcaster, streamer, chathost, and many other names
  2. The website – There are many choices
  3. The viewer – using a computer, a laptop, internet-connected cell phone, or other mobile devices like an iPad or tablet

Where can you find Free Sex Cams?

Whether you Google it or browse a directory you won’t find any difficulty in finding free sex cams, the problem is more finding which ones are reliable, safe, and easy to use. It helps to know a bit more about the different types so you can read below for that information, but generally, the best way to find the free sex cams you want is to go through a list until you find one that feels right to you.

Below is our top list to get you started. Beside each one is the number of girls that I found online most recently at that site. That’s Why Chaturbate is right at the top, but ultimately you only need to see one that you like so even if they are “only” a few hundred such as at Flirt4Free then it may be plenty.

These are sites where you get to see the video free, the amount of sex you see on cam varies from one to another, some more some less.

Top ones: plenty of models, plenty of free sex shows

Smaller ones; some have free sex, but many others only teasers

Different types of Free Sex Cams

Sex cam sites can be broken down into three types to consider how you can watch sex for free on cams. Best ones first.

  1. Tipping cams

The best type of free sex cam is a tipping site. At those types of cam sites, the idea is that people tip if they like what they see. But in fact, people mostly watch without tipping. That doesn’t matter for most cam girls as long as someone tips, but it is a bit sad if nobody tips at all.

The biggest and most popular sites are tipping sites, check out Chaturbate and Stripchat if you haven’t tried another one.

This is the best type to watch for free

2. Teaser for private show cams

On some cam girl sites, the idea is that the models wait around for people to take them into “private chat”, which would be a paid one-on-one sex show. To encourage people to go into a private show, or “go private”, girls will chat and tease. That means you’ll get to see lots of sexy behavior, plenty of skin, and some flashing, but not full-on-sex or masturbation.

You’ll get to see most on cams.com and flirt4free.com with a similar amount on livejasmin.com

This can be fun but is ultimately frustrating

3. Community cams, random cams, and voyeur houses

These are places where you can go to join a big chat room, optionally turning on your cam, or engage in random connections with other people also doing random connections. Finally, Voyeur houses are where you peek into private apartments as though you were a fly-on-the-wall. The people in the houses know someone is watching, but ignore that and just keep to their daily (sex) lives as though nobody was watching.

Only voyeur-house.tv or maybe the voyeurs section of Camsoda are worth checking out if you want to see things for free.

These are more frustration than they are worth as you so rarely get to see actual sex it is pretty pointless.

Why choose Free Sex Cams?

Because you’d rather not pay for sex. At least not for watching it. In the 21st century when almost everything online is free it makes no sense to pay good money just to watch.

Girls can charge for shows or doing special things on request, but nobody should have to pay just to watch them sit there whether they are masturbating or not.

Free Sex Cams Site Recommendations

The top recommended sites that run their cams for free are:

Cam siteNudity in free chat?ReviewVisit
BongaCams.ComYes – Lots of nudity for freeBongaCams.Com Visit BongaCams.Com
ChaturbateYes – The biggest rangeChaturbate Visit Chaturbate
StripChatYes – where you can do anythingStripChat Visit StripChat
MyFreeCamsYes – only the hottest girlsMyFreeCams Visit MyFreeCams
Amateur.TvYes – with lots of fuzzy but real amateursAmateur.Tv Visit Amateur.Tv
CamPlaceYesCamPlace Visit CamPlace
ShowUp.TvYes, including hardcore dildoShowUp.Tv Visit ShowUp.Tv
PlexStormYes, full nudity allowed in free public chatPlexStorm Visit PlexStorm
XLoveCamYes, but not commonXLoveCam Visit XLoveCam
Rampant.TVYes, and masturbationRampant.TV Visit Rampant.TV
Cam4Yes – a lotCam4 Visit Cam4
SexChat.HUYes – but only in HungarianSexChat.HU reviewVisit SexChat.HU
CamSodaYesCamSoda Visit CamSoda

How to record free sex cams

While you could always just point your phone at your screen and record what you are seeing this won’t make a great quality video. There are screen-recorder software that you can run on your PC, Mac, or even phone to let you record what you are seeing but these quickly end up with gigantic files which are hard to store or copy from place to place.

There isn’t a great way to record sex cams for free and most of the best options cost something. The easiest one is at Stripchat where they have a button that lets you record a free public show. Not all cam girls have activated this button in their rooms, but if they have then you can just hit the button to make your own recording. The video recording that you make will be stored on their site though and you’ll need to go back there to replay it.

If your budget will stretch to a private cam show then you’ll find that on most sites the private shows you pay for are all recorded in the database of the website and you can play them back. Not all of them though, you have to check before you go into the show to find out if the particular cam girl you have chosen allows replaying of their shows.

As the whole idea of sex cams is that they are live and right now it does seem a little strange to go with a recording, however as with any type of recording the idea is to preserve a favorite moment for enjoyment again later. At least in these days of digital recording of video, there are no tapes to wear out from playing them too many times! Go ahead and click play on that recording you have made as many times as you need.

How do free sex cams yourself?

Do you want to get started being a free sex cam yourself? If you are a woman with a good body and no inhibitions, or a guy with a tight bod and happy to chat and show off then maybe camming is for you.

At almost every cam site you have to get yourself age validated to broadcast, but you can skip that step at Amateur.tv. Just signup and hit the “Broadcast button”.

If that works for you, as in people come into your chat room and want to watch you masturbate, then you can consider going through the age verification process at a busier site such as Cam4 or Chaturbate to turn your masturbation into money.

Where to find Free Couples Sex Cams

Want to watch not just masturbation sex but hetro penis-in-vagina sex? That is rarer than you might think. many cam sites have a category called “Couples”, but in many of them that includes two-girl lesbian couples in their couples section, which isn’t what most people are thinking of when they say “couple”. At Stripchat the couples section is almost exclusively girl-girl.

Which sites have actual couples online? You should try out these choices, and the number of cams online is small even in the best of them.

Couple cam siteCouple roomsReviewCheck it out
Chaturbate.com588Read the Chaturbate.com reviewVisit Chaturbate
Cam4.com240Read the Cam4 reviewVisit Cam4.com
BongaCams.Com113Read the BongaCams.Com reviewVisit BongaCams.Com
CamSoda.com42Read the CamSoda reviewVisit CamSoda
Amateur.Tv26Read the Amateur.tv reviewVisit Amateur.tv
XLoveCam.com25Read the XLoveCam.com reviewVisit XLoveCam

These couple rooms tend to be very popular and hence busy, which means it can be hard to get any attention there. For free you’ll mostly be an observer and only tippers get much attention. If you are ok with a view-only, but of live sex, type of video then this may still work for you.

Are these the same as Hidden Sex Cams

No they are not. Any actually hidden cams should be illegal and so are not prompted here. There are voyeur cams that are similar in feeling, but where the participants actually know they are on cam but just ignore that fact.

You won’t find a lot of sex happening on “hidden” voyeur cams, but you can enjoy watching someone going about their daily life, often naked, without interacting with them.

Check out the voyeur house site for more about how that works.

Choosing Indian Sex Cams

If you are interested in Indian girls, as in those from the sub-continent of India which includes Pakistani and Bangladeshi girls, then there are not a huge number of choices for sex cams. Indian girls are a little more reserved and you won’t find them doing live sex shows for free. There are plenty of meaty bra-wearing models to be found on the DSC site though and if you like Desi-girls as your cam girls then check out that one.

What about Gay Sex Cams?

In this article I’ve always talked about “girls” on cam and watching free sex “cam girls”, but most of what is covered here is also exactly true for cam boys, whether they be straight or gay or more commonly willing to do anything.

Although there are plenty of gay cams out there you’ll not find the large quantities of male gay models online as you will find girls. A few sites, most notably MyFreeCams, totally reject male models and don’t have any cam boys at all, while others such as Flirt4Free and Streamate have huge male-only streaming sections.

Here are your best choices for free gay sex cams, where you can see guys nude and masturbating doing sex shows and all for free.

  1. Chaturbate – 1666
  2. Cam4 – 960
  3. StripChat – 350
  4. BongaCams.Com – 127
  5. Amateur.Tv – 31
  6. ShowUp.Tv – 25
  7. XLoveCam – 16
  8. CamSoda – 7
  9. PlexStorm – 0

I’ve excluded some premium gay sites where there are even better looking guys because those are premium sites. The leader, if you want to splash out, would be the Flirt4Free gay section.

Finding Live Ebony Sex Cams

With difficulty I’m afraid. Although there is plenty of demand for black-skinned cam girls there seems to be a lack of supply. If you particularly want a cam girl who African ancestry and a body shape to match, let’s say “booty”, then you’ll need to go to one of the largest sites to have a chance of finding a range to watch.

Only three really give you a chance to find what you want in black cam girls as Ebony broadcasters are so rare that any smaller site just won’t have the choices. Add to the fact that most medium-sized or smaller sites are depending on Eastern European studios, where ebony girls don’t really exist,

Same as Live Sex Cams

Free sex cams are basically the same as live sex cams. The difference is that live sex cams don’t necessarily have to be free. There are plenty of live sex cams which do not make it into this list because they are not free. That doesn’t mean they are not good, far from it, many of them are excellent, but they are not entirely free.

Many cam girl sites have rules that say the models cannot take all their clothes off in the free public chat, that is to encourage the paying customers to pull out their credit cards and pay for some coins or tokens. If the viewer pays, then he gets to see the girl nude.

You’ll notice this at cams.com in particular, but it is also true of livejasmin.com, where you can see a lot of sexy bodies, but no actual nudity until you are in a paid private chat.

How to find the Best Sex Cams

“Best” is a subjective term of course but when it comes to sex cams it boils down to the site that shows the most, and for the least. If you want to see live sex shows without any restrictions or censoring, and the price has to be “free” then the choices are clear.

5488 girls online, Nudity in free chat: Yes

1648 girls online, Nudity in free chat: yes

1500 girls online, Nudity in free chat: Yes

1307 girls online, Nudity in free chat: Yes

850 girls online, Nudity in free chat: Yes

780 girls online, Nudity in free chat: yes

353 girls online, Nudity in free chat: Yes, but not common

140 girls online, Nudity in free chat: Yes

76 girls online, Nudity in free chat: yes

31 girls online, Nudity in free chat: Yes

25-40 (counter is total cams, including cock cams) girls online, Nudity in free chat: Yes, including hardcore dildo

17 “channels” girls online, Nudity in free chat: Yes, and masturbation

5 girls online, Nudity in free chat: Yes, full nudity allowed in free public chat

Office Sex Cams

Lots of eastern European studios do a fake “office cam” where it looks as though the girl is working in an office, but with a cam under her desk. Sadly these are mostly a setup as far as I can tell and the “boss” who walks about in the office needs to be signed up for the cam site even if he doesn’t have sex with his “secretary”.

Free Mobile Sex Cams

Want to watch sex cams on your mobile, and from cam girls who are also on their mobile so it is more like a one-to-one phone video chat? Then you need to check out which free sites offer a good range of mobile phone support.

Actually, most sites work fine for viewing on a mobile phone, but there aren’t many where the cam girls (or guys) can use their phones to broadcast.

In theory, any person can install some software on their mobile phones and become a roving cam girl, but in practice, it only works well in a few cases.

Want to know more about free sex cams? Drop me a question in the comments box below and I’ll try to answer it!