Do all Gentlemen Prefer Blond Cam Girls?

According to the 1953 movie starring Marilyn Monroe (the blond) and Jane Russell (the blond) it all works out in the end with both girls getting their guy. Do LiveJasmin statistics agree? Read on to find out.

In the movie, each guy gets the girl of his preferred hair color though because it does make a difference to some men at least. And they imbue the particular hair color with particular attributes. Blonds are more fun. Brunets are more serious. Redheads and fun but dangerous.

Even the guys who believe it probably know it makes no sense, but there is no accounting for tastes, and if you like something you like it. There isn’t any harm therefore in seeking out girls with hair of the color you like. But that does mean you have to be able to find them.

LiveJasmin, like many cam sites, lets you filter the models online by a range of attributes, including the colors of their hair.

The LiveJasmin hair section of the filter only covers the main choices.

livejasmin hair filter choices

LiveJasmin Statistics

But internally LiveJasmin does keep a track of both hair color and hair length separately. I know that because the feed of online models contains fields for this information which means I can tell how many models have selected which hair color even if their LiveJasmin Bio page doesn’t mention it.

Hair color of Cam Girls at
Hair color of Cam Girls at

The Percentages Livejasmin Hair colors are:

  • black 37%
  • brown 28%
  • blonde 24%
  • auburn 5%
  • fire red 4%
  • orange 1%
  • pink 1%

Even though you can’t filter by these names you can still search for them, and if you search for “fire red” it does indeed turn up thumbnails of a lot of very very red-haired cam girls.

The same works, kind of, for Pink hair at LiveJasmin.

Search for “pink” and you will see plenty of girls with pink hair, but also some others who have something else “pink” about them, such as their names or in their bio descriptions. There are plenty of literally pink-haired girls though. You don’t have to say “pink hair” and that doesn’t seem to help either.

It doesn’t work for blue or green though, so if you want that kind of cos-play or emo styling with multi-colored hair it won’t work. In fact, most of the models I’ve noticed with other colors of their hair at LiveJasmin, as mentioned in the feed about the online models, appear to be in the “pink” category.

Perhaps they had pink hair before, and they never updated their LiveJasmin details page about it, or perhaps they chose that color as the least “natural” one to represent the fact that they are out their with something different.

livejasmin hair color: pink

Should you choose a pink haired cam girl? Overall the model ratings for cam girls with pink hair is substantially worse. Although there are not that many girls in this sample there are still enough to make this seem strange. It has to make you wonder, is there something about a cam girl that both makes her want to dye her hair pink, and also means she’ll get a worse model rating?

Looking around for a clue on this I decided to plot hair color against a few other variables, and one thing that stood out was this.

LiveJasmin age by hair color bar chart

Yes, the pink haired cam girls are younger on average. Quite a bit younger, and the youngest overall. That isn’t to say you won’t find young cam girls with other hair colors, but looking at it the other way there are not that many mature cam girls who want to have pink hair, it is more a young-look. At least at LiveJasmin which is mainly Colombian and Romanian studio models.

Does age relate to rating? There is wisdom in accumulated years, and as Benjamin Franklin famously advised when choosing a mistress: “every Knack being by Practice capable of Improvement.” That means the older cam girl knows how to please you better, and so gets a better LiveJasmin model rating.

Model rating by age at Live Jasmin

But while 18-year-old cam girls do have a slightly lower rating overall it isn’t that different from the other models at LiveJasmin. You can ignore that strange bar at “47” which is the result of a single girl, or I should say, woman, in the small number at that age who has a very low score of ‘1’ and dragged down the average. Almost everybody else is scoring between 4 and the maximum of 5.0.

That means young models do have lower ratings, but not enough to explain why pink-haired cam girls are rated low. Perhaps the same independent mindset that causes a girl to choose a non-standard color for her hair also causes her to be less cooperative, and that’s not something most cam viewers are really interested in.

That’s just a theory though, what do you think?

Do you choose your cam girls by hair color? And if so is Pink one of your top choices, are do you go for the traditional blond and Brunette? Leave me a comment or post in the forum and let me know your preference.

For the record, I’m a naturally black-haired woman who has dyed my hair a reddish-brown. I’ve become so used to it now after years that I can’t imagine going back to basic-black!