LiveJasmin is leading the way on mobile camming by providing both the cam girls and the viewers with better ways to use the site on their phones. The convenience of being able to browse websites on your phone, not being stuck to a desk or even a laptop, is obvious and it exists as much for viewers as it does for cam girls. Livejasmin mobile is both a website and an app, a separate app for viewers and one for cam girls.

When you visit Livejasmin on your mobile device it takes you directly to the “m.” version of the website, where you can browse the models, sign in (or sign up), and do everything you would want to do.

The three dashes menu on the top left as well as the quick filters buttons across the top of the screen give you all the basic controls you need.

LiveJasmin mobile quick filter buttons: Girl, Hot Flirt, Soul Mate, Mature Woman

On the side menu there are two choices that are worth focusing on.

  • Live Cams
  • Mobile Live

The first one is all cams at Livejasmin that are live now and ready to be watched. The second option is the more interesting one when you are using your phone because that is the models who are using their own mobile phones to broadcast.

Watching a cam girl using her mobile phone while you are on your mobile phone is somehow closer and makes sense. You could watch the model broadcasts on your PC, but somehow that doesn’t look quite right.

Mobile video on mobile phones

The vertical video, which makes perfect sense on a phone, comes out all narrow and cramped when viewed on a computer.

Compare this with how logical it is to watch a cam girl using her phone to broadcast when you are also using a mobile phone to watch her.

You can easily find the models who are broadcasting live by looking out for the small phone icon in the top of their thumbnail picture. It is on the top left on a desktop and the top right on a mobile device.

Selecting the “Mobile Live” option is the best way to find models who have taken their phones for a walk and are broadcasting their real life outdoor for you to participate in.

Outdoor cam girls

Want to watch a beautiful girl go out in the evening to have a buger in a restaurant? Then this would be good for you.

This cam girl was very careful as she walked along the street and sat in an outdoor restaurant to ensure that only she was visible, nobody else appear on cam, but at the same time it was very obviously in a public place. What would happen if you clicked that button to Start a Private show while she was eating her dinner?

Mobile Stories

The whole broadcasting in outdoors public is working at Livejasmin because they have given the girls a good phone app that lets them broadcast, chat, and post picture and video “stories”, just like on Instagram or other social media.

Why bother following stars and “influencers” on Facebook, Instagram, or Tiktok who will never actually take their clothes off, let alone talk directly you to you or have virtual sex with you? If you follow the cam girls at Livejasmin then you can engage with their real lives and see what they are doing.

Check out Live Jasmin “stories” about them going to the beach, watching a baseball game, or taking a flight. Then know that later you will be able to watch them strip and masturbate to your instructions in a private show. It really couldn’t get much better.

It is easier to browse the stories, which are all in portrait mode and shot on their phones, on a desktop. Go figure.

Cam girls mobile streaming

There are plenty of models at LIvejasmin who are broadcasting their live streams from their mobile phones. The site allows them to use Android or iOS so everybody is covered. It is hard to see how may are online at a time but you can scroll through and find plenty at most times of the day.

As Livejasmin shows “glamor” photos rather than live thumbnails in the whos online page it is not immediately obvious who is mobile streaming in which sort of situation.

Cam2Cam on mobile

Some of them are in typical bedroom situations, either studio sets or private homes, which doesn’t add much to the mobile experience.

A few of them are not actually streaming but are waiting for people to hit the button for a “Video call”, that is a private show with Cam2cam as well if you turn on the “Enable my camera” option.

LJ App: Install the LiveJasmin Mobile app

Want to get the best from the LiveJasmin site on your mobile? Then install the app.

Either click the banner at the top of the screen, or use the menu and scroll down to nearly the bottom where the menu item for LJ App appears.

When you install the LJ App on your mobile, and sadly it is only avalbale for Android phones like Samsung or Google Pixel, you will get easier access to Livejasmin features on your mobile.

  • Push notifications, so you won’t miss any alerts or prompts and promotions
  • Easy access to messaging

As Google Play Store doesn’t allow “Adult” apps you will have to install the apk directly from the site. Make sure you are on the real site by checking that the url you are looking at is “” before downloading.