I spend a lot of time with a Lovense Lush inside me, and if you are a cam girl you probably do to. Although Fucking Machines are increasing in popularity, and there are some viewers who think the Lush “spoils the view”, for the most part it is a great way for viewers to directly interact with camgirls.

Tips become touches. And that allows viewers to feel connected to us more than any VR system I’ve seen.

But given that the Lush is inside me, what is inside the Lush?


  • LiPo battery
  • PCB with a Bluetooh controller
  • DC Motor with off-center weight
  • Wire antenna
  • Dried juice (I do wear it inside me after all)

Want more details? And pictures? Then scroll down!

If you have any kind of technical curiosity you may have wondered how they actually work. Given that they are covered in a high-grade silicone skin there is no way to see inside one.

Unfortunately, they do not last forever though, and I have several dead ones where I have damaged it or simply worn the poor thing out.

As they are dead anyway, why not try a little dissection and find out more?

Before we begin, you do know what a Lovense Lush is right? If not here is the quick version:

The Lovense Lush is an interactive sex toy that is used by many cam girls. The Lush is a small, insertable vibrator that can be controlled through Bluetooth by the camgirl or their viewers, allowing for a more interactive experience. Using special software the Lush can be synced to the camming platform, allowing tippers to control the toy and create vibrations. Although it wasn’t the first sex toy to do this its good design and functionality have made it a favorite for cammers.

Whether you’re a cam girl or a curious user, this breakdown of the Lovense Lush’s internal electronics is fun and interesting

Versions of the Lush

There are at least three versions of the Lush, here I’m looking at the original which is now known as the “Lush 1” as that is my preference. It is the cheapest and works perfectly well for me. I sometimes would like the better charging connection of the Lush 3 but it isn’t worth the extra price to me. The Lush 2 I’ve tried and didn’t find it to be better than the 1.

This Lush 1 I’m opening is less than a year old so it is a “new” version of the old design, no doubt with updated internals.

Don’t forget that Lovense devices can have upgraded firmware, but that doesn’t change the electronics.

Lovense Lush Warranty

The device does come with a warranty of one year, so if you have one that has died before that then you can consider asking for a replacement.

Although I’ve done this once and it was fine in general my failed devices are over 1 year old when they fail completely so I am out of the warranty period and just chuck them in the dead-toys pile and buy another one.

It is from that sex-toy-graveyard that I took the toy I decided to open up to see what is inside.

Opening the Lush

The first problem is that it doesn’t have any obvious way to open it. The whole thing is sealed in a continuous layer of the infamous pink plastic, silicone actually, with just a tiny hole for charging.

Going inside means cutting through the plastic, which won’t be reversible, so only do this with one that is well and truly dead and completely unusable.

Tried factory reset?

Most Bluetooth devices that don’t have proper controls offer a factory reset if you hold down the button for a really long time. While I don’t know if this is really true of the Lovense Lush I’ve done it with “half-dead” devices before and it seems to work. e.g. ones that won’t power on normally, but after this reset I get an unusual “buzz buzz” pattern that seems like a diagnostic code, and then after power cycling again, the device worked for a while. Therefore I’m presuming the Lush supports this very long press as a factory reset.

I did try that with this machine I’m about to dissect but it didn’t work this time.

Try it out on any devices you think are dead but are not sure before cutting them up!

If you have tried the super-long-press-reset, that is hold the button down for 30 seconds until it buzzes, then turn it off and on again, and it still isn’t usable then go ahead with the cutting.

Tools you will need:

  • Small cross-head (“Philipps”) screwdriver
  • Cutter or sharp knife
  • Fingers preferably with fingernails!

It isn’t hard to cut through the rubbery silicone plastic if you have a very sharp knife like a utility knife, a box cutter, or an Xacto knife. Just run along the body length-wise to open it enough to split the case.

Split and peel off the cover, and pull out the wire antenna to reveal the hard plastic interior case.

There are four screws holding two sides of the injection molded case together. Remove all the silver tape to find them and remove them with a regular small Philipps cross-head screwdriver.

Remove all four screws, only 3 are pictured here, by peeling off the silver tape and using a small screwdriver.

You can then prise the two halves of the plastic case apart, it isn’t glued or snapped shut and comes open easily with a little prising from a thin blade.

Picture of a lovense lush bluetooth remote control sex toy opened up to show the electronics, battery, pcb, and wiring inside

This is what you find inside:

  • A battery
  • An electric motor with an off-center weight
  • A circuit board
  • An antenna wire
  • Charging socket with cover
  • A blob of dried organic gunk

Let us go through those one at a time.

First the battery

The battery is the largest part and is marked as “902030”. A quick Google shows that this seems to be a quite typical Lithium Polymer ion (LiPo) Rechargeable battery. The voltage rating is 3.7V with 500mAh of storage which works out to 1.85Wh. I’m not sure what “UC04” or SCL mean though, perhaps something to do with the manufacturer of this particular battery but that’s a guess.

Battery with lettering:
The 3.7V battery is marked as having 500mAh of power

Rated at 500mAh that’s a fraction of the power you’d find in your phone, but it is enough to get the job done.

Motor with weight

The motor with the off-center weight is what gives the Lush the buzz that we all want.

By rotating the motor fast, but with a weight that is not balanced, the machine can be made to vibrate. It is a bit like what happens when you spin a washing machine with something too heavy on one side. The whole machine just vibrates as the weight gets thrown round and around.

The off-center weight causes the vibrations when the motor spins it around

The motor seems to be a pretty generic DC motor, the type you might find in a very basic toy car. I’m not sure where the weight comes from but it just looks like a hunk of metal with no special features.

The circuit board and CPU

The “brains” of the machine are actually a tiny microcontroller that does Bluetooth and sends power to the motor all mounted on a little circuit board that fits perfectly into the case.

On one side of the board you can see the press switch which is what gets depressed when you click the button on the outside, and then connections for various things like the antenna and the LED light.

The circuit board is marked as lush_pcb_v1.06

On the other side of the board is mounted the actual controller chip that gives the device the intelligence and wireless capabilities that make it special.

Controller chip is N51822 QF AAH0 2042CX

The controller chip is an N51822 which with Google’s help I am able to learn is part of the NRF51 series made by Nordic Semiconductor.

It seems to be a popular choice for small battery-powered wireless devices, you can also find it in basic fitness tracking bands like the M2 Smart Fitness Band.

As well as doing the wireless connection the chip is actually also a 32-bit RISK ARM CPU. That is more power than you would have had in a desktop computer 20 years ago! The computing power here is probably vastly more than is required for a sex toy, but as chips are so cheap these days it is easier just to use an off-the-shelf device like this.

The markings on the PCB are interesting but don’t really tell me much I didn’t know already. There are contacts for battery, LED, a switch and so on.


The antenna is just a wire, it goes along the tail and is where I have managed to break these toys before.

It is not ok to wiggle that tail too much as eventually, so it seems, the wire inside comes loose and then the wireless range of the toy drops to almost nothing.

Which is to be expected if I’ve just broken off the antenna!

Charging hole and socket

The charging hole on the outside is of course lined up with a socket inside, also mounted on the PCB, which is a very basic socket for the USB charging cable and plug that comes with the toy.

Charging the toy is a very important part of using it and I’m always concerned about the fact that the charging hole is on the wearable part, and hence covered with juice most of the time. That is one reason that maybe one day I’ll buy the LUsh 3, where the charging connection is at the end of the external tail instead.

As for this model, the Lush 1, the charging port is on the body that I insert in myself every day.

Although the charging hole closes up tightly when the toy is new, after a while it stretches open and I worry about wet stuff getting inside.

Once I opened the toy up I realized that it isn’t as bad as I thought. Inside the charging hole you can see is another tight plastic plug with a very small rubbery hole that helps to stop anything wet from getting inside.

The plug has to push through this tight hole and I’m sure that scrapes off most, but not all, contamination that might be pushed in by the plug.

The secondary “sphincter” at the charging hole

Even with this additional seal at the charging hole, organic material still manages to get inside eventually. This accumulation of dirt will ultimately lead to the malfunction and failure of the toy.

When I first opened this toy up I noticed there was a blob of corrosion on the circuit board, just at the end of the charging socket. I presume this is material that has entered the toy via the charging hole, and been pushed down by the charging plug.

The toy was dead and wouldn’t work at all when I cut it open, but once I cleaned the dirt off of the PCB the device powered up and worked fine!

Overall the toy is a great one and as a cam girl, I use them every day. Like any electronics, they eventually die and I just go right out and buy a new one so that shows I’m quite happy with them!

Buying a replacement Lush

If you are interested in buying one then check out the Lovense store where you can buy all versions. The one I have opened here is an original Lush 1, but some people prefer the 2 or 3.

Virtual physical contact

Having sex toys that can be remotely controlled has changed how we as cam girls interact with our viewers, both good and bad.

On the positive side, it allows us to have that direct contact between our fans and our bodies, where the viewer wants to express something and wants to touch us and then we get to feel it directly. There is less need to discuss, to act, to role-play and so on. We can just let the vibrations speak for themselves.

That’s a great positive, but exactly the same thing has a negative side. Sometimes viewers don’t want to interact except by sending one token at a time for minimum buzzes. That can be quite frustrating when we get neither interaction nor substantial vibrations.

Past Peak Lush?

Sometimes I think that we are now past “Peak Lush” as more and more, but still, a minority, of viewers want me to remove the Lush so they can see me naturally. While I’m happy with that I do like to have the buzz inside as a direct physical sensation that goes with tips.

Recently I actually put “Remove toy” onto my tip menu!

What do you think about using remote control toys with camgirls? Is the Lush good enough or is the new trend towards fucking machines with dildos better?

Have you got some old sex toys, including Lushes, in your drawer that you can open up and look inside?

I don’t think you should try “repairing” them and making them work again for their original purpose. But maybe the electronics would make components for a good art installation piece!

Let me know by leaving a comment if you open up a Lush and find something different inside. As this was “v1.06” just of the Lush 1 presumably there are lots of variety out there.