Playing doctor with cam girls sounds like a fun game, but health is a serious issue and increasingly young women in all societies and of all occupations are succumbing to the false images of super-thin models as being the only way to look.

There is a constant battle between the health and nutritionists of the world and the fashion and glamour industry about how girls should look. From the catwalks of New York Fashion Week to the cover of Vogue models get thinner and thinner, while healthy eating doesn’t get the same publicity.

Do models on cam sites suffer from the same problem? As people who are very focused on being attractive to viewers, it wouldn’t be surprising if that was true, but the actual answer is not as bad at all.

Healthy weights are measured using BMI or Body Mass Index. This is the normal way your doctor checks to see if you need to stop eating so much beer and pizza. It is a number that comes from calculating the ratio between your height and your weight.

BMI = Weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared

The CDC and the World Health Organization are agreed that you need to stay in the range from 18 to 25. Smaller numbers are underweight while larger numbers are overweight.

As many cam sites list the height and the weight of the performers it is easy to do the calculation and see what the BMI of webcam models is. Here is a graph for the cam girls at Flirt4Free.

The ones on the left in red are underweight, though most are only just barely under.

Therefore, yes, there are cam girls who are underweight but it isn’t the majority, and those that fall under the line are mostly only by a little.

The bulk of cam girls here are in the healthy range, though tending to the slim side, there are very few overweight and almost no clinically obese. That is great to hear for the health of cam girls, though I suppose fans of BBW cam girls will feel a bit left out.

That is just one site though, and Flirt4free tends to focus on the higher-end rather sophisticated cam girls. Maybe they are not typical? I took a look at some other sites, but there are only a few where you can see the weight and height of enough models to see what’s typical.

This time Bongacams models provide the information, in their profiles they list height and weight. It isn’t an exact figure but rather it is a range. For example I’m listed as Height >5’4″ – 5’6″ [160cm – 170cm] and Weight 100 – 120 lbs [46 – 55 kg].

Taking the mid-point of those ranges and using that to calculate BMI is a reasonable estimate and gives a result like this.

The results are quite similar in that the majority of cam girls are within the healthy range. For those outside that 18 – 25 range, the values are more towards the high side. Although there are some in the too-thin 15-16.5 range the majority of the ones outside the healthy range are the heavier models, either a little heavy just at the top of the healthy range or actually in the officially obese 30+ part of the scale.

BBW Cam Girl Lovers

That means BBW lovers will have more luck on Bongacams than at Flirt4free, though this is only in percentage terms.

A quite similar shape of curve is seen in the BMI histogram for the models at XLoveCam which is a European site.

The range here is much larger, with small numbers at the extreme high end, but the main part of the chart shows the bulk of cam girls at XloveCam have either healthy weights or are underweight but close to healthy.

The highest peak on the chart is around 20, which is my own BMI so I feel that I would fit in well at XLoveCams!

What’s your BMI? Does it worry you when you see models who are much too thin, or unheathily too heavy?

Let me know in the comments, or post in the forum!