Like any adult entertainment business, Stripchat knows that discretion is key to their success. We might have moved on from porn magazines in-a-plain-wrapper but the truth is that our sexual interests are a personal business and nobody else’s business.

When porn is your business that causes a bit of a strain between knowing and needing to be quiet about what you know.

Stripchat has tackled this problem with their “First Annual” analysis of the live cam industry, at least the live cam industry as seen from their database. by providing some summary statistics and plenty of graphs, which are discretely given without revealing labels.

And while it is only one site, and no where near the leargest live camming site, it is certainly big enough that trends they see are liable to mean something, this isn’t a niche site catering to one particular audience only. With support for 19 languages they are even pretty international and cover most of the globe.

That may explain some of the trends they are seeing in terms of national and language interests. LIke most sites they use categories and they have got some interesting charts.

It is in the charts that they have released on popular categories it is the ethnic categories that really stand out, with “Indian” topping the charts. Previously I had thought that DSCGirls was the leader in providing cam girls from the sub-continent, but apparently, they are booming at Stripchat as well.

With many more in free chat and live masturbation happening online in many rooms you can see how that may be more of an attraction than DSCGirls, even given the 100% extra credit that DSC is offering in their pre-Christmas sale. For residents of India, the support for Astropay is also a big advantage allowing many of the national payment system to be used, while at Stripchat no such option exist, though most Indian can workaround by using crypto payments or even Paypal.

As someone who has been online as a cam girl for very many years I’m pleased to see that “mature” is also a leading category, though the fact that “Granny” beats out “Anal” is less encouraging!

VR and Cam2cam

Stripchat also notes booms in both Cam2Cam and in VR Camming, which are trends I’ve also seen a spike this year. But although they have both grown in percentage terms the very low starting level for VR means that it remains a niche despite what I’ve written about VR Cam Girls before.

If even Stripchat, who have one of the strongest VR offerings available, and who are seeing a more than 25% growth this year, are still fielding only 10s of a models with VR cams then the growth is slow indeed.

The increase in Cam2cam is probably fed not just by the pandemic as a whole, but also by the familiarity that every office worker has now with two-way video via Zoom, and if they can talk to their boss on cam why can’t they talk to the favorite cam girl in a two-way chat as well. You might not use Zoom directly with cam girls, but the idea is the same.

Limitations include bandwidth, when your kids or spouse in the next room are Zooming to school or their office and everybody is charing the household internet connection, and actually gettitng hold of a decent webcam.

Shortages of webcam hardware have run throughout the year, but with most people using phones or laptops with built-in cams, there is always a workaround if you can accept a little less quality or a bit more difficulty.

Mobile 2020 cam girls and Mobile Viewers

This year has seen no let-up in the move towards mobile devices, but with the increase in use of mobile phones to view cams there has also been a boom in models using mobiles to broadcast.

While most sites work perfectly well to view on a Mobile phone it is only some of the sites have worked out how to make broadcasting on mobile practical. The small screen is a problem when your interaction is half video and half by text chatting, making it a different problem to doing cam2cam or even skyping which works fine on mobile.

Stripchat viewers have been flocking to the increasing number of models who are using mobile phones to broadcast. As the number of people, mostly female, who have been signup up to broadcast has also boomed it isn’t clear if it is new models who don’t have a webcam and are just using their phones, or if it is existing models who have chosen the flexibilty of a hand-held device.

Whatever the reason there is a lot more mobile format video available, and that is great for mobile viewers. The old portrait-vs-landscape issue may finally be resolved when people think about the fact that if you are catering to a public who is viewing in portrait mode then maybe broadcasting in portrait is the right thing as well.

Cam Girl Model Earnings

Everybody wants to know how much a cam girl earns, and though I’ve answered this question myself nobody is satisified without more details.

Stripchat adds more details on their top earners, but still can’t answer for you the question of how much you might earn yourself.

Take a look at their figures, see how competitive you are against their other models, and make a judgement for yourself.

For more details of the Stripchat industry survey, including more graphs than you can paper a wall with, read their full blog post about it.

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