I should start out here by saying an A-cup and, like most A-cups I suppose, would rather be larger. But luckily for me, there are plenty of “small tit” fans who are happy with what I’ve got.

If I could get an upgrade though, what size should I get? Some girls want to go huge, while others want just a small boost.

The profiles at Flirt4Free can give the answer to this burning question because they list separately cam girls who have, in their words, “Fake Breasts”.

Most models don’t use the category Fake Breasts, which either means they are natural, or perhaps they would rather not say.

Those who do choose to specify this category must be happy for people to know their chests are enhanced. As they must have gone to a plastic surgeon and deliberately chosen what kind of implant to have, that means their breast size now must be what they want, or at least near to it.

I’m glad to see that I’m in the 10% of models who are A-cup, but the largest group are those who are B cup, around 40% with the C cup girls somewhat less.

The most common natural size for breasts of cam girls at Flirt4free is B cup

So the most common natural size for breasts of cam girls at flirt4free is B cup.

If you compare that with the most common size for girls with fake breasts, the difference is obvious. For girls who have actively enlarged their breasts the most common size is C. Of the girls with breast implants, the most common size (45%) is C cup, with D cup a distant second place.

What is most surprising to me is the models who are at the very large range, FFF up to GGG, who list themselves as having Fake breasts. Isn’t there a point of diminishing returns where bigger is not better?

Do you like big breasts? And if so does it matter if they are fake or natural? Let me know in the comments or post in the forum!

If you just want to stare at girls tits, and I won’t blame you as I think that’s great as well, the visit Flirt4free to just watch them fake or not!